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Have you seen a person who is wearing an anti eyebrow piercing? Do you know what is exactly this gorgeous piercing is? Are you one of those people in the world who are wishing to have this kind of piercing? Well, whatever answers you have got for these questions, one thing is for sure. This is the fact that this piercing is the latest trend when it comes to eyebrow piercings. There are a number of people who are getting curious about it these days, specially those young ones out there. The truth is, this piercing has just newly introduced in the entire world, but there are already thousands of people who are rooting for this piercing.

What Is Really an Anti Eyebrow Piercing?

For those who do not have any idea yet about this piercing, it is actually one of those contemporary piercings that are positively embraced by the piercing enthusiasts in the world. On the lower orbit of a person’s eyes, it is commonly done. To make it clearer to you, this piercing is done just above the cheek bone, may it be on the right or on the left side. It is a kind of surface piercings that has big similarity to a microdermal piercing. The two piercings are similar in a way that they are only made right into a certain layer of the skin, without touching the muscle and bone tissues. It also known as upper cheek piercings, tears, teardrops, butterfly kiss and crows feet.


Needless to say, the procedure can never be done without the great expertise of a professional piercer who will handle the entire procedure. But prior to undergoing the procedure, you must already choose the specific location where the piercing should be done safely. You can ask the assistance of your hired professional piercer. Keep in mind that there are a number of facial nerves that must be avoided when doing the piercing. With that being said, it is very significant for the piercer to manipulate and pinch the facial nerves. In order to make the procedure easily done, the right piercing method must be used by the piercer. The two best piercing methods that can be utilized is the “clamp and pierce method” that is known to be the conventional one, and of course, the newest “dermal punch and taper method”. Before making a hole on the piercing location however, it is important to clean and properly sanitized the area first in order to avoid bacterial infections.

Pain Factor

The big disadvantage is the fact that it can give you a higher amount of pain when compared to some other eyebrow piercings done on a person’s body. The intense level of pain may even become more intense if your body is less capable in bearing extreme pain. Nevertheless, a well-experienced professional piercer can also do something in order to lessen the pain that can be felt by the customers. It can be possible by way of ensuring the proper placement of the piercing itself. During the procedure, it is also not surprising if the pierced area will bleed since it is one normal reaction of the body when being wounded. After a few days, the pierced area may also swell and cause some bruises, which may then make you feel some discomforts. Even so, it is rest assured that these will disappear as the pierced area starts the healing process.

The Healing Process

It takes nearly 6 to 8 weeks for the pierced area to undergo complete healing. During the healing process of this piercing kind, it is very important for you to consider that care tips given by your professional piercer because these tips can help a lot for the quickness of the healing process. When you apply the care tips religiously, then do not be surprised if you notice that the healing of the wound right there in the pierced area is speeding up. The minimum time period for its healing process is around 6 weeks, and a maximum of 8 weeks. Beyond this time period, some infections may already been occurring on the pierced area.


Possible signs to check out while diagnosing your piercings are the jewelry location movement, white clear discharge from the wound, redness, the size of the pierced hole, rash on the skin, and the feeling of extreme pain and itchiness on the area. If you want to read more about complications of body piercing, read this post from The New York Times.

The Aftercares to Know

As said, the aftercares should not be forgotten because they play an extremely significant role in the healing process of this piercing. Here are the aftercares that you must take note of:

  • When doing your bathing sessions, cleaning the piercing and the pierced area is also important. A running water must be used here, so that bacteria formation on the wound will not be possible. A mild soap is the one that should be used in washing the area.
  • When crusts are formed on the wound, then you should clean them through a cotton ball that is dipped into a cup of warm saline water. This is to make sure that the wound will not be infected with the solution you utilize. This is also a great way not to give strain on the pierced area.
  • Wipe the remaining moist on the pierced area through a clean towel or paper tissue. You can do the pat drying, so that straining the wound will not happen. Moreover, always remember that a dirty towel or used tissue paper may contain some harmful germs.
  • Don’t dare to remove or replace your chosen jewelry, in case it is not yet fully healed. Bear it in your mind that the pierced area is very sensitive on the healing process. If you want to stay away from complications, be sure not to do such thing.


$40-$60 in any standard piercing parlor. There are lots of important factors that will determine the exact cost that you need to pay for this kind of piercing. The very first factor is the level of reputation a professional piercer has. In case he or she is reputable enough, then it is expected that you will pay more. Mostly, this piercing can cost you $40 up to $60. Hence, be sure to prepare your budget.

Anti Eyebrow Piercing Close Up GirlsAnti Eyebrow Piercing Inspiration for MenClose up Anti Eyebrow PiercingRock Emo Anti Eyebrow PiercingFierce Vertical Anti Eyebrow PiercingSexy Anti Eyebrow Piercing for GirlsAnti Eyebrow Piercing IdeasAmazing Dermal Anti Eyebrow Piercing for HerCool Anti Eyebrow Piercing WomenStylish Anti Eyebrow Piercing for GirlsAnti Eyebrow Piercing exampleAnti Eyebrow Piercing exampleAnti Eyebrow Piercing exampleAnti Eyebrow Piercing exampleAnti Eyebrow Piercing exampleAnti Eyebrow Piercing exampleAnti Eyebrow Piercing exampleAnti Eyebrow Piercing exampleAnti Eyebrow Piercing exampleAnti Eyebrow Piercing exampleAnti Eyebrow Piercing exampleAnti Eyebrow Piercing example

Jewelry Options For Anti-eyebrow Piercing

Mostly stainless steel surface bars will be used for anti-eyebrow piercing. Straight or curved barbells and captive bead rings can also be worn to give the piercing a unique or modern look.

Gold Rook Cartilage Curved Eyebrow Ring-body JewelryBlack Rook Cartilage Eyebrow Ring-BodyCurved Barbell with Gem Anti Eyebrow JewelryTiny Gold Barbell Anti Eyebrow Piercing JewelryDouble Jewelled Curved Anti Eyebrow Jewelry in Different Colors Double Jewelled Curved Anti Eyebrow Ring-body JewelryAnti Eyebrow Rings with Spike and Ball HeadSpike and Ball Head Curved Barbell Anti Eyebrow Piercing JewelryCylinder and Cone Curved Eyebrow Ring-Body JewelryDouble Cube Curved Anti Eyebrow Ring-body JewelryFinal Words

Anti eyebrow piercing will definitely make you stand out among others because of its very unusual location. Nevertheless, you should consider numerous important things first before going for this piercing. In this way, you can be sure that you will not regret your decision of having this piercing.


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