150 Amazing Calf Tattoo Ideas For Men & Women


Getting a calf tattoo but need some inspiration? Don’t miss this compilation of amazing ideas!

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Equally popular among men and women, calf tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and leave plenty of scope for creativity and originality.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular calf tattoo designs, as well as looking at the advantages of lower leg tattoos.

For more calf tattoo inspiration and ideas, check out our gallery below!

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Calf tattoo design ideas


Particularly popular among men’s calf tattoos, biomechanical designs depict a fusion of human tissue and mechanical elements.

The idea is to create the illusion that under the skin, pistons, gears, and pipes are a part of the anatomy, not unlike in a sci-fi cyborg.

Depending on the look you’re aiming to achieve and the abilities of tattoo artists in your area, consider either a 3D tattoo or a traditional style.

3D tattoos strive for perfect photorealism, creating a genuine optical illusion of ripped skin and metal parts intertwined with muscle. The traditional style appears more like a drawing.

calf tattoos

For a fun twist, consider steampunk designs – referencing sci-fi set in a Victorian-like era and using imagery of copper gears and clock-parts.


Floral motifs never go out of style. Often featured in women’s calf tattoos, flowers are a great choice for any placement.

For one, each of the most popular flowers has a deep and fascinating symbolism attached to it. Floral designs are also easy to expand in the future.


Some of the most popular flowers featured in tattoo designs include roses, lilies, daisies, lotuses, and cherry blossom.

Each of these has a unique and instantly recognizable look, as well as a set of symbolic meanings: check out our dedicated articles on specific flowers for more details and ideas.



Animals are another staple of tattoo designs. The main part of the appeal is the symbolic and metaphorical meanings expressed by each animal.

Many people also have a particular liking for a specific kind of animal, or feel a spiritual connection.

Animals commonly chosen for tattoo designs include owls, deer, wolves, bears, lions, tigers, butterflies, dragonflies, snakes, and many more.

Each animal has its own set of meanings and can be represented in a wide variety of designs and styles.

calf tattoos

As you’re bound to have noticed, mythical creatures often make an appearance in calf tattoo designs.

Dragons and phoenixes are among the most popular choices.



For a couple of decades, tribal tattoos were synonymous with semi-abstract designs, composed of curved lines coming to sharp, tapered ends.

In more recent years, it’s become more popular to draw inspiration for tribal tattoos from traditional tattooing practices and designs, for instance those of Polynesian or Maori tribal cultures.

Traditional tribal tattoos feature intertwining patterns and symbols, each of which represents a particular meaning. Using these elements, then, it’s possible to create great-looking tattoos that also have a complex hidden significance.



Anchors have a long history of appearing in tattoo designs. This is unsurprising, given the connection between sailors and tattoo art. These tattoos are still popular today, and the calf is a popular placement for these designs.

As well as looking great, placing an anchor on the lower leg has a meaning of its own. After all, it represents safety and being on firm ground – so it makes sense to place it on the muscle on the leg.

Flowers, ribbons, writing, and other elements can be added to the image of an anchor to create a more layered calf tattoo design.

Hearts are also a common addition, combined with anchors to express the notion of the importance of love or the depth of a particular relationship.

You can see examples of these tattoos in our guide.

calf tattoos


Synonymous with the Native American culture, dreamcatchers are ornaments with deep symbolic significance. They take the form of the main circle, which is filled with an intricately woven symmetrical pattern. Feathers or additional circles hang from the bottom of the main circle.

Dreamcatchers are hung on walls and meant to be a sort of charm, protecting a sleeping person from nightmares. According to belief, the net is supposed to ‘filter’ the person’s dreams, only allowing the good and useful ones to pass.

As a tattoo, a dreamcatcher is often understood as a symbol of good fortune and spirituality. The calf is the perfect place for a dreamcatcher tattoo: the main circle of the symbol is placed on the widest part of the calf muscle.

The feathers at the bottom of the dreamcatcher fit very well onto the elongated part of the lower leg below.

