250 Most Beautiful Koi Fish Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Koi fish tattoo (also know as coy fish) is one of those extremely famous animal tattoos in the world these days. They are popular in a way that the number of people who want to engrave these tattoos on their body is rapidly increasing day by day. As its name suggests, these tattoos are composed of a single or a class of Koi fish accompanied with some other tattoo designs that can enhance its appearance such as flowers tattoos, water and some other animal images. The truth is, a Koi fish is a Japanese carp that is very cute and can also be eaten like some other edible fishes on earth. Meaning to say, this fish is more than just a decoration. It can also be cooked into extremely mouth watering dishes that every fish lover would surely like.

Meanings Of Koi Fish Tattoos

For sure, you are not yet well acquainted about the symbolisms as well as meanings of the Koi fish designed tattoos that you might have already seen on many people’s bodies. These symbolisms and meanings are something that you should know, specially if you are thinking of having these beautiful tattoos on your body. Here are some of the symbolisms and meanings:

  • Good Luck – For sure, you have already heard that Koi fish is symbolizing good luck. As a matter of fact, a lot of people in the world have been raising this kind of fish in their ponds or aquariums because they have this strong belief that Koi fish can give them good luck in life. In case you are one of those people who believe it so, then a Koi fish design would be great for you. This belief actually originated from the ancient Japanese people.
  • Love – They symbolize the love you have for your special someone, not the love for your family and friends. Hence, if you want your special someone to feel how much you love him or her, you can have a Coy fish tattooed on your body with his or her full name. There is no way she or he cannot feel your undying love fully.
  • Masculinity – Another thing that this tattoo symbolizes is masculinity. Such belief of symbolism originated from the Japanese culture. In fact, Japanese people in the past years would display flags that were designed with Koi fishes everytime a male child was born.
  • Energy – Having it also means you are an energetic kind of individual because this fish is very energetic in nature. It can also be explained by its extremely lively and vibrant colors that you will never get bored watching them in person. Such fish even moves quickly from time to time.
  • Victory – This design also represents victory. In fact, you can see a lot of people in the entire world who get tattooed on their body with a Koi fish design after they have achieved something that they are very proud of. In case you are also very proud of your achievements in life, whether they are small or big enough, having a Coy fish tattoo will definitely showcase them all.
  • Independence – Another thing that this fish represents is independence. A lot of individuals who have this tattoo on their body are most independent people. These people even do not care about the discouragements of the society and some other people that can hinder them to go forward in their lives. If you have this kind of personality, then a Koi fish tattoo would definitely look great on you.

Most Common Placements

Yes, it is true that you can always have the decision where you can exactly place your Coy fish tattoo. Even so, thinking about where to place it well would definitely give you a big advantage on your part. You just have to think what is your purpose of putting this amazing art on your body. In this regard, here are some common placements of a Koi tattoo that you might want to think about:

  • Koi Fish on Arms – Probably, the most common placement of a Koi fish tattoo that you can ever see to a lot of people is in arms. This is a perfect placement since this kind of tattoo can be emphasized well when put in wider sized body parts like arms. You can have your left and right arms covered with this tattoo or just the left or right one. You can also have full control of the size of this gorgeous tattoo.
  • Koi Fish on Chest – Since this tattoo is known to symbolize love, it is no longer surprising why there are so many tattoo lovers in the world who are placing their Koi tattoos on their chest area. If you want it this way, then you can do so of course. You can even extend the tattoo on your shoulders or arms if you want to.
  • Koi Fish on Shoulders – Shoulders are also best places for this tattoo. This is a common location among men who want to emphasize the broadness of their shoulders. Even so, this does not mean that women cannot place their Koi tattoos on their shoulders. In fact, any woman can enhance the overall appearance of their body by putting such tattoo on their shoulders. Women can choose to extend the tattoo on their collar bone since this can absolutely look great to girls.
  • Koi Fish on Legs – The fact that legs are long and have wider space is enough reason why Koi fish can be best displayed on legs. Nevertheless, before considering such body location, you must see to it first that you are well prepared for those people who hate tattoos that may criticize you since legs are very visible locations.


Generally, koi tattoo designs are regarded as one of the most popular and beautiful among tattoo designs as like dreamcatcher tattoos, which are attributed to their large size, adorned with vibrant colors and exquisite shading. The scales of the koi fish design are particularly prominent and are featured in a rainbow like hue. The backgrounds can consist of some unique ideas, like those depicting lotus flowers, splashing water, sun and moon and cherry blossom, and these backgrounds not only complement the koi fish design, but also stress its beauty to a considerable extent. A koi fish depicted along with a lotus flower represents purity and struggle; just as a lotus blooms as a beautiful flower in a muddy place, similarly this stands for a great struggle in the life to reach eternal success. Traditionally, the tattoo is designed as an orange golden fish, which stands for good fortune. There may also be some designs showing a number of koi fish swimming in different directions.

