224 Most Attractive Small Flower Tattoos Of All Time

Today, it is definitely not a new thing to see more and more individuals who have some tattoos on their body like the flower tattoos. These body arts are located in the different body parts of a certain person such as neck, shoulders, legs, and even hands. Well, you can actually decide on your own which part of your body you want these tattoos to be engraved. Now the big question is, have you ever asked yourself why there are many people who prefer to have flower designed tattoos than anything else? Do you even know the symbolisms and meanings of these tattoos?

Symbolic Meanings

Scientifically speaking, flowers are the reproductive organs of the plants. Because of this, it is known that flower designed tattoos have something to do with unity, growth, birth, togetherness, and love when it comes to meaning. The tattoo itself will also affect its overall meaning. In other words, a simple flower tattoo may change its meaning depending on several factors like the following:

  • Placement of the tattoo
  • The arrangement
  • The Color
  • The associated number on the flower design
  • The flower combinations
  • Some other associated designs

they are also common to women, since flowers are typical symbols of femininity.  Even so, this does not mean that men can no longer choose flower designs. In case you are among those men out there who want to get tattooed with flowers, make sure that you incorporate some more designs that will lessen the femininity of the design. You can also choose bolder colors, to emphasize masculinity. This goes to show that being careful enough in choosing flower designs for your tattoos is extremely important. Moreover, you can take into account your own personality and characteristics.

The Right Placement

Contrary to what a lot of people think, a flower design also looks great to all men tattoo lovers. Flower designs may exude strong femininity appearance, but that level of femininity can actually be lessened. The trick is the right placement on the body, color, and right sub designs associated into it. If you want your flower design to exude masculinity, you can ask the tattoo artist to add some other designs that can go well with the flower design you choose. Of course, these sub designs must strongly reflects manliness. In addition to that, a lot of girls usually engrave their chosen design on their back. Hence, to avoid femininity, you should not put your tattoo on your back. Instead, why not place it on your body parts that carry your manliness such as your biceps, hands, and wrists. With that being said, there is no way your tattoo will look very feminine. We have collection of tattoos for almost all body parts.

Celebrities Views

For sure, you are aware of the fact that there are so many celebrities in the entire world who are into tattoos. They are number one fans of tattoos of different designs like flowers. Some of them just chose to get tattooed in order to cope with the latest trend or to intensify their sense of fashion and art. Even so, most of these famous personalities wear tattoos because of important purposes. These tattoos signify very important people or events in their lives, and even accomplishments. These celebrities are not limited to actors and actresses alone, of course. They can also be athletes, politicians, musicians, television hosts and a lot more who are very popular in their chosen field of professionalism. In relation to this, here are some names of those celebrities in the world who have flower tattoo designs:

  • Charlize Theron – Charlize Theron is an undeniably gorgeous South African American Hollywood actress, who has already proven her great worth in the filming and acting industry. She is currently on her early 40’s life, but she still looks very young and pretty. Shen even looks more gorgeous in her flower engraved on her right foot.
  • Sylvester Stallone – Who would not know Sylvester Stallone by the way? He is very popular in the world because of his top grossing action films, not to mention his very handsome and extreme masculine image. He is someone that will take every woman’s breath away. Moreover, who says rose is a very feminine tattoo? Well, the rose tattoo of Sylvester Stallone on his shoulder is definitely an exception.
  • Kim Kardashian – There is no question about the extreme popularity of Kim Kardashian for sure. Aside from being an American socialite, she is also a model, actress, and businesswoman. Her great numbers of Instagram followers can also be a great confirmation for her extreme popularity. Kim has very beautiful and colorful flower art on her left arm.


Flowers are one of the more exquisite creations of nature, which have always been a source of fascination on account of their beauty and fragrance. They play an important role in every major occasion in human life, from birth to wedding and even death. Flowers have also been an important object used in tattoo art, in both men and women, since distant past. While most of us associate ornate flower tattoo designs with femininity, these eye catching tattoos are winning the hearts of men too. Flower designs may incorporate different kinds of flowers in terms of size, color, variety and number, with each design having its unique elegance as well as hidden symbolic meaning.


Flowers, in general, stand for love, togetherness, birth, growth and unity as these make the main reproductive organ of a plant. Every flower relates to a different symbolic meaning and also the arrangement, number and combination of these flowers have an impact on this meaning. The symbolic language of flowers is rooted in the Victorian Era, when symbolic meanings were associated with different kinds of flowers, which have been carried forwards into flower designs. Additionally, the symbolic meanings of flowers used in tattoo designs change as we talk about different cultures. When one picks up a flower design, one needs to know about its deeper meaning so that they can choose the right kind of tattoo to match their personality and attitude.

