175+ Sensuous Inner and Behind The Ear Tattoos

Ear tattoos are some wonderful works of art that can be found on the body of numerous people in the entire world. Tattoos on the ears are very unique things when it comes to tattooing. Ears are mostly adorned with piercings and not tattoos. Just make sure that you choose the very best ear designs that can speak for your inner personality and the one that can enhance your physical look. Since ears are tiny and narrow spaced body parts, it will normally take time and effort to get tattooed on that part. Because of this, you need to make sure that you only hire the most reliable, professional tattoo artist.

Brief Flashback History

Ear tattoos have their very own history, of course even though they are not that popular just like the other body tattoos. Just in case you don’t know, people in the past were already incorporating tattoos in the lives. Meaning to say, tattooing is not just an integral part of the lives of today’s generation. The very first sightings of tattoos can be traced back in 4000-2000 BC. A group of historians confirmed that it was the Egyptians who firstly incorporated tattoos on their body as signs of fertility and nobility. Of course, good examples of these tattoos Egyptians firstly used were the tattoos on the ears.

Types of Ear Tattoos

There are actually 3 kinds that you should take into account. Each of these types has different characteristics that you will both like and dislike. Let’s get to know each one of them.

  • Inner Ear – This tattoo can surely accessorize your ears. If you have this tattoo, putting some gorgeous earrings may no longer necessary. As its name suggests, inner ear is inked inside the ear but not on the internal parts, only in the earlobe part. The best thing about this tattoo is that it can emphasize the shape and beauty of your ears.
  • Behind Ear – This type is not a common one since it is located right there exactly at the back portion of your ears. If you want a tattoo that is is not that noticeable when it comes to location, then this is the perfect one.
  • Around the Ear – It is the kind that you can commonly see in the surrounding area of the human ears. Small patterns of tattoo designs can surely make this area gorgeous. However, this area might be painful enough to get tattooed.


Yes, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages that you should know about tattooed ears. The amazing advantages these tattoos can offer are actually some of the things that are considered by many in choosing these tattoos. Here are some of them:

  • Highlight Your Ears – If you think your ears look dull, then opting tattoos on ears is certainly a good decision that you can ever make. It is because these tattoos are capable enough in emphasizing the beauty and shape of your ears.
  • Unique – These tattoos are known to be unique. In other words, only fewer people have these tattoos, so you will surely look unique in front of the other people, in a positive way of course.
  • Lesser in Cost – Undergoing tattooing procedure will only cost minimal amount because only smaller tattoo designs are involved.


  • A Bit Painful – When compared to some other body tattoos, getting tattooed on ears especially in the surrounding area will be a bit painful on your part.
  • Highly Visible – Since there are no clothing pieces that are usually worn on ears, it might be harder for you to hide them. It will be a total disadvantage on your part especially if you are surrounded by people who are tattoo-disoriented.

Gorgeous Ear Tattoo Ideas You Can Consider

Needless to say, such tattoos are matched with smaller tattoo designs since this area is a narrow one. It will all depend on the physical size of your ears. Even so, this does not mean that you cannot have beautiful designs for these tattoos. Here are great design ideas that you can take into account:

  • Vine or Wire – Such idea for ear tattoos may involve curvy shapes that will create magic for the appearance of your ears. The shape of your ears can be beautifully complemented by a vine or wire pattern. The good example for this is the Celtic knots pattern.
  • Small Shape – If you prefer simple tattoos on your ears, then this tattoo design idea is the perfect one for you. Small shape patterns will fit on your earlobe. A gothic design or ghoul may be the perfect option.
  • The Usual Design Ideas – In this particular idea, you can choose those usual tattoo designs like a star design, flower design, animals, angel design, or a tribal design. It is all up to you. However, the images will be smaller than tattooed on some other body parts, of course.

Some Other Design Ideas You Can Consider

Ear tattoos are one of those tattoos which offer literally endless options as far as the placement and designing are concerned. You can have the tattoo on the lobe of the ear, its shell or behind the ear, as the design and your preference demands. One thing to know about these tattoos is that they are preferably small in size as the space available for them is limited, particularly if you are choosing the earlobe or ear shell for getting the tattoo inked. A medium sized tattoo would be fine for behind the year if you have to choose a larger and more prominent design.

The truth about tattoos on the ears is that they definitely attract attention, even if they are small in size and not too intricate in design. You can choose from a variety of elements for ear tattoos, with floral, bugs, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, anchors, dreamcatchers, arrows, dragon, musical nodes, sun, moon, stars and feathers being the most well-loved options because they look good on small sizes. Some people even go for animated characters and cartoons peeping out from behind the ears. Men can have tribal and geometric designs as they look masculine and powerful while women can opt for delicate designs such as bows, ribbons and floral patterns.

The curvy shape of the ear makes geometric and flowing patterns more suitable for it as their grace comes out because of the natural curves of the ears. Something as simple as a name, initials, a date or a small text or quote also looks good in this area as it says a lot without being too loud. Small elements like Celtic knots, stars, hearts, infinity signs, and anchors make a cool design option on or behind the ears, for both men as well as women. Before making the final decision, it is wise to do a bit of research and also consult an expert designer or artist to give you the right advice. The possibilities for designs are endless and it is your own decision to choose something that is just perfect for you.


