110 Graceful Crown Tattoos Designs And Meanings

Since times immemorial, tattoo lovers as well as creative designers have been looking for some unique design elements to create fabulous and innovative designs which are high in aesthetic and symbolic value. One of the most unusual concept which has gained popularity for both the sexes over a period of time is that of crown tattoos. Crowns have always been valued by the human race as a symbol of royalty, wealth, supremacy, valor and power.

Popularity Of Crown Tattoos Among Tattoo Lovers

The main reason of popularity of crown tattoos is its versatility, which makes it suitable for both men and women. Also, these tattoos can be featured in small or large sizes depending upon the placement chosen for them and also what the bearer wants to convey through them. Another thing that makes crown tattoos more versatile is that they can be inked alone or combined with a variety of elements such as diamonds, crystals and jewels, each of which can add an entirely new dimension to the basic design. The variation in the design of this type of tattoo is something which makes it more desirable for the tattoo lovers around the globe. The design may be interpreted in different ways by different wearers and each one can signify something unique.

Symbolic Meaning of the Crown Tattoos

Crowns are worn by the kings, queens and the royal class, a fact which associates them with royalty, supremacy and power since the ancient history of the world. A crown signifies the highest authority in a kingdom and in this way, a crown tattoo stands for the heights a person aspires to reach in his life. Wearing a crown is not only a matter of power and pride, but it brings responsibility too, which is the reason why people regard the king to be God like and in some cultures, even Gods are pictured wearing crowns. Crowns as well as crown tattoos have religious significance too. In Christianity, Jesus Christ was made to wear a crown of thorns at the time of his crucifixion which adds a religious value to it. Strong believers in Christianity, thus find it apt to bear a crown tattoo to commemorate the sacrifice and greatness of Jesus Christ, while some people bear it for personal reasons instead of religious ones. They are those who want to symbolize their personal achievements with the help of a crown tattoo. Crowns also bear a close relation with zodiac too, as it is associated with the zodiac sign Leo, which is represented by the lion, the king of the jungle. As the lion is considered supreme among all the animals, he has a close affinity with the crown. This is why many people having this zodiac sigh would prefer to bear a crown tattoo design.

Placement Ideas For Crown Tattoos

Crown tattoos also come in various sizes and are placed accordingly. Like all other tattoos, the most important aspect of crown tattoos is its placement as it needs to be inked in such a manner that its placement adds more charm to the design and makes it highly attractive. The placement depends mainly upon the size of the tattoo, the larger one befitting wider surface area and vice versa. Larger ones are done on large areas like chest, lower back, stomach, spine, legs, ribs (sides), sleeves, shoulder, thighs, hips, breast and under the breast, while smaller ones look good on arm, forearm, ankles, wrists, collar bone, elbow, back of the neck, face, spine, hand, foot, ears and even as finger tattoos. Wherever the crown tattoo is inked on the body, it is guaranteed to be a source of attraction, because it has a very alluring and fascinating quality.

Variety in Crown Tattoo Designs

A crown tattoo is one such design which boasts of great versatility as far as the symbolism as well as aesthetic value of the pattern is concerned. A crown can be depicted in simplicity or with a lot of embellishment with diamonds, gemstones and jewelry pieces.

  • Bejeweled Crown Tattoos For Kings – Usually, the crowns worn by the kings and rulers were adorned with rich and beautiful gemstones and this is how a crown tattoo can be designed.
  • Crown of Thorns Tattoos – Another popular crown tattoo design option is the Crown of Thorns, which stands as a religious symbol of Christianity. It represents the crown worn by Jesus Christ at the time of his crucifixion.
  • Halo Crown Tattoos – In some religious tattoos, the crown is signified as a halo around the divine. Christianity reveres Mother Mary as the Queen of Heaven and pictures her wearing a halo like crown. This is another form of religious crown tattoo, which is popular amongst strong believers. Some religious crown tattoo designs combine the crown with the cross.
  • Crowned Lion Tattoos – A popular design among men is the crowned lion tattoo which comes ahead as a symbol of power and supremacy and is highly appreciated for its aesthetic value.
  • Flower Crown Tattoos– Instead of depicting a crown embellished with diamonds and precious stones, a crown tattoo can be shown decorated with flowers, leaves and vines. This form of adornment was a part of the ancient Roman culture.

Crown tattoos can also be given special meanings by adding some text or quotes to it, like some women get words like “Queen” or “Princess” inked with the crown tattoo. Others can go for their names, initials or those of a loved one, while some royal quotes can also add a new meaning to the basic crown tattoo design.

Popular Images Crown Tattoos

Crown TattoosCrown TattoosCrown TattoosCrown TattoosCrown TattoosCrown TattoosCrown TattoosCrown TattoosCrown TattoosCrown Tattoos

Crown TattoosCrown TattoosCrown TattoosCrown TattoosCrown Tattoos


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