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Daith piercing is among those most interesting and extremely appealing piercings on the body, which is specifically located on the innermost cartilage fold of the ears of a person. This piercing is also has a very unique location, so it can be the best piercing that you can have if you want to appear unique in front of the eyes of many. Just on the top portion of the tragus, this piercing is done carefully. One interesting fact about it is that only people who have a well-developed cartilage fold on the innermost of the ears will have the chance to have this kind of piercing. Hence, you must be lucky enough to have it since not all people can wear a this piercing.  Piercings are subtle and sophisticated after all!


A Glimpse to the Rich History

Originally, daith piercing is known as the “da’at”, and this term simply means “knowledge”. The explanation behind this name is that the location of the piercing is quite unique and you won’t imagine this can also be inserted with a piercing. Because of this, the piercing is clever enough to figure it out how to do the piercing procedure on that part. This is the exact explanation why it is firstly called “da’at” or “knowledge”. The person behind the original name of this piercing is none other than a college student who is studying Hebrew, who happened to be Erik Dakota’s client. Just in case you do not know, Erik is a world renowned, professional piercer who has done various body piercing procedures to a lot of people, specially those famous personalities in the world.

The very first sighting of this kind of piercing to the public people was through the magazine owned by Fakir Musafar, which is popularly known as Body Play Magazine. This piercing was actually being realized to become possible through the effort of Erik Dakota. It was way back in the year 1992 when the invention of this piercing happened.

Its Crucial Procedure

The truth is, the entire procedure involved in getting this piercing is not that long, as what others think it is. However, this is also a very crucial procedure, way more crucial than the others actually since it is located in a part where you will not think that it can be adorned with a piercing. After you arrive in the piercing clinic of the professional, well-experienced piercer that you choose, you will be given enough time to make a rest and relax yourself a little bit. After that, here are the step by step things that are expected to be done during the piercing procedure:

  • The professional piercer of your choice will make the specific ear area sterilized through an antibacterial solution. Doing this will help you to stay away from experiencing some infections later down the road after the piercing procedure is done.
  • Making the piercing points is done next through the aid of a surgical marker. This will help the piercer not to be faulty in making a hole where the jewelry will be inserted.
  • The piercer will then make a hole on the area through the aid of a curved needle. This is actually the particular part in which a piercer needs a lot more time in order to do it in a more precise way. It is simply because the location is a little bit harder to be accessed, and it is made up of thick cartilage. This is the reason why extra carefulness is needed by the piercer.
  • After making a hole successfully on the area, the jewelry is next to be inserted. Of course, this jewelry will depend on you. You are the one who will get to choose from the wide variety of options available in the piercing shop of your piercer.

The Pain Level

Needless to say, pain is also a constant part in having a daith piercing. This is normal to feel pain even with the other procedures conducted for some other body piercings, so there is no need for you to worry. Also, do not be surprised if bleeding will occur since it is another normal reaction of your body since wound will be made in the pierced area because of the needle used in making a piercing hole. The pain will always depend on the person who undergoes the piercing procedure. And sometimes, pain may be a psychological thing. If you think that it will be very painful for you, then it will surely is. But if you think it is just a very tolerable pain and you can handle it yourself, then you will surely lessen the amount of pain that you are about to feel. In fact, when those people who have already undergone this piercing procedure majorly said that out of the scale of 10 in which 10 is the highest pain level, they only feel 3-4 level of pain. Meaning to say, it will not be that painful most of the time.

Daith Piercing Migraine?

Daith piercing is located at the inner cartilage of the ear which is said to have a pressure point but can it really solve your migraine problems?


According to Mr.E @YahooAnswers: May help, but it doesn’t correct the cause, it only suppresses the imbalance at the periphery. see an hio method chiropractor if you want the cause corrected.