Read more about dreamcatcher tattoos here.

calf tattoos

Matching tattoos on both calves

The symmetry offered by the calves allows for lots of creativity with not just one, but two designs.

If the tattoos are placed in the same spot on both calves, have similar shapes, match in style, and together form a cohesive whole, we can consider them matching.

calf tattoos

If this is the effect you’re going for, it’s important to make sure the designs are complimentary of each other in some way. Otherwise, you’ll just have two unrelated tattoos.

calf tattoos

Examples of complimentary matching calf tattoos include the sun on one calf and the moon on the other, or a tiger with a matching bear tattoo on the other leg. The yin and yang symbol, split into two, is also a common choice.

Sizing and placement

The lower leg is generally considered a convenient and practical placement for tattoos. The area is easy to reach, which will come particularly useful during the healing process.

Unlike your back, for instance, the calf doesn’t present a challenge when applying creams or changing the wrapping by yourself.

calf tattoos

The calf provides a relatively large surface area, which means you could place a medium-sized design on the back of your lower leg without it wrapping around to the front.

The wrap-around is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can distort certain designs if not thought out properly.

In terms of sizing, there are three main groups of calf tattoo ideas:

  • Back of the lower leg – this’ll be a tattoo covering most of the calf without wrapping around
  • Lower leg ‘sleeve’ – this kind of design is one large piece that wraps all the way around the leg, much like the sleeve tattoos on the arms
  • Smaller designs – small calf tattoos can be placed anywhere along the back or side of the lower leg. They look great on their own and as part of a larger collection of small designs.



One of the advantages of getting a calf tattoo is that there is plenty of additional space around the calf to add further elements to the same design or separate complimentary tattoos.

For instance, you could extend your calf tattoo to your thigh at a later date, or even get a matching design on your other calf.

Calf tattoos are also easy to cover up when necessary, provided that you plan ahead where it comes to outfits. Wearing long trousers is the obvious solution for concealing the tattoo.

For women wearing skirts or dresses, a pair of thick, black tights should help to make the tattoo much less visible.

 calf tattoos

Further considerations

While these are not necessarily disadvantages, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

After the tattoo is completed, it will take around 2-3 weeks for the surface of the skin to heal. During this time, it’s important to be careful where it comes to clothing.

You shouldn’t wear anything tight-fitting on your legs, as this will cause the fabric to rub against the tattoo, irritating the skin and potentially damaging the tattoo.

Avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight is equally important, as this can cause fading and irritation. It’s therefore best to wear loose trousers or a long skirt during the healing phase.

Many of you are bound to be wondering whether it’s okay to shave your legs after getting a calf muscle tattoo. Once the skin has healed – after 2-3 weeks, provided there haven’t been any complications – it’s perfectly fine to shave the tattooed area.

calf tattoos

Lastly, before getting a lower leg tattoo, consider whether your chosen design in this placement won’t be seen as insensitive or offensive. It’s best to avoid tattooing religious imagery on the legs, unless you’re sure it’s not disrespectful.

For instance, having a tattoo of Buddha anywhere on the lower half of the body is considered offensive by many people.

Celebrities with calf tattoos

Hayley Williams – The singer has a colorful design on the back of her lower leg, depicting the ‘Mirthmobile’ car from the movie Wayne’s World driving into a rose.

Zoë Kravitz – Zoë has a very small tattoo of a skull and crossbones symbol on the back of her right lower leg.

Margaret Cho – The American comedian, actress, author, and singer-songwriter has a small cherry blossom tattoo on her calf.

Debra Wilson – The actress has extensive and impressive tattoos covering both of her legs, with prominent, matching tribal designs wrapping around both calves.

Avril Lavigne – the Canadian singer has a tiny, blue-and-black star tattooed on the back of her calf.

Final words

The calf is the perfect space for tattoos, with easy maintenance, a large surface area, and plenty of creative and original ideas for designs.

Enjoy your browse through our gallery and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

calf tattoos

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