160 Most Popular Rose Tattoos Designs and Meanings

Rose tattoo is the latest fashion among the tattoo designs for men and women, but it has a deep-seated symbolic meaning too, which enhances its value to a great extent, besides its aesthetic appearance. The rose is regarded as one of the most beautiful flowers created by nature and has always been revered by mankind as a symbol of love, peace, admiration, friendship, passion and beauty. Roses have found a place for themselves in almost every form of art and in all cultures of the world. One of the forms of art where this mystical flower is being used popularly is tattoo art, where it has become a popular and fashionable choice among both, men and women. Tattoo art has become a popular art form on a global level and more and more people have started using this art as an expression of their taste, attitude and style. Various objects and elements of nature have been used in tattoo art to symbolize diverse meanings, such as dreamcatchers, anchor, flowers, stars, sun, dragon, and so on. These are inscribed on the body parts of the bearer by expert tattoo artists to reflect a symbolic meaning related to them. The biggest reason of popularity of the rose tattoo design is its versatility, the fact that it can look good in any shape, size and color, which makes it suitable for both the sexes. Also check our collection of Koi Fish tattoos, you will love them.

Symbolic Value of Rose Flower

Rose flower is as beautiful in appearance as it is rich in symbolic value. Since times immemorial, this exquisite creation of nature has been associated with love and the fact that it has thorns, symbolizes that love never comes without pain. In the Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, has been associated with the rose and as the legend goes, red roses grew at the spots where her blood had dropped on the earth. Another legend says that the original color of this mystical flower is white, but it changed to red when the blood of Aphrodite fell on it after being pricked by a thorn. Similarly, in the ancient Egyptian culture, roses were offered to Goddess Isis, who is considered as the ideal wife and mother. Christianity links rose with Virgin Mary, which makes rose a significant part of the religion. The deeper meaning adds a new symbolism to the rose tattoo and makes it much more than just a style statement for the wearer. In this way, rose holds a very special place in the history, legend and tales related to various cultures in the world. Though rose is associated with femininity today, it was originally considered as having a male appearance, when it first grew as a bush in ancient Persia. In addition to cultural symbolism of roses, some meanings related to its colors have been added to this flower along the time, such as red roses stand for love and passion, while yellow roses denote friendship. Similarly, pink roses are associated with admiration, white roses with innocence and purity and orange roses with fascination. On the other hand, black roses stand for death and sadness. Would you like to check our hand-picked collection of Maori tattoos?

Symbolic Meaning of Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo is the latest fashion among the tattoo designs for men and women, but it has a deep-seated symbolic meaning too, which enhances its value to a great extent, besides its aesthetic appearance. Rose is the flower which is exchanged or gifted by one person to another as an expression of his love and passion for the other. In the same way, having a rose tattoo inscribed on one’s body is like leaving an expression of your love on your physical being. Rose tattoo holds a place of importance in the Western culture, as the lotus design reigns the East. However, both these flowers have a lot in common, particularly when it comes to their symbolic meaning. Besides being the popular symbol of love, rose and rose tattoos have other hidden meanings too. These tattoos relate to the rewards of life and soul and also stand for blood, which stands for rebirth and resurrection. Perhaps, this is the reason roses are dedicated to the departed and laid in the graves besides them, wishing them a new and happy beginning of their next life. When you choose a rose tattoo, the meaning may be unique and personal, carrying a symbolic meaning for you.

History of Rose Tattoos

Though rose has been one of the most popular flowers in the history of the world, its usage in tattoo art caught attention only in the 1930s and 1940s, when it was first made popular bay sailors, who had these tattoos featured on their body parts. Since they were parted from their wives and beloveds for long periods on account of their voyages, these soldiers had rose tattoos inscribed to honor these female figures in their lives. At the same time, these tattoos helped women bear the burden of staying away from their men folk for long periods of time. If you’re brave enough, you will love our collection of Lion tattoos.

Rose Tattoo Designs

Rose tattoos are popular among both the sexes, though they are ideally loved by women as they stand for beauty and femininity. Many attractive designs and patterns have been seen in rose tattoos which make the top choice among tattoo lovers around the world.

  • Rose Tattoo Designs with Words and Quotes – One of the most common rose tattoo designs is the etching of a single or more flowers, along with some beautiful words and quotes, which add a personal touch to the tattoo and give it a meaning according to your choice. Another way you can add a romantic meaning to it is to have the name of your loved one added along with the tattoo to stand as a symbol of your love and passion on your physical being. It is not necessary that you dedicate a rose tattoo to your loved ones only, you can also add the name of your parents, friends and even your favorite celebrity along with your rose tattoo. Looking for something unique? Browse our stunning collection of Feather Tattoo Designs For Women and Men.
  • Tribal Rose Tattoo Designs – Another well liked option among the rose tattoo designs is tribal rose tattoo, which features roses in linear and long design, and is suited both for men and women. Such designs usually feature roses in black color and look quite stylish and attractive. We’ll recommend to you check our hand-picked collection of awesome Koi Fish tattoos.
  • Black Rose Tattoo Designs – Something which is not quite common but has a unique aesthetic appeal as far as rose tattoo designs are concerned is the black rose tattoo design. This Gothic design is a unique combination of passion and sadness, as it blends the romantic side of the red rose with the deathly side of the black one.
  • Rose Tattoo Designs with Additional Elements – Many different rose tattoo designs have been created by incorporating an additional element, which add an appeal as well as a meaning to the tattoo. Many of the popular options in this regard are a butterfly, a dagger, a cross, a skull and a barbed wire wrapped around a rose or its vine. Another popular way in which roses are depicted as tattoos is rose tattoo with heart, which stands for love, while a diamond added to a rose tattoo stands as a symbol of prosperity.

Over a period of time, tattoo designers have come up with unique and innovative design ideas as far as rose tattoos are concerned. Some designs have shown roses as buds, others have pictured them in full bloom and yet others show them with thorns. They have been added with religious symbols to make them religiously significant. All the variation and diversity have been used to reflect a deeper meaning and mirror the personal choice as well as the mood of the bearer of the rose tattoo.

Placement of Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoo designs have passed various stages of involvement to reach the stage it is one today. These popular tattoo designs have become hot favorites among men and women and they can commonly be seen inscribed on the chest, arm, neck, finger, back, hip, ankle, wrist, leg, shoulder, thigh and side of men and women. While women prefer feminine designs like a single rose with all its natural beauty, men like something more masculine such as guns and roses and roses featured along with its thorns. The fact lies that choosing a tattoo design is a matter of personal choice, though one must have a look into the deeper symbolic meaning of a rose tattoo design before having it etched on one’s body. Aspects like choosing a color and appearance make an important part of deciding the tattoo design you want for yourself. Tattoos, being a personal style statement, should reflect what you truly are, which is why you must choose a design and placement with your own discretion, rather than by imitating someone.

Popular Worldwide Celebrities with Rose Tattoo Designs

Many international celebrities have been seen sporting rose tattoo designs, another factor which accounts for the popularity of these tattoos on a global scale. Some of these celebrities are Ricky Martin, Richie Sambora, Vinnie Jones, Holly Marie Combs, Cher, Heather Locklear, Lady Gaga and Mary J Blige. The interest of these well-known people in this tattoo design has borne a positive influence on the fan following of rose tattoos all over the world.


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