32 Sailor Moon Tattoos: A Cosmic Journey into the World of Anime Ink

Sailor Moon is a manga series which was originally written and released between 1991 and 1997.

Hugely popular, Sailor Moon achieved cult status with its strong characterization, humor, and artwork.

Critically acclaimed, Sailor Moon has become one of the most iconic manga and anime series of all time, rocketing to the top of the shōjo manga records.

It’s not just the original stories that have sold well; the characters have captured the imagination of fans worldwide with $13 billion made in merchandise sales.

Do you have a favorite Sailor Moon character that you want to get inked?

Here’s a close look at Sailor Moon tattoos along with some incredible designs to inspire you!

Strong, independent, and with their unique abilities, the Sailor Moon Guardians have become extremely popular tattoo designs.

From a Sailor Moon brooch tattoo to ink of Luna the cat, there’s strong symbolization that translates well onto skin.

sailor mars sleeve tattoo

luna sailor moon tattoo on arm

luna sailor moon arm tattoo

luna sailor moon tattoo on neck


Sailor Moon Story and Characters

A top-selling manga series, Sailor Moon follows the story of the main protagonist Tsukino Usagi.

A cute schoolgirl, she discovers that she has special powers and is the reincarnated form of Princess of the Moon Kingdom.

She meets Luna, an enchanted black cat who tells her that Usagi’s destiny is to save the world from the forces of evil.

Handing her a magical brooch which allows her to transform into Sailor Moon, Luna tells Usagi that she must gather together the Sailor Soldiers and protect the Silver Crystal at all costs.

Usagi becomes the leader of the Sailor Soldiers as Sailor Moon and progresses to become a powerful warrior.

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luna sailor moon tattoo on arm

luna sailor moon tattoo on thigh


Sailor Moon Tattoos

Usagi has various aliases as Sailor Moon but in each one she retains her trademark look of wearing her hair up in twin buns, with flowing pigtails.

The leader of the troop and the sailor for love and justice, she is revered for her enormous capacity for caring for others.

At times, Sailor Moon’s appearance changes slightly as she takes on extra powers, such as when she becomes Super Sailor Moon.

Her various forms work immensely well as ink, providing lots of options for Sailor Moon tattoos.

Single line techniques and geometric designs reflect the manga style perfectly, while those who prefer a more intricate design can opt for watercolor tattoos.

sailor moon tattoo on arm

sailor moon tattoo on leg

sailor moon arm tattoo


sailor moon tattoo on thigh

Tuxedo Mask Tattoos

Not one of the actual sailors, Tuxedo Mask is a powerful ally. Also known as Mamoru Chiba, he dons a mask to support the Sailor Guardians in their battle to protect the world.

He provides advice and causes problems for the enemy and even sometimes joins the sailors in battle.

Despite not being a sailor, he also has a Sailor Crystal which bestows guardianship on him.

This complements his psychic powers, such as healing and psychometry although these are rarely seen.

Tuxedo Mask is also the love interest for Sailor Moon, a romantic coupling that occurred before the pair discovered their true identities.

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colored sailor moon tattoo


Sailor Mars Tattoos

Known as Raye Hino or Hino Rei, Sailor Mars is the second sailor discovered by Usagi.

Psychic clairvoyance, the Ofuda charm, and fire are the special skills that she possesses.

She often is the one to sense danger and is known as the Soldier of War and the Guardian of Flame and Passion.

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Fiery and hot-tempered, Sailor Mars tattoos are often chosen to represent a strong woman who’s not afraid to go after what she wants.

black sailor mars tattoo

sailor mars tattoo on thigh

sailor mars tattoo on arm

sailor mars arm tattoo


sailor mars tattoo arm sailor mars tattoo on arm


sailor mars tattoo on arm

sailor mars tattoo on leg

sailor mars thigh tattoo


Sailor Venus Tattoos

Aino Minako aka Sailor Venus is the fourth sailor to be discovered by Usagi, despite the fact that her powers were awakened even before Sailor Moon.

In the manga books, she dreams of fame and fortune, but in the TV cartoon, she’s described as already being famous.

She’s associated with everything golden, including light, love and beauty.

Someone suggests to her in the first episode that she puts on a red hair bow and she’s almost never seen without it again!

A Sailor Moon bow tattoo is a tribute to Sailor Venus and an instantly recognizable symbol.

sailor venus leg tattoo


sailor venus sleeve tattoo sailor venus tattoo arm


watercolor sailor venus tattoo


Sailor Pluto Tattoos

Sailor Pluto, also known as Meiō Setsuna, is somewhat different to the other sailors.

She has the ability to control space, time, darkness and the underworld and she has a position at the Door of Space-Time.

sailor pluto arm tattoo


Sailor Saturn Tattos

The entity of Sailor Saturn lies within Hotaru Tomoe who appears within the Silver Millennium era and is the last of the Guardians to be found by Sailor Moon.

Her powers are somewhat disturbing as she’s associated with rebirth, death, destruction, nothingness, and ruin. This makes her very dangerous, and she can wipe out planets.

With her ability to wipe out the cosmos, she’s a fan’s favorite and Sailor Saturn tattoo designs often show her as mysterious and aloof.

sailor saturn sleeve tattoo


Sailor Jupiter Tattoos

Kino Makoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter, and she is the strongest of all the guardians.

Along with her superhuman strength she has abilities connected to plants and electricity.

Sailor Jupiter has her own spin-off series and she’s also been featured in CD singles.

Strong and tall, Sailor Jupiter tattoos often feature her with a wand. The Sailor Moon wand tattoo is one of the most iconic images and represents the strength of the female form – and none better to do this than Sailor Jupiter.

sailor jupiter arm tattoo sailor jupiter leg tattoo

sailor jupiter tattoo


Sailor Uranus Tattoos

Sailor Uranus, or Haruka Tenoh in her other identity, is one of the most beloved characters as she stands in the guardians alongside her lover, Sailor Neptune.

She has precognition, and powers over the wind and sky, plus she’s a master at sword combat.

Sailor Uranus tattoos have a strong LGBTQ+ link, as she’s confident about her sexuality and loves to flirt with pretty girls.

sailor moon wand arm tattoo

sailor moon wand tattoo


Sailor Neptune Tattoos

Sailor Neptune who viewers meet as Michiru Kaioh appears in the third story arc, together with Sailor Uranus, her lover.

She is very different to Sailor Uranus as she’s portrayed as elegant, dedicated and sophisticated with flashes of anger.

She has precognition, a magic mirror which gives her special abilities, plus power over the sea.

Like Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune tattoos are popular for their LGBTQ+ positive imagery.

sailor moon locket tattoo on arm


sailor moon bow tattoo


Sailor Mercury Tattoos

The first of the sailors to be discovered by Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury aka Ami Mizuno is fiercely intelligent.

This is her primary superpower although she can also summon up abilities connected with water and ice.

She is one of the most popular sailors from the series and has her own spin-off show plus singles dedicated to her.

sailor moon locket tattoo

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