50 Awesome Kingdom Hearts Tattoo Ideas

Kingdom Hearts is a series of games in the action/role-playing genre.

A collaboration between Square Enix and Disney, Kingdom Hearts has its own fictional universe and a storyline that revolves around Sora, the main character.

kingdom hearts watercolor tattoo on leg

kingdom hearts watercolor sleeve tattoo The game follows Sora on his journey as he interacts with lots of other characters along the way.

Of course, it’s not plain sailing as there are the usual bad guys too, waiting to ruin everything.

In this case, the main enemy is Xehanort who Sora encounters in the various Kingdom Hearts installments.

kingdom hearts watercolor tattoo on arm

kingdom hearts watercolor tattoo

First released in March 2002, Kingdom Hearts is available across multiple platforms.

There are thirteen episodes to date, but more are planned for the future.

kingdom hearts watercolor tattoo

kingdom hearts watercolor tattoo

The series has sold phenomenally well since its launch; by 2019 over 300 million copies had been sent worldwide.

Many fans describe how they’ve grown up playing this game, and it’s become to mean something much more on a personal level.

kingdom hearts watercolor tattoo on thigh

kingdom hearts watercolor tattoo on leg

This emotional connection to Kingdom Hearts is part of the reason for its success, with fans identifying with different characters within the franchise.

Kingdom Hearts IV isn’t expected to be released until 2023 at the earliest, but there’s a firm commitment to continue the series.

kingdom hearts watercolor leg tattoo

Unlike some video games, Kingdom Hearts is very accessible to younger teens because of its E10+ rating.

This has meant that fans have grown up with the franchise, creating a strong bond.

It’s therefore not a huge surprise to discover that Kingdom Hearts tattoos are extremely popular.

kingdom hearts watercolor tattoo on arm

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kingdom hearts keyblade sleeve tattoo

If you’ve been considering getting a design yourself, here are some Kingdom Hearts tattoo ideas to check out.

Sora Tattoos

Sora is the main protagonist in Kingdom Hearts so it’s perhaps not a huge surprise to discover that Sora tattoos are very popular.

colored sora tattoo

sora arm tattoo

An upbeat teen who lives on the Destiny Islands, Sora is best friends with Kairi and Riku since they were young.

sora tattoo on arm sora tattoo on arm Although in many franchises the main character has special abilities, Sora is just a human and not a superhero being.

This was an intentional move to send the message that everyone has the power to influence lives and that you don’t need to be “special” to be special.

sora sleeve tattoo

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sora thigh tattoo

Sora can appear in different forms, depending on the environment.

For example, he is transformed by Donald Duck’s magic in some, changing him into an underwater merman temporarily.

This provides a great choice for tattoos, making it possible to pick your favorite form of Sora for the design.

watercolor sora tattoo

sora tattoo on thigh

There are many storylines throughout the Kingdom Hearts series which don’t involve Sora yet he remains arguably the most influential, strongest, and recognizable character in the franchise.

watercolor sora tattoo

When creating a Kingdom hearts tattoo, Sora would be an obvious inclusion, especially wielding the keyblade (see below).

He represents hope, belief in yourself, and joy, all qualities that are important at any time of life.

sora tattoo on leg

Keyblade Tattoos

The keyblade has a complex storyline which just becomes even more complicated as the game progresses.

Strongly linked to Sora, it’s not unusual to get a Kingdom Hearts keyblade tattoo which also features Sora.

black keyblade tattoo keyblade tattoo on arm Keyblades look like a giant, weaponized key but are imbued with the strongest magic imaginable.

This allows them to not only open every lock in existence but also gives them an enormous range of other capabilities.

The most important of all is the ability to hold back the Darkness and prevent evil from reigning over the world.

colored keyblade tattoo

colored keyblade tattoo on arm

More than simply an inert weapon, keyblades can only be wielded by someone who is strong of heart.

These chosen keyblade holders can pass the powers on to the next generation.

keyblade sleeve tattoo

black kingdom hearts keyblade tattoo There are a number of different keyblades featured in the various installments and fans typically choose the one they feel most aligned to.

The first keyblade seen in the series, the Kingdom Key, is the true form, but it’s possible to modify its appearance using items from the inventory.

watercolor keyblade tattoo

kingdom hearts keyblade tattoo on chest

Choosing to have a keyblade tattoo signifies a love for the game, but for some it has deeper importance.

watercolor kingdom hearts keyblade tattoo

keyblade wrist tattoo

The keyblade tattoo can symbolize the fact that every heart can be unlocked, if only they find the right person.

This is a romantic twist on the keyblade’s ability and also represents the hope that it offers.

keyblade back tattoo

geometric keyblade tattoo

Banishing darkness and bringing light is another popular interpretation, especially for those who have emerged through a tough time and see a brighter future.

However you choose the keyblade tattoo, it’s a symbol of inner strength, positivity, and triumph of light over dark.

kingdom hearts keyblade tattoo

keyblade arm tattoo

Characters and Story

The story which twists and turns throughout the Kingdom Hearts episodes is complex and at times, hard to understand.

It’s not necessary to fully understand every element and in many cases, the full facts only become clearer at a later stage.

kingdom hearts axel sleeve tattoo kingdom hearts axel tattoo sleeve Set in fictional Kingdom Hearts locations, the story weaves in characters that players will recognize from other franchises.

kingdom hearts axel tattoo on thigh

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Disney plays a leading part, with Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy all appearing.

Final Fantasy aficionados will also spot favorites, with moogles, Cloud Strife, Sephiroth and Zack among those who pop up during gameplay.

kingdom hearts axel tattoo on arm

kingdom hearts crown tattoo on neck

In the very beginning, the mythical word was complete with a single source of love, light, and wisdom: Kingdom Hearts.

This source of power was protected by a weapon shaped like a key, the χ-blade.

kingdom hearts tattoo sleeve

watercolor kingdom hearts axel tattoo

Unfortunately, fighting broke out with new weapons shaped like the χ-blade; these were known as keyblades.

The war was so devastating that it shattered the original χ-blade and sent Kingdom Hearts hurtling into oblivion, never to be seen again.

kingdom hearts tattoo sleeve kingdom hearts tattoo sleeve If this wasn’t enough, the single world which had existed was also shattered too, breaking up into many parts.

This led to multiple worlds, some of which become home to the familiar characters from Disney and Pixar.

kingdom hearts tattoo sleeve

kingdom hearts crown arm tattoo

Following the split, Xehanort is the bad guy who dreams up an intricate plot to recreate the χ-blade.

He does this by splitting his assistant in two, creating one with a heart of Light and another with a heart of Dark.

kingdom hearts crown tattoo on thigh kingdom hearts crown tattoo on wrist

This sparks an intricate chain of events including the arrival of the Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed.

The story is full of love, magic, darkness and light, with no guaranteed happy ending for anyone.

kingdom hearts tattoo sleeve

kingdom hearts crown tattoo on arm

Will balance return to the world? Who will be forced to sacrifice themselves in the ultimate fight?

The powerful emotions that this sequence of episodes evokes is why there are many designs of Kingdom Hearts tattoos in existence, and many more yet to come.

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