100+ Spider Bites Piercing Examples, Jewelry and Information

Today, lips piercings are extremely popular and one of its great example is the spider bites piercing. Yes, such piercing is located on the lips, particularly on the lower lip part of a person. It is done most of the time on the nearer portion of the corner of the lip, whether on the right or on the left part. The truth is, it is composed of 2 separate piercings that are attached close to each other on the lower lip. This is a very unique kind of lip piercing that you can ever have today. There are so many men and women who want to have such piercing, but not all of them luckily have one. If you already have this piercing, then you should be very thankful about it. Also check our articles on most popular piercings Nose Piercings and Ear Piercings.

Meaning Of Spider Bite Piercing

Unlike in the past years where a certain type of piercing had an specific meaning, these days’ piercings is all about style, fashion and culture. Spider bites lip piercings are just named from the fact that the design is drawn up from a real spider bite.

Pain Factor

This is a very common question asked by a lot of people who are planning to have this kind of piercing. Well actually, undergoing a spider bites piercing can give you some pain. But according to those people who already experienced it, it is not that painful compared to some other piercing procedures done on the lips and in the entire body in general. However, a well-experienced professional piercer knows how to lessen the amount of pain felt by their customers. This is through the different techniques in doing the procedure. Some professional piercers start making a hole from the outside towards the inner part, while there are others who start from the inside towards the outside part. You can also have the chance to choose which technique you would like to experience. The thing is, the amount of pain that you can feel will depend on the pain tolerance level of your body.


There are risks of getting infections and other complications. Side effects may be long term or short term. Spiderbites piercing complications include;

  • Infections
  • Gum erosion
  • Teeth damage
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Allergic reactions
  • Rejection
  • Migration


You might notice that your spider bites are swollen too much and the jewelry appears to be sinking in, in this situation you’re recommended to visit your piercer immediately for a longer bar or wider ring to accommodate for the swelling. To minimize the intensity of the swelling, it is advisable to have the piercing done separately.

The Healing Process

The truth is, the healing process can be as quick as you want it to be, if you just take good care of it and do the necessary things that will help in maintaining the good condition of the pierced area. Furthermore, the ability of your body to recover fast from any wound will also help a lot in the healing process. Generally, in just 4 weeks, the wound on the pierced area may already heal completely. Even so, there are some cases that the entire healing process of a spider bites piercing takes 12 weeks. Do not freak out if the pierced area swells because it is just a normal reaction of your body. Just make sure to do the necessary aftercares, so that everything will be alright.

The Aftercares Need

After undergoing the spider bites piercing procedure, you need to take good care of the pierced area and the piercing itself, of course. This is the time that you do your part in making your dream piercing happen. Keep in mind that the aftercares have a very big role in the healing process. This goes to show that keeping them in mind at all times is a big deal. Here are the aftercares of this piercing:

  • Try consuming frozen foods. This is an effective way to hasten up the healing process of your wound. Good examples of these frozen foods are ice cream and yogurt.
  • Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages should be avoided. Keep in mind that this piercing is done on your lips. With this, the chemicals found on cigarettes and alcohol may have direct contact to the pierced area, making its condition worse.
  • If it is not necessary, do not touch the pierced area. Touching it will only worsen the condition. Furthermore, your hands may have a number of bacteria that can cause some severe infections. If you need to touch it, then make sure to wash your hands well first in order to remove the bacteria lurking around your hands.
  • Do not go for public baths. Remember that pools and beaches are dirty enough for the pierced area. They surely contain some germs that will make the condition of the wound worse.
  • Don’t consume spicy foods. The higher level of spiciness in these foods will cause some pain on the wound, which will then cause some horrible infections.
  • Replacing the piercing should not be done by yourself. You need to ask the assistance of your chosen professional piercer. It is simply because the condition of the pierced area may not still ready for such thing.

The Expected Cost Of Spider Bites Piercing

Needless to say, there is a cost that you need to settle if you want to have a spider bites piercing. The cost for this piercing is actually computed while considering a number of important factors. Some of these factors are the piercing shop itself and the professional piercer, the taxes applicable for this piercing, the chosen jewelry, and the aftercare inclusion. Meaning to say, the cost of a certain shop may not be similar to the others. If the professional piercer you choose is reputable enough, then it is expected that you will pay for more. But at least, you can be sure of your own safety. In most cases, the cost of this piercing is around $25 up to $45.

The Jewelry Options

You should know that there are a lot of options that you can have with this kind of piercing. There are those that are priced highly, and there are also those jewelries that are sold in affordable costs. With that being said, you should choose a jewelry that fits to your own budget. Many people choose to have rings as their jewelry on this kind of piercing. However, if you do not like having rings, then you can go for studs, which is a common jewelry option not only for this kind of piercing.

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Spider Bite Piercing With Silver Hoop RingsAmazing Spider Bite Piercing With Silver StudsAwesome Spider Bite PiercingBeautiful Lower Lip Spider Bite PiercingBlack Circular Barbells Spider Bite Piercing ImageCircular Barbell Spider Bite Piercing PictureCircular Ring Spider Bite Piercing On Lower LipExtreme Septum And Spider Bite Piercing For MenGuy Have Spider Bite Piercing On Lower LipLeft Nostril And Spider Bite Piercing With Spike StudsLower Lip Black Studs Spider Bite PiercingLower Lip Spider Bite Piercing Idea For GirlsNice Silver Studs Spider Bite PiercingRed Opal Studs Spider Bite PiercingSilver Barbells Spider Bite Piercing On Lower LipSilver Bead Rings Spider Bite PiercingSilver Hoop Rings Spider Bite Piercing Idea For GirlsSilver Hoop Rings Spider Bite PiercingSilver Studs Spider Bite PiercingSpider Bite Piercing Closeup ImageSpider Bite Piercing Design For GirlsSpider Bite Piercing For GirlsSpider Bite Piercing For MenSpider Bite Piercing Ideas for WomenSpider Bite Piercing Ideas With Silver StudsSpider Bite Piercing With Black Studs For WomenSpider Bite Piercing With Circular BarbellSpider Bite Piercing With Circular BarbellsSpider Bite Piercing With Dermal AnchorsSpider Bite Piercing With Silver Studs For MenSpider Bite Piercing With Spike Ball Closure RingSpider Bite Piercing With Spike Studs For MenStylish Girl With Spider Bite Piercing

Final Words

Before undergoing the spider bites piercing procedure, you should see to it that you know a lot of important details about this piercing first. In this way, you will know what will happen and what are the things you need to do.

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