Besides the orange golden color, koi fish may be featured in a wide array of colors in the tattoo, with each color being associated with a distinct symbolic meaning. Ed color stands for love and passion and a red colored koi fish design depicts strong passion in the masculine sense. It may also be interpreted as a sign of undying energy. A blue koi fish design symbolizes masculinity and reproduction. Such a fish, if swimming upwards, stands for the bearer overcoming a personal problem, and in case it is swimming down, he has already been successful in overcoming his problem.

Black koi design stands for a huge change or adversity in life, which has always been faced by the person to get to his present state in his life. Dragon koi fish design is that of a fish which gets transformed into a dragon after swimming up the Yellow river. This design bears the common message of the koi tattoos, which is to fulfill the goals in life by overcoming obstacles with strength and struggle.

Another unique koi fish design is the Pisces Tattoo, which depicts the zodiac sign Pisces in the form of two koi fish facing each other.

Symbolic Interpretation of Coy Fish Tattoo Design

Symbolically, koi fish is associated with good fortune because the folklore says that it has the power to climb the falls on Yellow River and become a dragon. Similarly, it stands for the hopes and aspirations of a person to become better and pass through tough situations in life with strength and perseverance. In the same way, koi tattoos are supposed to harbinger good fortune for the bearer and give him strength to bring the best out of himself. In Christian religion, fish stands for faith and abundance. Coy fish tattoos originated in East Asia, though it has different symbolic meaning in different cultures as like lion tattoos.

In Japanese culture koi fish is interpreted as a symbol of love and passion for the beloved. It also stands for masculinity, which is why flags with images of this fish are put up in the country, when a son takes birth in a home. On the other hand, when we talk about Chinese culture, koi represents strength and determination to fulfill your dreams as, according to the legend, the fish turns into a dragon when it climbs the Yellow River. It also symbolized lasting good fortune, which is why there is a popular belief that the koi tattoo will attract wealth and riches in your life. Additionally, koi fish is full of vigor and energy and swims with great power and speed against the current to each a food source, which signify that the fish is determined and powerful to fight against the odds. Similarly, this tattoo is a symbol of courage and determination, which inspires a person to tackle the most difficult situations with courage and positivity. Also, swimming against the current makes the fish an independent personality with courage enough to go against the tide and symbolically, it represents the ability to go against the set norms in life, giving a powerful and courageous image to the bearer of koi tattoo.

Popular Images Of Koi Fish Designs

koi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattoo designskoi fish tattoo designskoi fish tattoo designskoi fish tattoo designskoi fish tattookoi fish tattoo

koi fish tattookoi fish tattoo designskoi fish tattoo designskoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattoo designskoi fish tattoo designskoi fish tattoo designskoi fish tattoo designskoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattoo designskoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattoo designskoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattookoi fish tattoo


Koi fish tattoo is considered as one of the top choices among tattoo designs, with the colorful and attractive designing being the main reason of its popularity among both, men and women. This design, which depicts this vibrant and energetic creature in the midst of water, is the most eye-catching fair. Another reason why many people are attracted to the koi tattoo is that it is considered as a bringer of good fortune and wealth for the bearer. This fish was reared by people as they had ornamental as well as cultural value. This has been a long-standing historical and cultural belief for centuries in Japan and China, which has made this tattoo an object of desire, even in the present day period. Besides good luck, koi is associated with determination, strength and courage, which is another reason favoring the bearing of this tattoo in contemporary era too. The attractive looks along with its deeper meaning make koi tattoos a great choice among tattoo lovers.

Koi tattoo designs boast of a huge variety, with some unique and original designs which have still not been used by designers. Hence, you can look for some of the best koi fish designs as body art to attract attention as well as make an expression of your attitude and personality in perfect manner.

Famous Personalities

You are surely aware of the fact that these tattoos are worn by a lot of famous personalities from all over the world. No matter which country you came from, you can certainly see some celebrities in your own country who are displaying their Koi fish tattoos in the public. In relation to this, here are some names of famous celebrities in the world who have these tattoos engraved on their body:

  • Allison Green – Whou would not know about Allison Green whom is a member of an American electropop group known as Millionaires? She is definitely a gorgeous singer who is very proud to display her Koi fish design on her left forearm.
  • Charlize Theron – Charlize Theron is a 40-year-old, award winning Hollywood actress who has a very small Koi fish design on her right ankle. This definitely gives her another level of gorgeousness specially when she’s wearing high heels.
  • Justin Bieber – Justin Bieber is an international singing sensation who is currently 22 years of age. He looks more handsome with this tattoo that is located on his left arm.

Final Words

Koi fish tattoos are absolutely gorgeous tattoos that you can adorn on your beautiful body. There is no way you cannot enhance the beauty of your body through these tattoos like those celebrities you are idolizing. Just make sure you put these tattoos on the right place of your body.