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Hundreds or even thousands of people these days are getting interested about lip piercing. If you are amongst those great numbers of people, then you should know that it is worth giving a shot. There is no way you won’t love having this piercing on your lip. But the thing is, there may be some factors that may hinder you from trying it like your current age. While there are no specific law rules of this, having a lip pierced is normally done by those already mature men and women. In case you are still on the minor age phase, then it may be best for you to ask the consent of your parents and some other older family members.

What Is A Lip Piercing Really Is?

Well, obviously, it is a kind of piercing that can be found on a person’s body, done right there at the lip part or in the surrounding lip area. This is done in a number of ways and styles, depending on your personal preference. Just in case you do not know, getting pierced on the lips is an integral part of the rich culture and tradition of numerous people in the entire world. Just like in the continent of Africa, some places there have this tradition of letting young men who already become more mature to undergo a procedure. Moreover, this kind of piercing has been a religious symbol of a number of people worldwide. Just like for example in the tribes of Dogon in Mali and the Nuba in Ethiopia, such piercing will determine the person’s position in the religious hierarchy.

In this modern era moreover, young men and women are gorgeously incorporating such piercing on their personal style and fashion statement. This is undeniably the latest trend that is embraced by a lot of people. Piercing on the lips can actually be an oral type or a facial one.

Types of Lip Piercings

You might not know it, but piercing on the lips is available in a wide variety. Every kind of this piercing should be known well, especially to those people who consider having it. This is to make sure that you are getting the right type that can make you gorgeous in the eyes of many. Here are some of its popular kinds:

  • Monroe Piercing – As its name suggests, this piercing on the lips is named after the iconic Hollywood actress, Marilyn Monroe. The area that will be pierced here is the lip part where Monroe’s famous birthmark is exactly located.
  • Labret Piercing – This type of piercing on the lips is actually not done right there on the lip part itself. It is commonly done under the lower lip part, which is centimeters-away above the chin.
  • Madonna Piercing – This one is the exact opposite of the Monroe piercing. If the Monroe one is placed on the left side portion of the upper lip, Madonna piercing is positioned right there on the right side.
  • Vertical Labret Piercing – This piercing kind is closely related to the labret piercing. The only difference is that it has two heads. The first one is right there on the portion below the lower lip, while the other one is located on the center of the lower lip.
  • Medusa Piercing – This piercing is done right there at the region below the nose and above the lips. This region is called philtrum. This is why it’s otherwise known as philtrum piercing.
  • Jestrum Piercing – It closely resembles to the vertical labret piercing, but it is done on the opposite position of the said piercing. The first head is placed on the philtrum area, and the other one is located at the center of the upper lip.
  • Snake Bites Piercing –  A kind of Piercing that is located on the lip part of a person, particularly on the lower lip part.
  • Spider Bites Piercing – Viper Bites Piercing or  Spider Bites Piercing  is a pair of piercings that are close to each other and on the bottom lip.
  • Angel Bites Piercing – It is more like the snakebite, but on the upper lip instead of the lower lip.
  • Cyber Bites Piercing – It is a combination of the Medusa and Labret piercings – one piercing done in the center just above the top and just below the bottom lip.
  • Dolphin Bites Piercing – are two piercings centered on the lower lip, similar to the snake bite piercing, but closer together.
  • Dahlia Piercing – It is done at the corners of the mouth.
  • Canine Bites Piercing – They are single piercings done on both sides of both the upper and lower lips.
  • Shark Bites Piercing – It is a pair of spider/viper bites piercings. Two close together piercings done on both sides of the lower lip

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Important Procedure

Needless to say, the procedure of having a lip piercing requires the expert hands of a professional piercer. This is why before undergoing the procedure, you must take time first in finding the most reliable piercer that you can ever found in your place. In a normal piercing shop setting, the professional piercer will definitely try to break the tension first within you by way of talking to you and explaining everything that you need to know. When you already feel more relaxed, you will then ask to do a certain position that will be both convenient to you and to the piercer as well. The next thing expected to be done is that the professional piercer will clean the lip area for piercing with the use of Gentian Violet, which is a kind of antiseptic.

