100+ Nose Piercing Ideas, Jewelry And FAQ’s

Nose piercing is considered to be a very common piercing that you can see in the body of many people all over the world these days. It is not only popular today, but many years in the past as well. Of course, there are so many reasons why people are allowing themselves to get pierced on the nose. Some of them just want to show to the other people how brave they are to endure the pain of getting pierced on the nose. There are also some other people who just want to cope with the latest trend, as far as piercing is concerned.

Types of Nose Piercings

Just in case you do not know, there are several kinds worn by a lot of people today. Each of these kinds surely has their own uniqueness, specially in the jewelry used, purpose and a lot more. Let us get acquainted to each one of them.

  • Nostril Piercing – Probably, this is the most common kind. Culturally speaking, nostril piercing is practiced in several countries in Asia like Nepal and India. Ayurvedic belief is very common in these countries, especially to women. This belief involves wearing of nostril piercing in order to have a painless menstruation and pregnancy. In this kind, the jewelry is positioned above the crease of the natural curve of the nostril.
  • Double Nostril Piercing – this is another version of a nostril piercing in which there are 3 holes on the nostril’s top crease. It is bold and adventurous in nature. There are various jewelries that can be perfect for double nostril piercing such as captive bead rings, circular barbell, nose hoop, l-shaped nose pin, nostril screw, and nose bone.
  • Triple Nostril Piercing – In attaching this piercing to your nose, extra carefulness is needed so that the nerves will not be affected. Studs are the most common and the best jewelry that is used.
  • High Nostril Piercing – Another kind is the high nostril piercing, in which the jewelry is positioned centimeters away from the nostril crease’s natural curve. The perfect jewelries for this one are nostril screws, l-shaped pins, and studs.
  • Septum Piercing – Within the fashion industry, septum piercing is recognized as a fashionable piercing. The piercing here can be located in the nostril’s cartilage division. However, this can also be positioned on the sweet spot of the nose where there is lesser cartilage.
  • Bridge or Earl Piercing – As its name suggests, this is positioned right there on the bridge part. If you think that this can badly affect the nose bone or cartilage, then please stop since it will not. Circular barbell or curved barbell is the perfect jewelry for this piercing.
  • Rhino or Vertical Tip Piercing – This is an extremely rare piercing that can be found on the nose. It is vertically located on the tip part of the nose. Because of the rare location of this piercing, there is only one jewelry that fits on it and this is the curved barbell.
  • Septril Piercing – It is a complicated kind, which is why it requires expertise when attaching this piercing on your nose. The person’s septal cartilage and bone structure play a very important role in placing this piercing. The jewelries that should be used here are curved barbell, eyelet, nose bone, and studs.
  • Nasallang Piercing – If you want an intense and adventurous type, then you must go for this one. This piercing gets in the septum and nostril part, since it is a tri-nasal piercing. A straight barbell is the perfect jewelry that should be used in nasal Lang piercing.

The Procedure

Generally speaking, the procedure involved is divided into three parts, which are preparation, actual piercing, and the healing process. What will happen in the preparation part is the sterilization and cleaning of everything like the equipment needed during the procedure. The nose part that will be pierced must also be cleaned in advance a germicidal soap or an antiseptic. In this way, horrible infections can be avoided after your nose is being pierced. Afterwards, you will be asked by your professional piercer to mark the area where you want to get pierced with the utilization of a surgical marker or the so-called Gentian marker. Right after that, you will be asked what jewelry type you want to attach on your nose. Of course, you have to consider what kind you will have as well as the gorgeousness of the jewelry.

On the other hand, actual piercing stage will require the utilization of a piercing needle that is very important in poking a hole on your nose. This needle should be sterilized first in order to avoid infections. Using a circular forcep, the nose should be clamped in order to make sure that creating the hole on the nose will be successful. Moreover, it is very important to consider the septum. It should not be hit when creating a hole and this is exactly where a small cork extremely helpful. After creating the hole successfully, this is the perfect time to attach the jewelry that you choose.

Pain Factor

Attaching nose piercings is very crucial. It requires manual force so that the skin and cartilage will never end up being damaged. Because of this, you should not be surprised if you will feel intense pain while the procedure is still going on. This is just normal actually. You might get teary-eyed because of the pain that you will feel. Even so, this will just last for seconds for sure, depending on the expertise of the professional piercer that you hire. There are some other things that can affect the pain level that you will feel in the procedure. These are the size of the jewelry as well as the type. If you want to feel less pain, then go for thinner kinds of jewelries.

