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Labret piercing is one of the lip piercings that can be seen in a lot of people in the world these days. These are certainly gorgeous adornments on the wearers’ body that may attract a lot of individuals, especially those who are into piercings. Some people are wearing this piercing for fashion purposes or simply to cope with the latest trend. However, there are many individuals who are wearing this piercing for the purpose of following their tradition and culture. Whatever your reason is, it is very important to get well-acquainted first before going into it.

Types of Labret Piercing


Technically speaking, labret piercing is a kind of body piercing that is common to people these days. But literally, this thing is any kind of adornment that is incorporated or attached in the lip part of a person. Most of the time, it can be seen on the bottom part of the lip, and is above the chin. It is actually an oral and facial piercing, and such piercing is also known for two other names namely soul patch piercing and the tongue pillar. Just in case you do not, the placement of this piercing is a very important thing that must be taken into account.

Types of Labret Piercings

Needless to say, there are different types that everyone can always try. Some of these may not look good on you. This is the main reason why you need to be very careful in choosing the type that you want to wear on.

  • Medusa Piercing – In this type, a labret will be inserted on the upper lip. It is particularly on the center ridges.
  • Snake Bites Piercing – As its name suggests, this one looks like a snake fang. It is specifically positioned in the lower part of the lip. There will be two piercings that will be attached side by side.
  • Spider Bites Piercing – Placed in the bottom part of the lip, this kind is composed of three piercings that are placed in a series way.
  • Lowbret – Beneath the lower part of the lip, which is already on the chin part, this piercing is attached.
  • Vertical Labret – This particular kind is attached towards the lower lip’s top portion. And in the skin below it, the other head of the piercing comes out.
  • Monroe Piercing – Its names was actually taken from the name of the late Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe. The piercing is placed on the upper lip, particularly on the left side.

The Procedure

Of course, there is an important process involved when you want to wear. Always keep in mind that you should go for a very reliable piercer so that you can be sure that the piercing process is done well. When you are already on the piercer’s clinic, here are the expected things that will be done:

  • You will be asked to sit down, lie down, or lean on the chair. It actually depends on your preference or what the piercer thinks is the best position for you to do.
  • The piercer will clean the lower lip. It is very important so that infections can be avoided. Keep in mind that getting pierced may result to wound, which is very prone to infections.
  • You will be given with antibacterial mouth wash. This is another way to prevent infections. Remember, the mouth is filled with so much bacteria.
  • The piercer will mark an entry and exit point. This point will be the guide in attaching the jewelry on your lips, so that you can have a gorgeous piercing.

These things are very important during the piercing procedure. Hence, make sure that your chosen piercer will do all these things to ensure your own safety.

Pain Involved

Well, feeling some amount of pain is just normal when you are getting pierced not only on the lip part, but anywhere in the body as well. Who would not feel pain by the way when your body is attached with a pointed jewelry that will pass through your skin and muscles? No one for sure, unless you are feeling numb or something. Blood may even come out from the target area, which will then swell as days go by. Some bruises may even come out on the part where the jewelry is attached. These are just normal reactions of your body, and these will eventually vanish if you follow the right things to do advised by your professional piercer.

The Healing Process

It takes around 3 to 6 weeks for the piercing to undergo complete healing. As said, some mild effects will surely come out and these are just normal. These will heal as days go by, including the wound acquired from the procedure. You have to know that the healing process may take 3 to 6 weeks. This is the duration of time you need to wait, before you can finally say that the wound and the pierced part is already healed completely. This is the main reason why you need to have a lot of patience with you in case you want to undergo on the procedure involved in having a piercing.

How much does a Labret Piercing Cost?

The price is somewhere between $40 and $65 in any renowned piercing parlor.


Whatever kind you have got, you have to instill into your mind that there will be possible complications that may occur. Hence, you should allow yourself to get well-acquainted first about these complications before undergoing the procedure. Here are some of them:

  • Gum and Jaw Damage – This is a very common complication that may be experienced if you will get pierced on the lip part. This is possible since the jewelry attached on your lip may wear out. The moment it happens, your teeth’s roots may be rotten away. When things are left unattended, the health issue may proceed to your gums and jaw.
  • Tooth Drift – The jewelry’s back may cause some pressure on your teeth, and with long exposure in this condition, enamel erosion may occur. This can badly affect the alignments of your teeth that may not be put back to normal again. This complication is actually expected if you have been wearing labret for quite some time.
  • Tooth Wear – As said, the teeth enamel may be touched by the jewelry that you put on and when this happens, tooth wear may be developed as days go by.

Important Aftercares Involved

Since there are possible complications that may come out, it is very significant to be responsible enough regarding the things that you need to do after undergoing the procedure of getting pierced on the lip part. In this regard, here are the important aftercares that must be taken into account:

  • Clean the piercing regularly. As said, mouth is full of bacteria that may blend with the jewelry. When this happens, infections may come out later on. However, it can be prevented by frequent cleaning of the jewelry. You don’t have to remove the entire jewelry actually. You can just do such when the wound is already healed completely.
  • After every meal, make sure to wash your mouth. You don’t have to spend money to buy a mouthwash here. What you need to have here is a glass of warm salt water.
  • Avoid touching the pierced part without cleaning your hands. Just like your mouth, hands are also full of bacteria so washing them first before touching the area is important.
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth and clean your mouth regularly. In doing such, a mild toothpaste must be used. Avoid using strong toothpastes since these can badly affect the condition of the wound caused by your piercing.
  • As much as possible, do not try to move the jewelry attached on your lip back and forth. It is simply because doing this thing will only worsen the condition of the pierced area. This can even affect the entire healing process. Days or weeks may be added to the process. So, you have to be mindful at all times.
  • When the pierced area is already healed completely, washing the piercing with antibacterial soap is good. You can do this thing every bathing session you have. This will ensure that the piercing is clean and bacteria-free.
  • Don’t eat spicy food items. It is something that must be avoided, especially when the wound is not yet fully healed. It is simply because the spiciness of the food may reach the pierced area causing some swelling and complications.
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes. Just in case you don’t know, cigarettes are made up of innumerable chemicals. Some of these chemicals are very harmful when directly contacted to the body. Hence, don’t try to smoke when you are still recovering.

Jewelry Options

Circular bars, Labret studs, and ball closure rings are the perfect choices. Mostly, a 16 or 18 gauge labret stud is used as the initial jewelry for the piercing to heal properly. Oval or round labret plugs are suitable for larger piercings.

Final Words

When you are planning to have a labret piercing, then all of those information must be instilled in your mind. Remember that it may cause undesirable things to happen, so make sure to weigh things up well.

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