Popular Flower Designs

Here are some of the most common flowers used in tattoo art, along with their symbolic meanings:

  • Rose Flower – Rose is a well appreciated design among tattoos as it has been the eternal symbol of love, hope and beauty. The color of the rose flower showcased in the tattoo designs also determines its meaning to some extent, while a rose pictured along with thorns may replicate loss, pain and thoughtlessness. Overall, roses may represent something different for each bearer, which may be shown by using various colors of the flower or adding objects like stem and thorns to it.
  • Lotus Flower – Lotus is a flower which is associated with purity, knowledge, spiritual awakening and enlightenment, as this beautiful and pure flower grows within a pond of mud. Lotus tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs in different cultures, but their meaning remains the same.
  • Cherry Blossom – Cherry blossom is a much sought after flower design in the traditional Japanese tattoo art. In Japanese culture, this pretty and delicate flower stands for transience as it blooms for a short period of time, which represents the temporary nature of life and beauty. On the other hand, in Chinese culture, the cherry blossom stands for femininity and love. In traditional tattoo designs, cherry blossoms can be seen along with wind or water, as whole or in the form of petals. Another significant fact about cherry blossom tattoos is that they are smallest in terms of design coverage.
  • Lily Flower – Like lotus, the pristine flower lily too stands for purity and spiritual enlightenment. But the meaning may vary in various cultures, with the flower symbolizing fertility in the ancient Egyptian culture. The ancient Greek culture links lily with the Divine Feminine as, according to the legend, the flower is considered to be the offspring of Hera, the Queen of Gods. Some cultures use these charming flowers during weddings as they associate them with union and lasting relationships. When we talk about flower designs, different kinds of lilies used in making tattoos have different meanings. For instance, tiger lily tattoo denotes prosperity, while orange lily stands for hatred and calla lily represents beauty.
  • Hibiscus Flower – Another popular choice among flowers used for floral tattoo designs is the hibiscus, which again relates with diverse symbolic meanings in different cultures of the world. The Japanese culture recognizes this flower as the gentlest of them all, while the Hawaiian culture relates it with power and royalty, which is the reason that this flower was used to adorn the kings and the queens of the island. The meaning of the hibiscus flower, this changes according to the culture in which it is being used. This tattoo is usually done in a vibrant yellow or red color and is a popular choice among both, men and women.
  • Sunflower Flower – Sunflower is an exquisite looking flower, which has a striking effect when used in flower designs, because of its big size and eye catching bright yellow color. This shows on the tattoos too as they are comparatively bigger and brighter than the rest of the floral designs. As these flowers turn in the direction of the sun, they are linked with qualities like taking advantage of the opportunity and being flexible in one’s attitude. Additionally, these flowers are related to good luck and achievement of one’s goals, which make them ideal for gifts on new occasions, which promise to bring new opportunities in life.
  • Tulip Flower – In addition to sunflower, tulip is another flower which is highly regarded fort its bright color, besides being another flower which moves its head in the direction of sunlight. This again means that tulips are the flowers of opportunity and aspiration. Being a flower growing out of bulb, this resilient flower comes back every year, which makes it a symbol of rebirth and determination.
  • Daisy Flower – Daisy flower make another popular choice among tattoo bearers today, as these fragile looking flowers represent purity, love and faith. They have also been used to express one’s appreciation as well as sense of forgiveness. These small and feminine looking designs are crafted on the ankles or shoulder of the wearer, so that they look attractive and lady like and are preferred by women in general.
  • Chrysanthemum Flower – Chrysanthemum is another exquisite looking flower, which is often seen being used in Japanese tattoo art. In this country, the flower Chrysanthemum stands for royalty and perfection. Also, it is an annual flower, which blooms in autumn, which makes it a symbol of temporary state of life and death being the ultimate truth for every human being.
  • Orchid Flower – Orchid is a flower which is gaining raid popularity all over the world and its usage in tattoo art is no exception. The flower bears different meanings in different cultures, with the Japanese relating it with bravery, while the Chinese culture links it with fertility and prosperity. The designing in orchid flower is extensive because of the sheer variety available in the flower, with as many of 25000 kinds of it being available around the world.

In addition to the flowers mentioned above, several other flowers have been used in traditional and modern flower tattoo designs. The beautiful and delicate flower sweet pea stands for pleasure. Similarly, violets represent modesty, irises reflect passion and peony flowers symbolize anger. A popular notion about forget me not’s, is that the wearer is never forgotten by his loved ones. Pansies too stand for remembrance, but of those who are not physically present but have rather left us for their heavenly abode. Camellia is a flower of passion and perfection, and when included in a flower design, this one reflects one’s longing for his beloved.

Best Small Flower Tattoos

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Placement Guide

Practically speaking, flowers have always been associated with women, which means that it is imperative to relate flower design tattoos with women too, but actually it is not so, with an increasing number of men taking their pick among different floral tattoo designs. The placement of tattoo depends upon the kind of design chosen by the bearer and most importantly, its size. When we talk about women, they usually have flower design created on their back, sleeve, wrist, thigh, forearm, shoulder or ankle, depending upon the personal preference of the bearer and the size of the tattoo as bigger tattoo designs need a lot of space while smaller one can be fitted on a very small area, even your finger or wrist. Similarly, men can have such a tattoo placed on their chest in addition to all the areas mentioned for the women.