The Healing Process

You should know that the healing process for this one may take a longer time. Simply because most of the nose parts are made up of cartilage.

It will only heal completely after 3 to 8 months of taking good care of it. If you’re not meticulous in your aftercare then it can take even longer!


Needless to say, there are aftercare routines you need to do when you have nose piercing. These aftercares will greatly affect the healing process. Hence, you must keep these in mind at all times. Here are some of them:

  • Avoid touching the pierced area. Just in case you do not know, your hands contain a number of bacteria. Thus, when you touch the pierced area, the bacteria in your hands may be transferred to the wound on the pierced area. This will then lead to horrible infections.
  • Do not apply some makeup or beauty products on the pierced area. Some of these products contain very strong chemicals that can worsen the wound on the pierced area. This is why you need to avoid applying such.
  • Do not change the jewelry if it is not yet fully healed. If you will change the jewelry, the wound might be irritated due to the movement of the jewelry. Keep in mind that the pierced area must not be touched as much as possible because this will only worsen the condition of the area.
  • Avoid over cleaning. Cleaning the pierced area should only be done once or twice. Because if you will overclean it, there is a big possibility that the wound will be touched several times, and this can already irritate the wound.
  • Do not use strong medicines on the pierced area. Good examples of these strong medicines are alcohol, ointments, hydrogen peroxide, and betadine. For your own information, these medicines have the capabilities to damage the skin tissues on your nose, which may then result to scars. These are also capable enough in irritating the pierced area.
  • Avoid removing the crust formation. You should know that crust formation is just normal for any kinds of wounds. Let this crust formation fade away in time. Forcing it to be removed will just make the condition worse.


With the price varying from one store to other, a single nose piercing costs around $45 whereas a double piercing may go up to $80. There are several other factors that affect the cost. The types, the exact location on the nose, and the piercing shop are just three of these factors. There is no exact price for this for sure. The cost varies from one piercing shop to another, anywhere part of the world you are in. Even so, there is a price range that you should know. It would start at $25 and it can reach as much as $100. The jewelry option that you choose may also affect the price. If you choose more expensive jewelry, then it is expected that you will pay higher than $25. The jewelry price range may start at $5 and it can reach as much as $50. The level of complexities involved in the procedure may also affect the entire piercing price. For nostril piercing, the price may start at $30 and it can reach as much as $80. For the septum piercing, the most affordable one is priced $40 and the most expensive one is priced $90.

Jewelry Options

There are a number of options that you can choose for jewelry. These jewelries have different styles that can perfectly fit to the types that you are planning to have. Before getting pierced on your nose, you should have enough knowledge of these jewelry options.

  • Nose Screws – It is actually a short pin that has very beautiful decorative top part. Its bottom part is curved to form a semi-circle shape. The semi-circle shape may be to the left or to the right direction, depending on the wearer of this jewelry.
  • Nose Bones – This jewelry also has a decorative top part, and a straight post adorned with a ball form on its bottom part. Its bottom ball is wider than its post, of course.
  • Fishtails – This jewelry option has a beautiful top part since this portion will be displayed outside the nose. This nose ring has a straight and long shaft.
  • Hoop Nose Rings – This is perfect for septum and nostril piercings. You can have several options for this jewelry. You can go for the captive bead rings, segment rings, or seamless rings. You can even go for the less attractive option, which is the screw-on ball ring.
  • Labret Studs – This option is quite hard to attach on your nostril, specially if you don’t have any hands to get some help with. If you don’t want to go with the traditional piercing jewelry for your nostril, then this is the perfect alternative that you should consider.
  • Circular Barbells – This is a very perfect option for septum piercings. In fact, it is otherwise known as “horseshoe rings”.
  • Septum Pincher – This is another jewelry option that will look good as septum piercing jewelry. However, it will only be great to attach on your nose if the wound is already full recovered.
  • Bent Barbells – For rhino piercings and bridge piercings, there is no other perfect jewelry option to choose other than bent barbell. This is also called curved barbell or banana barbell.

Final Words

Without a doubt, nose piercing is a great adornment of a person’s body. However, it is not that easy to attach the piercing, so you have to keep all these things in mind in order to avoid regrets in the end.


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