150 Most Enticing Dandelion Tattoos And Their Meanings

When we talk about design elements used in tattoo art, flowers make one of the most popular choices for tattoo bearers around the globe. While lotus, rose, sunflowers, cherry blossoms and daffodils seem to be the most common varieties used in floral patterns, you can opt for dandelion tattoos if you want something unusual for embellishing your body. These tattoos are particularly loved by women though men too, have not been untouched by their beauty and grace. Despite being not as colorful as rose or cherry blossoms, there is still something very appealing about this design, which makes it a popular choice for discerning tattoo lovers. The artist can however, make use of the right colors and adequate detailing to make the dandelion visually appealing. Additionally, the symbolism associated with the flower is what makes it a perfect tattoo art element.

Dandelions Tattoos Meanings

Dandelions have been a part of legends and folklores in various cultures around the world and this gives the flower certain special symbolic meanings. Though the flower lacks in color, its distinctive shape gives it a unique appeal. Also, every child might have tried to blow into a dandelion to see its white fluff flying, which associated the flower with youth and happiness. At the same time, it reiterates the fact that everything is transient and one should enjoy each moment as it comes. The dandelion flower is basically a part of a medicinal weed as it is enriched with vitamins, particularly Vitamin A. Dandelion tea is known to have a calming influence and promote a sense of well being.
In early times, the weed was used as a tonic in America and Europe as people became aware of its health benefits. It is perhaps, for this reason that dandelion is seen as a symbol of life. Some people also associate this flower with dreams and hopes because children often make a wish as they blow on the fluff of dandelion. It is believed that if all the fluff blows off from a dandelion, then your wish will materialized, while all the seedlings falling off when you blow a dandelion indicate that you are loved. In some cultures, people add dandelions to the wedding bouquet because the flower is believed to bring good luck to the newlywed couple. In modern context, dandelions are associated with warmth, radiance, illumination, growth and healing.

Besides its medicinal values, the dandelion flower has its place in religion too as it is linked with some pre Christian Gods. The plant bears a relationship with the sun and this links it to the Roman sun God called Apollo. Also, Apollo is known as the God of healing, which also justifies the amazing healing abilities of dandelion. In the Celtic culture, Belanus is revered as the sun God and he too is related with this flower. Additionally, the flower is connected with the oracle Goddess called Hecate, who brings intuition and clarity of vision.

A tattoo artist can make use of various colors while inking a dandelion tattoo and each color is linked with a different meaning. A yellow part of the dandelion flower represents intelligence, joy, healing, radiance and communication, while a white puffball indicates new beginnings, purity and cleansing. Its green part, which is the stem and the leaves, indicates nature, life, resurgence and wholesomeness. Because of the unique method it adopts for propagation, the flower is revered for its survival and progress on the planet. Even a slight breeze can blow billions of seeds all around, which means that the plant has the ability to spread and grow in various directions with its positive approach. Also, dandelion is related with the fire sun sign of Leo, which gives it a place of reverence in astrology too.

Popular Design Options

The most common tattoo design with dandelion is the main element is the one depicting the fluff of the flower being blown away. The tattoo is preferably inked on the shoulder area which offers a perfect inking space as well as is highly visible. However the design can be inked on other placements too, depending upon the preference of the tattoo bearer. A designer can use his creativity in the transforming a basic dandelion design into a unique one by adding elements like birds, butterflies, hearts and some other symbols. Primarily, dandelion tattoos are inked in conventional black and grey colors but these days designers have started experimenting with an array of vibrant colors such as yellow, purple, pink and blue, to create some innovative designs.

Final Words

When you decide to get a dandelion tattoo inked on your skin, you should look for an expert designer, who can handle the design to perfection. The beauty of the design is greatly determined by the creativity and expertise of the tattoo artist.

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