130+ Eyebrow Piercings Ideas, Procedure, Pain, Healing Time, Price

Among the numerous kinds of surface piercings, eyebrow piercing is one of the most famous and the oldest. As a matter of fact, the very first sighting of this kind of gorgeous piercing can be traced back in the 70’s. The number of individuals who are wearing this kind of facial piercing is certainly increasing day by day. Some of these people are even those conservative ones who once thought that they would never wear piercings like this one. There are actually varied purposes why people sport a piercing on their eyebrows. One is to cope with the latest trend when it comes to piercings. Another reason is to show the rebellious sides of these people. But whatever your specific reason in wearing this piercing, it is very significant that you are well-acquainted about it.

The Eyebrow Piercing Procedure

If you have already decided to have an eyebrow pierced, then you need to undergo a very crucial procedure for it. This procedure should be handled by a well-experienced, professional piercer so that you can ensure that it will be done perfectly. Here is how the piercing procedure goes:

  • The moment you arrive in the piercing clinic of your chosen professional piercer, will give you a short brief. The purpose of this short brief is to make you well-aware about what will happen during the procedure. This is also to make yourself ready whatever it may take. Through this, you can be more relaxed while undergoing the crucial piercing procedure.
  • The piercer will clean the area. This is to ensure that bacteria will not have the chance to cause some infections on the pierced area, which may put your life at risk.
  • With the use of a surgical marking pen, the piercer will mark the piercing points. These points are the entry and the exits points. With these markings, precision of doing the piercing can be facilitated. Moreover, it will be easier for the piercer’s part in making a hole where the jewelry should be inserted.
  • An sterilized piercing needle will be inserted, tracking down the marking points created. The purpose of this is to make the hole, because you can never wear this piercing without a hole created on your eyebrow.
  • The jewelry will be inserted. This is done when the piercer has successfully made a hole on your eyebrows.
  • The final step is giving you some tips on how to take good care of it. These tips can be very helpful in the recovery of the wound in the pierced area, so you must take these tips seriously.

How About the Pain?

The truth is, there is actually no need to worry about the pain that you might feel when you undergo for an eyebrow piercing. It is simply because this is not that painful compared to the other piercing procedures done in some other parts of a person’s body. If you have been plucking some hair in your eyebrows, then you should consider yourself lucky since many people said that the level of pain that you can feel in this piercing is just like you are doing some plucking. Other than the pain, you should also know that after the procedure, the pierced area might swell and develop some bruises. There is no need to worry though since these are just natural reactions of your body.

The Healing Process

It takes 6-8 weeks for the piercing to heal properly. Needless to say, the wound caused by the piercing procedure may eventually heal. You just have to patiently wait for this moment to come. If you do not have enough patience with you, then you might end up frequently touching the piercing and the pierced area that may be the main cause of horrible complications. The wound is expected to close around 6-8 weeks after you have undergone the piercing procedure. Even so, this may not be that fully recovered yet. You need to wait until a year before you should remove the piercing and change it with the other jewelry. Because in this span of time, the hole created will not have the chance to develop muscle and skin tissues for sure. With this, there is no way you will be re-undergoing the piercing procedure.

How to Take Good Care

Taking good care of your piercing and the pierced area well is certainly an important thing that you should do. If you are responsible enough in taking care of them, then it is expected that the full recovery of the pierced area can be hasten. But if you are just an irresponsible one, then it is no longer surprising if the pierced area cannot fully recover soon, and worse, it may lead to some severe complications. Here are the things that you should do in order to make sure that there will be no health issues that may develop along the way:

  • Always wash your hands well prior to touching the pierced area and the piercing itself. Through this, you can be sure that there will be no bacteria that can be transferred to the pierced area. And when there is, some infections may occur. But as long as it is not necessary, you should not touch the area.
  • Don’t sleep in a position where the pierced area can be disturbed. Since the piercing is done on the eyebrow, make sure not to sleep facing your bed. You should sleep in a normal position, which is leaning your back first to your bed.
  • Use warm saline water and a cotton ball in cleaning the piercing and the pierced area. You should do the cleaning on a regular basis, maybe once or twice.
  • Don’t do some shaving or plucking on the pierced area. This will certainly give so much strain to the pierced area, and this can develop some infections that you will don’t like to experience. This will also be extra painful for you, so it is better not to do it while the pierced region is still on the recovery period.
  • Applying some products on the pierced area that contain strong chemicals should not be done. Strong chemicals contained in the products are enough for the area to get irritated, delaying the healing process.
  • Gently dry up the pierced area. A single careless movement of your hands may already irritate it. Hence, you need to be very gentle and careful. Moreover, make use of a clean towel or a disposable tissue in wiping the remaining moist on the area caused by the cleaning.

How Much Do Eyebrow Piercings Cost?

Of course, there is an exact amount that you need to pay for the cost of the entire piercing procedure. Keep in mind that you will be handled by a professional piercer, so he or she deserves a payment for his or her excellent service for sure. The price of the eyebrow piercing will be somewhere between $20 and $80 in any standard piercing salon or depending on the piercer himself or herself as well as the jewelry of your choice.

How to hide this piercing?

If you do not want to show the piercing, then use clear retainers.

Does this piercing hurt?

According to YahooAnswers: I’ve had my eyebrows pierced 5 times, it feels like a quick pinch and then pressure, usually most eyebrow piercings hurt less then ear piercings, there is a rare case where someone says it hurts really bad but that is very rare.

Will my piercing scar badly?

According to YahooAnswers: If you take care of it during the healing process, it shouldn’t scar too badly. My cousin had hers pierced three times and only one was a keloid scar, the other two are just healed looking holes. It depends on placement and if your body rejects the item also. Talk to your piercer about it and they can help with placement and scar prevention

Jewelry Options

Captive bead and barbells rings fit easily in the eyebrow. Unless the piercing has gone through the healing process, it is not recommended to experiment with different styles of jewelry. Sixteen-gauge jewelry is recommended to minimize the risk of rejection. Small shiny magnetic studs can also be used to create a fake piercing.

Final Words

Without a doubt, having an eyebrow piercing today will make you well-updated on the latest trend. You will look good in the eyes of many, and you will also display a very courageous personality.



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