Flowers featured in the floral tattoo designs may be single or in clusters and may be combined with objects like thorns, dreamcatchers, feathers, butterflies, birds, vines, anchors, ladybugs quotes or even the names of the bearer. Men can go for tribal tattoo designs, which can combine masculine objects like a dagger or a skull in the tattoo design. Another popular option in flower designs for men is the Hawaiian flower, which looks powerful and many and suits the style of men. One can chose a design which matches one’s taste in terms of design, color and size. The versatility of flower design tattoos make them ideal for both the sexes as these can look good with objects representing femininity as well as masculinity.

Flower Design Options

Needless to say, there are a number of flower designs that you can select if you want to get tattooed with flowers. These designs of course, vary from each other such as their sizes, shapes, colors, and meanings. It is all up to you what to choose. Here are some of the common flower designs that may attract you the most:

  • Rose Flower– Rose is probably the most common design of tattoo that you can see in so many people all over the world. It is a very popular flower design used in the past years and even up to these days. The truth is, the color of the rose will greatly affect the whole meaning of the tattoo. But generally speaking, the rose symbolizes beauty, love, hope, balance, intelligence, and concentration. Sometimes, people choose to get tattooed with rose that has its stem and thorns. In this case, the meaning to the tattoo may completely change. It may exude thoughtlessness, pain, and loss.
  • Lotus Tattoo Design – The next common choice of a lot of individuals when it comes to tattoo is the lotus flower design. Aside from the fact that it creates a very beautiful art on your body, a lotus flower is also being associated to different cultures in the world. In other words, a lot of people have this flower design tattooed on their body due to cultural reasons. A lotus flower design of a tattoo has something to do with life, enlightenment, understanding, and knowledge.
  • Lily Flower – A lot of people think that lotus and lily are the same flowers of their kinds. However, they are actually different. It is also being associated to a number of cultures. For the ancient Egyptians, the lily flower symbolizes fertility. According to ancient Greeks, such flower has big relationship to the Divine Feminine. They believed that the Queen of Gods, Hera, had such flower as her offspring. Generally speaking though, a lily flower design signifies spiritual enlightenment and purity.
  • Cherry Blossom – Cherry blossom flower design is another common option of many tattoo lovers. Such flower design is highly associated to the Japanese culture. This very adorable flower symbolizes transience simply because it blooms in just a short time period. This flower design also depicts the temporariness of beauty and life. According to ancient Chinese however, a cherry blossom flower symbolizes love and femininity. With the cherry blossom flower design, you can choose to have a full petal cherry blossom flower, and you can also incorporate it with wind or water depending on your personal preference.
  • Hibiscus Flower – According to the Japanese culture, hibiscus is the gentlest flower that you can engrave on your body. For the ancient Hawaiian people, such flower is widely used in adorning the royal family of the island. In fact, hibiscus flower signifies royalty and power in the Hawaiian culture. While it is true that a flower design tattoo is common for girls, the hibiscus flower is equally great for those men out there who want to have a flower design tattoo. Most of the time, the tattoo of this flower design has a vibrant red or yellow color.
  • Tulip Flower – A tulip flower will only bloom when the sun is shining. This is the main reason why a tulip flower will signify aspiration and opportunity. This flower is being loved by many people because of its natural vibrant color. It has a very interesting bulb-like shape, and it only blooms once every single year. This is why it also signifies determination and rebirth.
  • Daisy Flower – Another flower design option for your tattoos is a fragile yet very gorgeous flower that naturally blooms with different colors. Faith, love, and purity are the things that this flower represents. Hence, if you want to express your love to your special someone, you can have this flower design tattooed on your body with his or her name written into it. In this way, the tattoo will be more special. Sense of forgiveness and appreciation can also be expressed through this flower design.
  • Sunflower Tattoo – A sunflower tattoo is more than just a beautiful body adornment. It represents a lot of things that every tattoo lover should know. This is also something that those not that lovers of tattoos should know because who knows, you might just change your perceptions about tattoos after knowing their deeper significance in people’s lives.
  • Chrysanthemum Tattoo – Chrysanthemum is another exquisite looking flower, which is often seen being used in Japanese tattoo art where the flower Chrysanthemum stands for royalty and perfection.
  • Orchid Tattoo –  Orchid flower bears different meanings in different cultures, with the Japanese relating it with bravery, while the Chinese culture links it with fertility and prosperity.
  • Dandelion Tattoo – Dandelion tattoos are particularly loved by women though men too, have not been untouched by their beauty and grace. Despite being not as colorful as rose or cherry blossoms, there is still something very appealing about this design, which makes it a popular choice for discerning tattoo lovers.

Final Words

Flower tattoos are definitely gorgeous adornments on one’s body not only for women, but for a lot of men as well. These tattoos have a wide range of designs, so there is no way you cannot choose the right one for you.

Flowers have been an object of attraction for the human race since times immemorial and their use in tattoo designs have stemmed out of their popularity. These tattoos have been liked by both men and women and bear deeper meaning, depending upon the variety of flower used in the flower tattoo design. Whether it is a rose, lotus, sunflower, daisy, poppy, hibiscus or orchid used in the design, each one bears a hidden meaning which needs to be considered by the tattoo bearer while choosing a tattoo design.


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