150 Most Realistic 3D Tattoos

Tattoo art has been used since a long time as a popular form of body adornment, but like all other art forms, this one too has undergone phenomenal changes as it has been touched by progress in technology. 3D or three dimensional is the new in thing in tattoos, as it gives an amazing visual appeal to them and adds a realistic touch. There is a huge difference between 3D tattoos and other tattoos, and the 3D effect can give a whole new look to the tattoo design. However the end result of a 3D tattoo greatly depends on the expertise of the tattoo artist as it requires a great degree of skill and a lot of practice on the behalf of the artist, to do full justice to 3D tattoo art.

What’s so special about 3D Tattoos?

3D tattoos are very different from the rest of the tattoos as they have the realistic look which other tattoos lack. This is the reason why men and women of all ages and from all walks of life love to have such tattoos inked. These tattoos have great attraction value as they are eye catching and are bound to attract the attention of anyone who has a look. They look great on whichever part of the body they are featured, whether it is the back, chest, shoulder, legs, arm, wrist, legs or back of the ear. Some of these tattoos may be really appealing, while others have the quality to scare such as those featuring creepy crawly insects or skull designs.

Some Amazing Facts about 3D Tattoos

The most important thing about 3D tattoos is their realistic appeal, which greatly depends upon the expertise of the designer who creates them. Making such tattoos requires a great attention to detail, with every minute point being given great importance, as these tattoos really stand out and the smallest mistake would be highlighted to a great extent. Also, what really matters is the right kind of shading and the correct placement as both these factors have a great influence on the final look of a 3D tattoo. The designs need to be done with great care as they can make or mar the beauty of your skin, if placed at the right position and done in the right manner.

Placement of 3D Tattoos

The most important aspect of 3d tattoo art, in addition to choosing the right design, is its right placement. Basically, the place for having a tattoo inked is determines by the size of the tattoo. A larger tattoo looks good at large surface areas such as back, stomach, sleeve, rib, chest, thighs, legs and shoulder, while smaller and more delicate designs are featured on small areas such as ankles, legs, wrists, neck, spine, back of the ear and even on fingers. The idea is to grab attention, whether the size of the tattoo is big or small. It should just be eye catching enough to convey the true attitude and feelings of the bearer.

Popular 3D Tattoo Designs

Some of the most common 3D tattoo designs feature design elements from the nature which can include flowers, butterflies, bees, musical instruments, birds phoenix, dove, swallow, dragonflies, ribbon, infinity sign, cross dragon, lion, owl, elephant, wolf, stars, sun, moon, disney, dreamcatchers, feathers, arrows, compass, trees, angel and wings bows, ribbons, which look amazing when transformed into 3D designs. Similarly, these designs look really outstanding when done for comic characters such as Spiderman, Superman, Barbie and Mickey Mouse, to name just a few. Another cool option to present in 3D tattoo art is tribal designs. You would see many 3D tattoos being inked along with their shadows, which adds a more realistic impact to them, which is the very purpose of using these designs. While the conventional black and grey colors may be used in such tattoos, the correct use of colors can make a real big difference in bringing out the beauty of 3D designs. There are some 3D tattoos which have a story to tell, such as a wonderful design which displays a car with currency notes flying out of it, while there may be another one such as a clown peeping over one’s shoulder.

The Spiderman design on the chest is a hot favorite among young guys while young girls can choose a pretty rose or sunflower 3D tattoo design. Similarly, a bow tattoo done in 3D design can look really graceful on a woman’s back, shoulder or ankle and can be more of a fashion statement than just a tattoo. Dragon 3D tattoos enjoy equal popularity among men as well as women as they have an amazing appeal and inspire awe among the tattoo bearer as well as the onlookers. Maps, compasses, watches, monsters and skulls are some other well known 3D tattoo designs. Others can go for realistic looking hearts to signify their love and passion towards their beloved and the name of the loved one can be added in the 3D design to give it a perfect look. The options in 3D tattoo designs are literally endless and creating some wonderful designs is nothing short of a pleasure for the tattoo artist, as it gives a vent to their creativity.

If you are in love with tattoo art but want something which goes beyond the ordinary, then 3D tattoos are the best option for you. But the expense, time and pain involved in having such tattoos done, make it essential to choose the right design and an expert to get it done on your body. Such tattoos are all about visual appeal rather than symbolic meaning, making them a cool choice among youngsters.

Mind Blowing Pictures Of 3d Tattoos

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