150+ Charming Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Designs

Tattoo art has become one of the most desirable ways to adorn the body and designers have been working on creating new designs using some amazing elements. One of these unusual designs in tattoo art is Alice in Wonderland tattoo and these tattoos are desirable for female tattoo enthusiasts. “Alice in Wonderland” is a famous tale by Lewis Carroll and its popularity led it to be adapted into a movie by Walt Disney by the same name. The story has an alluring and magical quality, which leads the imagination into a fast gallop. As a result, the tale makes an interesting basis for tattoos, which abound in aesthetic value too. These tattoos have a story to tell and look absolutely stunning. They are sure to attract attention, which makes them value for money. What makes these tattoos even more eye catching is the fact that they are usually done in color, as those done in traditional black ink do not have the same impact that color gives it. This is why Alice in Wonderland is considered as a piece of art.

Placement Ideas

Most of the Alice in Wonderland tattoos are narrative in terms of their story telling value, which makes them large in size. As a result, they are suitable for large surface areas like the back, shoulder, arm, forearm, hands, hips, ribs, calf, foot, chest, under the breast, stomach and thighs. It is all up to the creativity and experience of the artist who is handling this tattoo, to create something valuable and captivating for the bearer.

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Designs

“Alice in Wonderland” is a beautiful yet complicated design, which needs a great deal of expertise in handling as far as the tattoo artist is concerned. It is more like a story than a piece of body art and calls for a great deal of time being devoted by the artist. There is already a great variety of designs in this tattoo option and new ones are being devised by creative artists on a regular basis:

  • Basic Alice in Wonderland – The design depicts Alice, the main protagonist of the Walt Disney movie and Lewis Carroll book. She is a pretty blonde dame dressed in a blue dress and a white colored apron. The basic design can be combines with various elements to represent different part of this captivating tale, which all of us may have read as children.
  • Alice in Wonderland with Cat Tattoos – One of the most popular characters of the tale is the Cheshire cat, which is a deviation from the cat being a feminine character in normal circumstances, as this one represents a male cat which misguides Alice all along the story. He plays an unpredictable part in the story, disappearing and reappearing on several occasions, with the aim of creating mischief. Alice in Wonderland with Cheshire cat tattoo stands for the same mischief, mystery and magic and is popular among tattoo bearers and artists looking for sheer fun and attraction value in their tattoos. The artist can also create a magical and interesting effect by portraying the cat sitting in a very special manner and sometimes, it is shown sitting on a tree as a part of the tale.
  • Alice in Wonderland with Playing Cards Tattoo – Another cool depiction is the one which shows her along with playing cards in the background. The cards indicate the events in the story of Alice in Wonderland as she moves from one event to another, bearing resemblance to the moves in a conventional game of cards or a board game played by children.
  • Sexy Alice in Wonderland – In this version, she is depicted as a sexy dame rather than an innocent young girl. This tattoo design is preferred by grown up girls who want to attract male attention using this glorious form of body art.
  • Alice in Wonderland with Mushroom Tattoo – In many of these tattoos, it is common to find a mushroom as a key design element because of its significance in the story of Alice in Wonderland. This particular design exudes a sort of childish innocence as well as unmatched simplicity.
  • Alice in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter and March Hare Tattoo – The Mad Hatter and March Hare are integral characters of this amusing story, which all of us might have gone through in our childhood. As a result, both these characters are featured in many of the Alice in Wonderland designs and give an interesting twist to the tattoo.

Some other elements used in this particular design are the white rabbit, teh Queen of Hearts, anchors, compass, cross, angel wings, dreamcatchers, arrows, birds and floral patterns. Besides being eye catching in nature, these tattoos can also symbolize everything that the writer of the story of Alice in Wonderland had to convey to the readers.



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