This piercing can mimic the effects of acupuncture when it hits the pressure points in the ear. So far there no official study or research that can prove the claims. There are some patients who reportedly lost their recurring migraines after getting this piercing but there are also some who did not. Nevertheless, whether you like to get rid of your migraines or just have a fun and new look, this piercing is for you.

The Healing Process

The pierced area heals completely within 3 to 6 months. When compared to some other piercings, specially to some other cartilage piercings on the body, the healing process expected with this piercing may be longer than the usual. It is simply because of the fact that the area for this piercing is a bit isolated, and it is located on the area of the ears where dirt and bacteria will usually build up. In other words, the possibility of infection is quite higher, which will lead to a longer healing process. It may take you 3 up to 6 months of waiting before the wound on the pierced area will be completely healed.

The Aftercares Needed

Aftercares are actually the very important things that must be performed and observed right after undergoing from a piercing procedure. These aftercares will contribute a lot on the healing process as well as the general outcome of the piercing. Here are these important aftercares that you must take note of:

  • Once or maybe twice per day, you must make sure that you have cleaned the piercing as well as the pierced area. It is one way of making it maintained a good and safe condition.
  • Do not dare to touch the pierced area and the piercing as well. It is because when you do so, the wound on the pierced area may be irritated. Furthermore, touching the pierced area may transmit some bacteria from your hands towards the wound, increasing the possibility of infection.
  • Only use antibacterial mild soap. Mild soap can never irritate the wound on the pierced area, and an antibacterial one will help your wound stay away from bacteria that can cause some complications. More preferably, it is best to use a soap that contains triclosan or chloroxylenol.
  • Don’t leave any amount of cleaning agent on the pierced area. This can irritate the wound when that amount of cleaning agent will stay longer on the area. If you want to make sure that it won’t happen, then try to clean the area very well.
  • Use a cotton ball or a cotton bud in cleaning the pierced area. Through this, you can have a full control of your hand when you are doing the cleaning. Because of this, a more gentle movement of your hand can be ensured, decreasing the possibility of irritation.
  • Replacing the pillow case when you think it is already dirty is also advantageous. Keep in mind that your pillow case may also be a good breeding ground of bacteria as days go by or when it already becomes dirty. The bacteria may go towards the wound and cause some horrible infections.

The Cost

In most reputable piercing parlors, the price of the piercing falls between $40 and $100. If you are one of those people out there who keep on asking if undergoing the crucial daith piercing procedure costs some money or not, then you should know that it normally does cost you some amount. Well, the reason is very obvious. The piercing procedure is not that easy to be performed, not to mention the fact that the professional piercer who will handle you deserves a professional fee. Unless, you are informed by the piercer in advance that his or her piercing service by the time you will undergo the procedure will be free. Most of the time, it will only cost you a minimum of $40 and a maximum of $100. However, you need to keep in mind that the cost of this piercing is being determined by considering several factors. One very important factor is the jewelry you choose. The cost of your chosen jewelry will surely make a big difference on the cost of the entire piercing procedure. Hence, if you have a minimal budget for this thing, then you should only choose the affordable jewelry without making the entire appearance of the jewelry as well as your own health compromised.

Jewelry Options

Captive bead rings are best during the healing time as they fit comfortably on the piercing. You can also go for curved barbells that take less space. Large gauge jewelry should be tried out only after the pierced area heals completely.

Daith PiercingDaith PiercingDaith PiercingDaith PiercingDaith PiercingDaith PiercingDaith PiercingDaith PiercingDaith Piercing

Daith-PiercingDaith PiercingDaith PiercingDaith PiercingDaith PiercingDaith PiercingEar-Lobe-And-Daith-Piercing-For-Young-GirlsDaith Piercing

Final Words

Yes, having a daith piercing on your ears will make you look unique and more gorgeous to many. Nonetheless, you should know everything about this kind of piercing first before finally deciding to have it. This is one way of keeping yourself away from regrets in the end. Also check our articles on popular ear piercings types.


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