Afterwards, the lips will be stretched for easier piercing procedure with the aid of piercing forceps. When the lips are finally set, the piercing is then done with the help of a little force. And for the final touch, the bead is screwed on the post. That is all, and you’re good to go.

The Pain Felt During the Procedure

It is of course, normal to pain some amount of pain when you undergo procedure for piercing on the lips. This is a constant company of making yourself beautiful, after all. As what the old adage goes, “No pain, no gain”. Generally, most of the types only provide tolerable pain during the actual procedure. In fact, there are many people who describe the pain as a pinch-like or an ant bite-like. Even so, there are also some individuals who find the pain very intense to the extent that they experience breathing difficulty while the piercing procedure is still going on. You may say that they are just exaggerating everything, but they are not actually. There is one acceptable explanation for this, and this is the fact that every person has a different level of pain tolerance.

How Long is the Healing Process

Now let’s talk about the healing process of piercing on the lips. The entire process can actually take a minimum time duration of 4 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks, depending on how you facilitate the healing process itself. If you are very serious enough in doing the important things in quickening the healing, then you can have it in no time for sure. But if you just live your life as if you are not pierced on your lips, then expect for the worse. For your own additional knowledge, the saliva present in your mouth contains bacteria-fighting properties. This is the main reason why piercing on lips is deemed to be among those body piercings that have lesser time to spend for the healing process.

What You Can Do for Faster Recovery?

Yes, you can do something in order to quicken the recovery of the pierced area. This is with the help of the aftercare points that will be normally advised by the professional piercers to their clients. Here are some of these:

  • Clean your mouth every after mealtime. In doing such, you should keep in mind to only use an alcohol-free mouthwash or that antimicrobial one. Remember that alcohol may make the condition of the pierced area worse. You can also consider using a homemade mouthwash solution that is made from sea salt (non-iodized) and some amounts of water.
  • Don’t touch the piercing when it is not necessary. Remember, touching it from time to time may put some strain on the wound on the pierced area, which may then result to infections. And when you touch it like during the cleaning session, make sure to wash your hands first.
  • Clean the jewelry as well as the pierced area during bathing sessions. It should be done only once or twice. More to that can already irritate the area. A mild soap should be used in cleaning, but make sure not to leave it with the soap over 30 seconds.
  • Pat drying should be applied. Keep in mind that the pierced area is very prone to irritation once it is still unhealed completely, so you need to be gentle with your moves. Use the pat drying technique in wiping the remaining moist on the area, which is acquired from cleaning it.

The Expected Cost for a Piercing on Lip

The price of the piercing on lips ranges between $20 and $120 in most piercing studios. Needless to say, there is a corresponding cost involved for the procedure. This exact cost is based on several cost-factor determinants. The very first of these factors is the specific location where the piercing should be done. The more difficult the location in accessing, the higher the price would be. Another price-factor determinant is the kind of jewelry you choose. You surely aware of the fact that the jewelry options differ in prices. The higher the cost of the jewelry, the higher you will pay in the piercing procedure. The next factor is the number of piercings that you’re going to have.

Do piercings on lips scar?

It will be right to say that YES, lip piercings leaves scar.

Do piercing on lips leave scars always? Do they scars go away?

It will only leave a tiny dot on the pierced area which sometimes ignore able. Usually it depends on the size of the hole in line with the needle gauge used.

Scar Removal

According to the PiercingBible, the presence of jewelry and prolonged healing may cause excessive scarring. Several methods used for lip piercing scar removal Punch Excision Surgery is popular one and other methods of scar removal such as laser and creams are not recommended for lipscars on the actual lip. To know more about lip piercing scar removal visit HealthCure’s guide on scar removal.

How much does scar removal cost?

Depending on where you are, the cost may be anything from $300- $1000.

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Final Words

Without a doubt, a lip piercing can make you gorgeous. However, you should not forget that having it may not be that easy for you. Hence, be prepared and have a gorgeous piercing on your lips.


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