150 Amazing Cloud Tattoos For Men And Women


Tattoos make one of the most amazing forms of body adornments today, with men and women around the world loving to embellish their body parts with these exquisite creations. The designs of tattoos are offered in great variety and different elements are used by creative tattoos artists to create something unique and innovative. One of the most beautiful types of tattoos is cloud tattoos which use clouds as the basic elements. They abound in aesthetic beauty and are bound to attract attention because of the grace and charisma exuded by them. Most of the time, you would notice these tattoos done in black or grey color because it is the natural color of the clouds, though some tattoo lovers may go for colorful designs. Choosing the color and design of a tattoo is entirely a matter of personal preference and the right lies only and only with the tattoo bearer, though he can consult an expert artist for advice regarding the same.

Clouds Tattoos Meanings

Clouds are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. They seem to paint the sky and have a feel-good value for both the body as well as the mind. There is also something spiritual about them and looking at them can bring a great deal of spiritual happiness and fulfillment. They also symbolize illusion, mystery, secrets and dreams, depending upon how the meaning is interpreted by the bearer of the tattoo. Different cultures relate clouds with different meanings, which give different symbolic meanings to clouds:

  • In Chinese tradition, clouds stand for transition and they denote the journey of a person as he reaches the realms of spiritualism
  • The Greco-Roman mythology related clouds with the abode of the Gods as Mount Olympus, the home of Gods, has always been pictured with clouds around it. as such light and puffy clouds signify happy times ahead while dark, storm clouds indicate something ominous coming up
  • The Hindu and Tibetan cultures relate clouds with a sense of detachment as they relate to change but not a permanent one
  • Clouds harbinger rain, which makes them stand for abundance and prosperity
  • According to the Japanese, clouds are bringers of good luck and fulfillment
  • They also denote air and water, which relates them with balance of intellect and emotion

It would be apt to say that if you are looking for a tattoo design which looks graceful and at the same time, abounds in symbolic value, then cloud arts would make just the perfect tattoo design for you.

Placement Guide

Like all other tattoos, the most important aspect of cloud tattoos is its placement as it needs to be inked in such a manner that its placement adds more charm to the design and makes it highly attractive. The placement depends mainly upon the size of the tattoo, the larger one befitting wider surface area and vice versa. Larger and more detailed cloud art can be inked on chest, lower back, stomach, spine, leg, ribs (sides), sleeves, shoulder, thighs, hips, breast and under the breast, while smaller ones look good on arm, forearm, ankles, wrists, collar bone, elbow, back of the neck, face, spine, hand, foot, ears and even as finger tattoos. Wherever the cloud art is inked on the body, it is guaranteed to be a source of attraction, because it has a very alluring and fascinating quality.

Popular Design Options

Clouds are the element of the sky and the nature so the options in cloud arts are as endless as the nature itself. A creative tattoo artist can make use of various elements of nature to create some amazing cloud designs, which abound in beauty as well as symbolism. They can be featured in small or large size, depending upon the design of the tattoo as well as its placement on the body of the bearer. Cloud is one such element which can be used in men and women with equal ease because the design can be depicted in masculine or feminine form, as the bearer wants it to be done. Some cool design options featuring clouds as the basic element are listed below:

  • Sun and Clouds – An amazing tattoo design is the sun and clouds which has a stunning quality and also a deep meaning, both invoking a sense of joy and positivity in the bearer as well as anyone who sees the tattoo. Some tattoo artists can create a design with sun rays penetrating through the clouds, rather than depicting the sun itself. This design too has a charming and alluring quality about it.
  • Lightning with Black Clouds – It may sound a bit negative but a tattoo featuring lightning with black clouds has something mysterious and captivating about it. The artist should however design the tattoo in such a manner that it does not look too dark and scary.
  • Blue Clouds – Most of us have painted the clouds blue since our young days and blue clouds tattoos look happy and attractive, giving a bright appearance and grabbing attention all the time.

The tattoo artist can make use of various other natural elements along with cloud art tattoos to make them more appealing and meaningful. These include the stars, birds, trees, raindrops, thunder and the ocean, to name just a few. They are intricate and need to be done by an expert hand so that they can create the right kind of visual impact. Therefore, when you make up your mind that you are going to have a cloud art inked, choose a good artist who can guide you regarding the design options and also give you something really eye catching.



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