The ears and the area around them make a sensitive part of the body because they are directly linked with the head and skull. As a result, it is not easy to have it tattoos because you may experience a great deal of pain and may even have dizzy spells caused by continuous sound and vibration of the tattoo machine. Also, this area may take a bit longer to heal as compared to tattoos on other parts of the body as it is susceptible to itching and irritation. If you are committed enough to bear the pain and refrain from touching the tattoo during its healing period, then you can opt for them without a doubt because the result they give is absolutely awesome.

One thing to keep in mind is to choose such an artist for inking era tattoos, who has plenty for experience with tattoos in this area because the expertise of the artist matters a lot. The visibility of the area calls for nothing short of perfection and this is what you should look for because you would be investing a good deal of time and money for getting an ear inked.


As what you can see on the television, there are some famous celebrities worldwide who have allowed themselves to get tattooed on their ears. Few of them do it for a deeper purpose, while others do it as a mere fashion statement. Here are some of the names of these celebrities:

  • Demi Lovato – This young international singing sensation has a turquoise-colored feather tattoo located at the back of her left ear.
  • Hayley Williams – This famous singer is known as Paramore, and she has a gorgeous tattoo behind the left ear area. This tattoo has “WARPED!” design accompanied with a smaller image of a cloud and a lightning.
  • Jessie J – This excellent British singer-songwriter looks great on her left ear music-oriented tattoo. It is composed of a bass clef and a treble clef image that is formed like a heart shape.

Final Words

Ear tattoos will undeniably enhance the beauty of your body. However, these tattoos may not be perfect for you for some reasons. Because of this, you should think about it deeply before deciding to have these tattoos.

Lavender Sprig by Sol Art Behind Ear Tattoo by Indy Killer Whale Tattoo by Doy Rose Tattoo Behind Ear Soft Floral Behind the Ear by Dain Behind The Ear Skeleton Tattoo by Sol Art Apricot Blossom Tattoo by Doy Horns Behind The Ear by OK Minimalistic Lotus Flower Tattoo Behind Ear by Jen Minimalistic Floral Tattoo by Jessica Channer Dandelion Seeds Tattoo behind-the-ear-tattoo-design-37 Small Lightning Bolt by River Red Rose by Doy Daisy by Kristal Jade Small Bird Tattoo by Suzy Yorke Dreamcatcher Tattoo Behind Ear by East Van Inc. Apricot Behind The Ear Tattoo by Doy Dreamcatcher by ch11388 Behind the Ear Crown Tattoo Small Equation Tattoo by Muscat Tiny Seashell Behind Ear by Yanna Pink Flowers by Ch11388 Dotwork Ear Tattoo by Amalie Behind The Ear Starfish Tattoo by Painless Steel Crescent Moon Tattoo by River Tiny Behind The Ear Lotus Flower Tattoo Small Turtle Behind The Ear by Brian Woo Inverted Flower Behind The Ear Tattoo by River Tiny Rose Behind The Ear Small Colorful Feather by River Geometric Heart Tattoo Behind Ear by UP Blackwork Floral Behind The Ear Tattoo by Kristina Darmaeva Clouds by Josie Sexton Elegant Floral Band by Sol Art Waldo Behind The Ear Tattoo by Dean Maddern Small Purple Flower by Sol Art Small Purple Feather Behind The Ear by Julius Tjoa

One of the most amazing art forms that the world has ever seen is tattoo art and what is the most wonderful thing about this art is that it uses the human body as the canvas. It involves creating beautiful and eye-catching designs at various parts of the body like the chest, lower back, collarbone, hand, foot, stomach, spine, leg, ribs (sides), sleeves, shoulder, wrist, neck or back of the neck, thighs, finger and ankle, to name just a few. Ear tattoos make the most unusual and alluring tattoos because of the unexpected location it takes.

The earlobes and the area behind the ears are considered as one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, and this imparts a sensuous value to these tattoos, which are loved by all ages men, women, girls and guys. You can go for a medium sized masculine tattoo in the ear area or have a tiny feminine one, depending upon your preference and requirement. The best thing about them is that they are very subtle and help you flaunt your attitude without being too loud or rebellious about it. Moreover, these tattoos are easy to conceal by just covering the area with your hair. This is one of the basic factors which every bearer looks for in a tattoo as it becomes essential to hide the tattoos in certain situations like the professional ones.

Birds Behind The Ear Tattoo by Nando Small Watercolor Flower Saffron Flower by Hongdam Birds in Flight Small Floral Behind The Ear Tattoo by Doy Peter Pan Behind The Ear Tat by Banul Floral Behind The Ear Tattoo by Mini Lau Jewelry Behind The Ear Tattoo by Balazs Bercsenyi Laurel Leaves Behind The Ear Tattoo by River Colorful Diamond by Banul Small Cat Tattoo Behind The Ear by Doctor Woo Small Hummingbird Tattoo by Doctor Woo Floral Behind The Ear Tattoo by Doy Sword Behind the Ear by Hongdam

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ear-back-tattoo-10 ear-back-tattoo-11 ear-back-tattoo-12 ear-back-tattoo-13 ear-back-tattoo-14 ear-back-tattoo-15 ear-back-tattoo-16 ear-back-tattoo-17 ear-back-tattoo-18 ear-back-tattoo-19 ear-back-tattoo-20 ear-back-tattoo-21 ear-back-tattoo-22 ear-back-tattoo-23 ear-back-tattoo-24 ear-back-tattoo-25 ear-back-tattoo-26 ear-back-tattoo-27 ear-back-tattoo-28 ear-back-tattoo-29
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