150 Elegant Spine Tattoos For Men And Women

There are different tattoos that can be inked on different parts of your body, and back pieces are probably most common tattoos and the coolest ones. But there are real tattoos that are uniquely applied along the spinal cord, accentuating the spine itself. Having spine tattoos can add beauty and sexiness to an individual, especially to the ladies who love to display their sexy backs. It can be a tattoo that resembles the spine itself or anything abstract, it’s all your choice. Among the most popular designs are quotes, Chinese characters, dates, and floral patterns and usually, they’re inked in black because it makes the tattoo more attractive.


Tattoos on spine, as the name implies, is placed prominently on or along the spine. Some of the tattoo down spine are inked from the nape and stretched all the way down along the spine, although the point of origin may differ depending on the design you choose and the size of the tattoo you prefer. Others start either from the upper back or middle back area. Again, it will all depend on your preferred tattoo design and size. Judging by the size that design can be, generally pretty large, spending a considerable amount of money and time is needed. Plus, it could be a lot of pain too. With this in consideration, getting a spine tattooed for yourself would really require you a great amount of courage and thinking.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tattoos Down Spine

Most men oftentimes get them as it can be their way to show off the fit and sexy physiques. To them, having a tattoo on spine somehow emphasizes their sexual appeal and gorgeous body. As to women, they use their hot and sexy tattoos on spine pieces to draw in the attention of others. Especially those who want to flaunt their sexy backs, such tattoos highlight their curves and their voluptuous body as a whole.

Pain Factor

One big disadvantage of getting tattooed on the spine part is the fact it could be extremely painful. It is simply because spine or spinal area is the one that connects each and every nerve to the brain, feeling the pain more when needles are injected into the spinal area.

Famous Celebrities With Tattoos On Spine

More often than not, we get some tattoo ideas from the famous celebrities we know, who we think have the best tattoos around. However, permanently inking your skin is more than just imitating what your favorite has as tattoos are considered the ultimate artistic way of expressing yourself. You may already be certain about having a tattoo on spine, but perhaps, you are not sure yet on which tattoo down the spine design to get. So, get some idea of the tattoo ideas of famous celebrities who have their spine inked.

  • Victoria Beckham – Victoria’s tattoo on spine is the best celebrity tattoo for many. Written along her spine, from the nape to all the way down, is a Hebrew phrase that reads, “I am my love’s, and my love is mine who browses among the lilies”. What a wonderful saying indeed dedicated to her gorgeous husband, David Beckham. If you want to pay tribute to your partner in life, inking your back with something like this is a great and perfect tattoo idea.
  • Leona Lewis – What written on Leona Lewis’ spine is a poem about her favorite animal, horses, which she wrote herself. It says, “their beauty captures every eye, a gift from God for all mankind, they lend us wings so we may fly, to ride a horse is to ride the sky.”
  • Adam Levine – The Maroon 5 lead singer just recently finished his mermaid tattoo on his back, along with his upper spine area, which his wife regards as a serious art. Adam is known for the many tattoos he has on his body that just add more sexiness to his appeal.
  • Rick Genest – A self-acclaimed celebrity, mainly known for his amazing tattoos all over his body that makes him look like a zombie, a living one perhaps. A skeleton tattoo design is all over his back too, where the backbone or the spinal column is accentuated by inking like it was real.


Popular Ideas for Spine Tattoos

Choosing the right tattoo design for your spine can give it a very attractive quality. Creative designs that can fill the wide area of the spine are most preferred, such as the following:

  • Floral vines – This design with vibrant flowers can look very stunning as they travel through your back. Adding elements like dragonflies, butterflies, feathers, anchors and many others that are flying around the flowers can create an even more attractive effect.
  • Chinese characters – This is another attractive tattoo down the spine idea, inking one or two Chinese characters on your back. When choosing a design, you should ask an expert about the meaning of the characters first prior to putting it on your spine.

Spine tattoos are some other beautiful adornments to the body that many people try to have. Without a doubt, these tattoos can make you a head turner when you’re in the crowd.

Popular Pictures of Spine Tattoo Designs

Spine tattoos are some other beautiful adornments to the body that many people try to have. Without a doubt, these tattoos can make you a head turner when you’re on the crowd.



Spine tattoo, as the name implies, are tattoo design which runs along the backbone. These tattoos have an amazing attraction value, though they can be quite painful. But the pain is hard enough to dissuade tattoo lovers from having a tattoo down the spine as they would rather think about the wonderful results rather than the pain.

Tattoos on the spine are some other beautiful adornments to the body that many people try to have. Without a doubt, these tattoos can make you a head turner when you’re in the crowd.


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