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Without a doubt, bridge piercing is one of those surface piercings that are very unique that a lot of people in the world are getting curious about it. This kind of piercing is also famously known as “Earl” or Earl piercing. It is actually named to the person who firstly wore this piercing, whom was none other than Earl van Aken. It is a horizontal piercing that is done right there on the bridge of a person’s nose. This can also be done vertically, but the most common one is the horizontal. The thing is, only very few people were successful in having this piercing, and it is because of the fact that it involves higher rejection risks. There is no question about that since the location of this piercing is something very sensitive. Read our ultimate guide on Nose Piercing.

Common Misconceptions About Bridge Piercing

Even though more and more people nowadays are considering to have a bridge piercing, it is still undeniable that a lot of individuals have several misconceptions about this kind of piercing. Because of misconceptions, some people are too afraid to give it this gorgeous piercing a try. Here are some of these misconceptions:

  • This piercing can cause several eye problems. One reason of this is the fact that it is nearer to the eyes. This piercing has caused many people experienced an involuntarily eye crossing.
  • This piercing can cause some brain damages. This is simply because the specific location of this piercing is connected to the brain, through the aid of the sinuses.
  • This piercing will only look good on men. But the truth is, this will certainly make women a lot more gorgeous in appearance. They will even appear braver in front of many other people.

The Procedure

For sure, it is unusual for you to be pierced right there on the bridge of your nose. Thus, it is just right to say that not all professional piercers know exactly how to do this thing. This is the main reason why you might find it a little bit difficult for you to find the right piercer who can do the piercing procedure the proper way. However, its procedure is just a bit close to the procedures done for some other piercings. Here is what will happen:

  • The professional piercer will give you the important information during the piercing process, so that you will feel more relaxed.
  • You will be asked to stay in a position that you are comfortable with, may it be lying down or sitting down.
  • The specific piercing location will be sanitized through an antibacterial solution. This can help in preventing bacterial infections on the pierced area.
  • A hollow piercing needle will be inserted right there in the location in order to make a hole. Even so, it is very significant that the piercing needle is sanitized or sterilized first. In this way, bacteria will never have the chance to infect the wound.
  • The jewelry of your choice will be inserted on the hole created by the piercer on the location.

Pain Factor

Well, you do not have to undergo the procedure before you will know that it is quite painful on your part. Even just imagining it, you will already have the idea that it can cause some pain. Keep in mind that it is done on the sensitive part, and it is nearer to the bones so the pain that you will feel may be intense enough, unlike the other body piercing procedures that you can undergo with. Some people even drop some tears involuntarily, and it is because of the pain that they feel. But the truth is, the pain will always depend on the pain tolerance level of your body. If your body can endure so much pain, then there is no need to worry about the pain its procedure may bring.

The Healing Process

As said, the bridge piercing has a very high risk for rejection. This is enough evidence that it may also take time when it comes to healing. This is actually another piercing kind that needs a significant amount of patience, which can be very helpful in waiting for the pierced area to heal completely. Many people who already experienced the procedure of this piercing said that it took them 8 weeks up to 12 weeks before they finally enjoyed a fully healed piercing on the bridge of their nose.

Infection And Other Problems

  • Infection: Inappropriate healing results in infection where the bridge area may also result in scar formation in the region.
  • Rejection and migration: In case of rejection, the body do not accept the jewelry as it’s a foreign object. Characterized by soreness or sensitivity in the skin, chances of migration may be lessened to some extent if there is enough flesh available to pick the jewelry on the bridge area.
  • Problem occurring from glasses: People wearing glasses regularly should avoid bridge piercing or switch to lenses.

Do Bridge Piercings Scar?


Scarring is a possibility with any piercing. You should have known this before going in. Everyone heals differently, and there is no magical product that guarantees you won’t have a scar if used.

Give the area some time to heal on it’s own. Once it’s no longer an open wound (e.g. the holes have closed) you can start using Vitamin E oil, Mederma, whatever product you want. Do not use any oils or creams on your piercing while it’s still healing. (SourcePιєяcє∂ Ву Kαтнєяιηє)



The Aftercares Needed

A professional piercer knows exactly how to take good care of the pierced area, which is why after the procedure, it is already expected that he or she will give you some care tips to ensure the great condition of the area until it heals. Here are some of the aftercares that you should bear in mind always:

  • Do not change the jewelry if it is still on recovery. Doing this may close the hole that is created for the piercing. Not only that, it can also give so much strain to the pierced area, which may then lead to some horrible infections.
  • Make sure to clean it regularly. You can ask your professional piercer how frequent you must clean the pierced area. This will help keep the bacteria away from the wound. When you are taking a bath, it is also great to clean the piercing and the pierced area with running water from the shower or faucet.
  • Don’t apply some products on the pierced area. You might not know it, but the products you use may contain some harmful, strong chemicals that can irritate the pierced area. Good examples of these products are make-ups, night creams, and even face powders.
  • Don’t try to remove the crust formations through your hands. Doing this will only give strain to the pierced area, and it may be the main cause of irritation. If you don’t want seeing the crusts, you can use a cotton ball that is dipped in warm saline water in removing them.

Jewelry Options

When you go for the bridge piercing, you should know that you can have several options when it comes to jewelry. With that being said, you can surely find the one that you think may fit to the specific area. Here are its jewelry options:

  • Straight Barbells – These are the common jewelries chosen by the people who undergo procedure of this kind of piercing, and these are also the recommended ones. You can only have some other jewelry options when the pierced area is already healed completely.
  • Curved Barbells – These can also be great initial jewelry options that you can have, apart from the straight barbells.
  • Captive Bead Rings – These are the recommended options that you can have when the pierced area is completely healed already. These rings will certainly look great as your jewelries.

Final Words

Generally speaking, the bridge piercing can be one of those beautiful adornments on a person’s body, no matter if you are a man or a woman. Even so, there are a number of considerations that you need to take before going for this piercing. With the help of these considerations, you can avoid some regrets in the end.

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