100 Prettiest Garter Tattoo Designs Of All Time

When a tattoo bearer chooses a design for a tattoo, what he or she really looks for is visual appeal added to symbolism.

While men favor strength and virility as the main attributes in a tattoo design, what women desire the most in a design is sensuality and elegance.

garter belt tattoo

Garter tattoos are such designs which possess both these attributes and can make a woman look and feel desirable. The basic element behind a garter design tattoo is the garter belt, an accessory worn by a woman to give support to her stockings or lingerie.

The belt was a popular part of feminine attire in the period of the 18th century, with the beginning versions being tie-ups, while later on they were given elastic for perfect functionality.

garter belt tattoo on upper leg

From being a functional part of women’s clothing, it went on to become a pretty garment making the woman look alluring. At one point in time, they were even used by women for safekeeping of alcohol or cash.

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Some even tucked in a small gun called derringer in the garter for personal security reasons. Being a feminine accessory, the garter is a design element used for inking feminine tattoos. These tattoos enhance the sensuality and attractiveness of a woman.

garter gun belt tattoo

The Ultimate Fashion Accessory

In modern times, great stress is being laid on the aesthetic value of a tattoo design. As a result, there has been an increasing trend of jewelry and accessory tattoos in women.

While bracelet, ring and anklet tattoos make a classic choice in jewelry tattoos, garter belts make a good accessory tattoo for any woman who wants to look sensuous. Moreover, there is something refined and sophisticated about this garment piece because it was worn by women with high social standing.

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A woman who wore a lace garter belt in early times was considered as a woman of refined taste and the trend continues with garter style tattoos, as they become style statements for modern women.

This two-centuries-old garment piece may have lost its functionality today, but continues to rule when it comes to visual appeal.

garter ribbon tattoo

Popular Garter Tattoo Designs

Since garter belts were worn on the thigh or just above the knee, this is the exact placement. There is as much variety as there is in the designs of original garter belts. Plus the right use of color and creativity of a tattoo artist can make a big difference in the garter design.

Another important aspect of this particular tattoo is its thickness, which may be varied according to the preference of the tattoo bearer. Here are some popular designs:

  • Lace Garter – The original garter belts were designed in delicate and pretty lace and the lace design continues to be a favorite among women looking to add to their attractiveness. Lace has always been associated with sensuality and this is what a woman basically looks for in a tattoo design. The lace garter tattoos are usually very intricate and only an expert tattoo artist can handle such a design well. It may be done in conventional black or the artist may experiment with vibrant colors; whatever it is, the lace garter designs are bound to look alluring.
  • Derringer in Garter – A derringer is a small gun, which was tucked in by women in the wild west, for the sake of personal protection. The design is unusual but remains a favorite for women who look to express their independence and courage in a man’s world.
  • Garter with Ribbon – A cool design option is a simple yet pretty looking garter held in place with a red ribbon, tied into a tiny bow. It represents the original garter belts which were held in place by ribbons, instead of elastic. The tiny red bow can look really appealing and add color to the design, which is usually done in black or grey color.
  • Garter with Knife Tattoo – Like some women used to tuck in a derringer in her garter belts, others used a knife in its place. This is again a cool design option among garter style tattoos and is preferred by women of substance.
  • Jewel Garter – Some women, who want to embellish the garter design in a feminine manner, can find a perfect idea by adding jeweled elements like colored gemstones to original garter designs.

garter belt tattoo

Final Words

Garter tattoos bring out the adventurous and mischievous side of the personality of a woman and it is an ideal body adornment design for any woman.

However, those who are not convinced with the idea of bearing the immense pain of having a tattoo inked or spending a handsome sum of money for this purpose can opt for a temporary henna garter style tattoo design. The fascinated glances they get will definitely persuade them to try a permanent one!

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