160 Smashing Dragonfly Tattoo Designs & Meanings

Tattoo artists around the world are on a constant lookout for new designs which they can use in their art form. They consider the aesthetic appeal as well as symbolic value while making use of a particular design element in their creative designs. Some natural objects such as flowers, animals, fish, celestial bodies and waves occupy a place of significance in tattoo art. Even tiny insects can be used for this purpose, out of which dragonfly tattoos are one of the most alluring design options today. These vibrant insects exude elegance and charm and there is something mystical about them, which make them a great choice for discerning tattoo lovers. The dragonfly tattoo design has made a place of popularity among women since the nineties, as this was the period when liberalism and gender equality came on the forefront on a global scale. But the popularity of this design is no longer confined to women, as more and more men are also desirous of having it etched on them.

Symbolic Meaning of Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

Like all other tattoo designs, the symbolic significance of dragonfly tattoo also needs proper understanding before having it etched, as a tattoo is something which demands time, money and patience and is going to be with the bearer for a lifetime. Talking about its meaning, one needs to take a close look towards its life cycle, which starts in stagnant water as a female lays eggs there in large numbers. After this, the eggs hatch and the insects starts its life cycle in water, which relates it with fertility. The insect is also linked closely to the butterfly, another flying creature regarded for its beauty and bright colors. Various cultures around the world see the dragonfly in different light symbolically.

  • Japanese Culture – In Japanese culture, this tiny and bright looking insect is related with strength and happiness, which presents it as a positive force.
  • Chinese Culture – Chinese consider it an insect of prosperity and harmony while other Asian cultures take it as a symbol of metamorphosis and transformation, as the insect passes through various stages of changes during its life cycle. Don’t forget to check Maori tattoos collection?
  • Native American Culture  – Dragonflies occupy an important place in Native American art and culture too, as it is seen as a symbol of swiftness and happiness in some of the tribes of the culture. They are seen as a protective talisman in some tribes and it is believed that they oversee all the members of a tribe. They even signify facing hardships and overcoming losses with strength and courage. We recommend you to also check Biochemical tattoos collection.
  • European Culture – Conversely, the reputation of the insect is not such a positive one in European culture, as it is associated with evil and the devil in a number of European nations
  • Modern Culture – In modern world, dragonfly tattoos are revered as a symbol of speed and agility, which is a characteristic attribute of this small, little insect. They also stand for freedom and good luck. The insects start their life cycle as an egg, becoming a nymph and finally making it as a beautiful and vibrant adult, which links it with beauty and charm.

Overall, men and women of all age groups and from around the world love the dragonfly tattoo design because of its positive symbolism as it keeps reminding them that one has the capability to face all the struggles and hardships of life and emerge as a complete and beautiful individual, if one keeps the right kind of attitude. Would you like to check our hand-picked collection of White Ink tattoos?

Placement of Dragonfly Tattoos

A dragonfly tattoo is usually done in a vibrant and colorful fashion, which makes the design quite attractive and eye catching. The most important aspect of gaining attention for a particular tattoo is its right location and placement. Since dragonfly tattoos are not of very large size, this gives them a great versatility when it comes to placement. They can be borne on chest, back, shoulder, arm, wrist, ankle, thighs, finger, neck and back of the ear, depending upon the size as well as intricacy of the design. Also check our latest collection of Henna tattoos.

Popular Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

Dragonfly is a unique creature, which can be featured for its beauty as well as ugliness, depending upon the design. There are different designs created by tattoo artists, depending upon the requirement and preference of the tattoo bearer. Here are some popular dragonfly tattoo designs:

  • Tribal Dragonfly Tattoo – One of the most powerful designs among dragonfly tattoos is the tribal tattoo design, which is done in solid colors such as black and grey and is preferred by men folk due to its masculine looks. On the other hands, women may like more delicate and colorful designs, which are colorful and subtle in looks.
  • Sequential Dragonfly Tattoo – Another popular option among dragonfly tattoos is the sequential design which depicts the movement of these insects, with a number of them drawn in a series on the locations such as arms and legs.
  • Worded/Photographic Wing Dragonfly Tattoo  – In such a design, the wings of dragonfly may carry some text such as name of a loved one or a beautiful quote or poem. They can also bear a picture or photograph according to the requirement of the bearer.
  • Evil Dragonfly Tattoo – The evil dragonfly tattoo may present this lovable insect in a totally different way, highlighting the evil side of its character. It may feature rough edges or something as weird as bat wings. Don’t forget to check our collection of Day of the Dead tattoos.

Some other design elements such as dreamcatcher, anchors, arrow, infinity, compass, feathers flowers and vines can be incorporated in the dragonfly tattoo design to give it a unique look, while the right use of colors may also create a different impact.

Popular Images Of Dragonfly Tattoos


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