100 Pretty Daisy Tattoo Designs And Meanings

When we talk about tattoo art, floral designs have been the eternal favorites. Though rose, lotus, sunflower and cherry blossoms are the most commonly used flowers in tattoo art, daisy tattoos are regarded as show stoppers too. Women revere daisy tattoos because they have a lot to offer, both in terms of aesthetic beauty as well as symbolic meaning, as in all other floral patterns. Flowers have been the symbol of beauty and purity and daisy is no exception to the rule. As such there is an alluring quality about these pretty flowers, which along with their symbolic meaning, make daisy tattoos one of the top choices for women who look for eye catching tattoos for adorning their body.

Symbolic Meaning of Daisies

The name of these flowers is derived from the phrase “days eye”, which is based on the fact that this beautiful flower opens itself as the sun rises in the beginning of the day and the petals close down at the time of sunset. Symbolically, this beautiful flower stands for purity, innocence, religion and peace. It has its religious significance in Christianity because it was revered as the symbol of baby Jesus, as it stood for innocence and purity. The flower was also linked with a number of religious symbols of Christianity, which made it even more important part of this religion. In medieval period, the maidens with daisy bouquets were considered to be pure and innocent. In ancient Roman mythology, a story regarding a nymph has been narrated, telling that she converted herself into this lovely flower so that the orchard god Vertumnus could not cast an evil eye over her.

Symbolically, daisy tattoos are associated with a number of meanings such as purity, innocence, beauty, good luck, peace, love, serenity, gentleness, patience, happiness, femininity, youth and vanity. It is up to the bearer to interpret the tattoo in whichever way she wants to, as the tattoos are common for women because of their feminine quality. The meaning of a daisy tattoo can vary depending upon the color choice too, with each color giving it a distinct meaning. While white daisies depict innocence, red ones stand for youth and boldness. On the other hand, yellow daisies stand for cheerfulness and intelligence, and blue colored daises show emotions. Some other colors that daisies may be pictured in are pink, orange and purple. One can choose the color according to what one chooses to depict through the tattoo.

Placement of Daisy Tattoos

When you decide to opt a daisy tattoo to be inked on your body, you need to rely on an expert tattoo artist who has plenty of experiencing in experimenting with colors and designs. The size of the tattoo design is also a key factor for determining its placement, the most popular places for having it inked being the shoulder, wrists, ankles, lower back, thighs, ribs, forearm, elbow, hip, collar bone, hands, foot, stomach, legs, sleeves, calf and back of the neck.

Popular Daisy Tattoo Designs

Daisies have become a favorite among tattoo designers as well as tattoo enthusiast, as this flower not only looks beautiful as a tattoo element, but also has a positive meaning associated with it. As a result, tattoo artists have been engaged in creating some innovative designs using this pretty element. Here are some popular daisy tattoo designs:

  • Tribal Daisy Tattoo Designs – A tribal daisy tattoo is quite different from the colorful ones, because it is based on the bold tribal designs created out of black lines and curves. At the same time, it may include a bold tribal band lined with colored and pretty looking flowers, making the look absolutely unique and unexpected.
  • Smiley Daisy Tattoo – Smiley daisy tattoo makes a perfect option for those who want to so a playful experiment with these pretty looking flowers. The tattoo artist can create a unique effect by inking a bright yellow daisy with a happy smile in its center. Such a tattoo is sure to bring a smile on the face of the bearer as well as anyone who sees it, and bring positivity and brightness in their lives.
  • Religious Daisy Tattoos – A religious symbol such as a Cross can be circled with a wreath of daisies to create a religious daisy tattoo. It also enhances the meaning of the religious tattoo because daisies are closely related to Christianity.
  • Vines and Bouquet Daisy Tattoos – Instead of inking a single daisy flower, the tattoo artist can create an innovative impact by trying out vines or bouquets of vibrantly colored daisy flowers, which are definitely going to catch attention of just anyone.

Some other elements such as bees, butterflies, dragonflies, trees and leaves can also be added to daisy tattoos to create some beautiful designs. The bearer can also choose a text like a name, initials, date or a quote to be included in the tattoo design, adding a new meaning to the tattoo.

Popular Images Of Daisy Tattoos

daisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoos (2)daisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoos

daisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoosdaisy tattoos


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