130 Amazing Name Tattoos Designs And Ideas

The name of a person is the first representative of his identity, by which he is known to others. This is what inspires tattoo artists to include names in some personalized tattoo designs, which can be the bearer’s own name or the name of his loved ones. In fact, name tattoos are the most sought after tattoo designs, despite being the simplest, with many of them just having a name inked on it. On the other hand, the name tattoo can be made more detailed and intricate by incorporating the name with a design, may be a flower, anchor, dreamcatcher, fish, feather or any other object, according to the choice of the bearer.

Significance of Name Tattoo Designs

The purpose behind having a name tattoo inscribed on one’s body is to honor one’s loved one, whose name is included in the tattoo. The name may be that of a lover, spouse, parent, friend or even pet. It may even be that of a departed person, but one needs to keep in mind that a tattoo once done will be a part of you for a life time. There are also some superstitions related to name tattoo designs, such as a romantic break up will take place after the tattoo is inscribed on the bearer, but it is only a myth and bears no correlation with reality.

Considerations while Choosing a Name Tattoo design

When you choose a name tattoo design, there are some considerations to be borne in mind, with due attention to the detail in design, lettering and font size being the primary considerations in this regard. The name should be inscribed in such a manner that it is clear and legible. A lot depends upon the lettering used for the name tattoo as a particular kind of lettering may look good on one name, while the same may not be suitable for the other. The same thing goes for the size of the tattoo. For instance, names which are shorter and have curvy letters look great in script lettering rather than any other type of fonts. Some other styles in which name tattoos are done are gypsy fonts and Old English lettering, which are meant for the more creative ones. Women can go for more elegant forts of lettering and men can opt for bolder and larger fonts, which represent masculinity.

Placement of Name Tattoos

Besides the considerations related to name tattoos which have been mentioned above, the placement of these tattoos are of great significance too. When the bearer has to get his own name done in a name tattoo, he should prefer to have the name tattoo done on an area which remains exposed such as the arms, shoulders and legs. The preferable design is the simple name without incorporating any design elements. Getting additional design elements can be incorporated in a name tattoo is totally on the discretion of the bearer and depends upon his decision. Men can have name tattoos inscribed on their chests, which they can flaunt in a shirtless avatar, along with their fit chest. This is also an ideal place to bear the name tattoo of your loved ones, right next to your heart. Similarly, women can have a name tattoo inscribed on their wrists, finger, ankles or thighs. Some other areas where a name tattoo can be inscribed are the back, shoulder and neck, which are particularly useful if you want the tattoo to be visible to the world. One of the most amazing place to wear name tattoos is on the ring finger, which couples have done in place of wedding or engagement rings.

Popular Name Tattoo Designs

Font and lettering can be used as the main design elements in the name tattoo and some additional images can be incorporated along with the names, according to the choice of the bearer and purpose of the name tattoo. For instance, the name of one’s beloved can be written inside a heart or be accompanied with a flower, which symbolize the feelings of passion and love. While making the name tattoos of children, one can add a cartoon image or balloons along with making use of block letters for a complete effect. Another cool option in name tattoo designs is to have some special words or quotes added to it, to show the importance of that particular name in one’s life. Color effect is another way to enhance the name tattoos, which can be use to highlight a part of the tattoo or the whole of it. Another way to make the name tattoo design more innovative is to try out a creative zig zag pattern instead of a simple, straight one. A creative tattoo design artist may create a visual delight by using heart and diamonds pattern in the lettering of the tattoo design for a brilliant effect. Shading is another way to make the name tattoo more prominent. The main name of the tattoo can be done in bold solid black color, while shading can be done in the additional design to give it an attractive look, with vibrant colors to be used for better effects. However, care needs to be taken that the contract highlights the name part of the tattoo rather than suppressing it, as bring out the name is the basic purpose of the name tattoo design. Sometimes, the name tattoo can be accompanied by important dates, as the wedding date may be added with the spouse’s name and the birth date of a child may be included with the tattoo bearing his name, so as to honor the entry of an important person in the bearer’s life and marking the beginning of a new and lasting relationship with the person.

Many global celebrities have been sporting such name tattoos, which has accounted to the popularity of name tattoos as a whole. Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Melanie Griffith, Justin Bieber and Saif Ali Khan are some of these celebrities inked with name tattoos.

Popular Images Of Name Tattoos


Name tattoos have become the trend of the day, with many global celebrities having the names of their loved ones inked on their bodies. These tattoos may have only a name of a person or have an image or quotation incorporated with it for a more intricate effect. One can also enhance the tattoo design by making judicious use of color and font lettering in the name tattoos.


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