150 Amazing Calf Tattoo Ideas For Men & Women

One of the most popular forms of tattoos is calf tattoos, which are equally loved by men, women, girls, and guys. Besides giving a perfect canvas for making bold and large tattoo designs, this place is great for those who sometimes need to conceal their tattoos for professional reasons or otherwise. All they need to do is wear an outfit which covers their legs and the tattoo is out of sight for an interview or business meeting. And just wear a short outfit at the beach or evening party and you can once again sow it off to the whole wide world.

Moreover, there is a good deal of skin on this part of the body, which implies the pain of inking a tattoo here is lesser as compared to that inflicted on the bony parts of the body such as the hip, wrists, ribs and lower back. All these factors account for the fact that calve tattoos make a great option particularly for the beginners, who are going to try tattoo art for the first time.

These days, it cannot be denied that great numbers of individuals in the entire world are looking for tattoos that will exude a great amount of sophistication, and good examples for these tattoos are the calf or calve tattoos. A lot of men are going for these tattoos since these can also make them look manlier than ever. One reason why these tattoos can display great sophistication is the wide variety of more refined and elegant calve tattoo designs that you can choose from. Another reason is the unique place they have got on the body.


Before getting tattooed on your calf, it is practical enough to know first if such tattoo can give you some benefits that will help you push it through. Well, the good news is, calve tattoos can surely be advantages in their own ways. Here are some expected advantages about these tattoos:

  • Wide Design Varieties – This is one advantageous thing about a tattoo on the calf. With this, you can always find the gorgeous design that will be inked on your calf. You can even make your own beautiful design, and let your professional piercer copy it.
  • Elegant Look – For your own additional information, wearing these tattoos can make you look very elegant in the eyes of many. It is all because of the sophisticated designs available for these tattoos.
  • Boosted Confidence – Since you completely know that you will have very elegant and beautifully designed tattoos on your calf, this will certainly reflect you. As a result, you will gain more confidence to show your true self towards the people surrounding you.


Along with the breathtaking advantages that calve tattoos can offer are some disadvantages that must be kept in mind. These will help a lot in deciding to go for these tattoos or not. Here are some of them:

  • Very Painful Sometimes – One major disadvantage of this tattoo is the fact that it can be very painful for you, at times. If the tattoo design will just mainly evolve on the main portion of the calf, it will be less painful. But if the design will roundly cover the entire calf extending to some other parts, then it is expected to be more painful. It’s because legs, where the calf is located, is nearer to the bones.
  • Costlier – A calve tattoo will certainly require great expertise in tattooing since it needs to look extremely sophisticated. There should be no room for errors. It is because a single mistake in measuring the portion of this tattoo may already wreck up the elegance it can display. With this, it may take some time and effort, making it more expensive.

Celebrities and their Calves Tattoos

Here are the names of the famous celebrities who have calved tattoos:

  • Debra Wilson – Both of her calves are elegantly covered with tribal design tattoos.
  • Fantasia Barrino – This excellent singer has a beautiful tattoo on his calf, which has cross and angel wings design.
  • Hayley Williams – This renowned singer-songwriter looks very elegant to her mirth mobile car tattoo located on her right calf.

Best Designs Options

In case you are one of those people who want to have gorgeous calve tattoo designs inked on the body, then it is certainly good news for you that there are lots of design options that you can take into account. Here are some of the most common yet very striking designs:

  • Tiger Tattoo – The particular matter that should be given attention in this design is the size of the tattoo. You need to know that its size will vary from person to person. It is simply because every individual differs on the size of their calf. Of course, the main image that should be tattooed here is the face of a tiger animal. To make it more elegant, some elegant designs and colors should be added.
  • Boat Tattoo – This design is best to be roundly covered in your calf area. This is the perfect design for women, but this doesn’t mean that it can no longer appear great on men. To exude more femininity, it might be wonderful to add some rose designs.
  • Butterfly Tattoo – This is another design that would look amazing on girls. A lot of tiny details must be perfected here, along with the brighter colors. It is now up to you how big an image of a butterfly you want to get tattooed.
  • Tribal Tattoo – This tattoo design can help you showcase fierceness and elegance at the same time. The tiny intricate details of this tattoo are too beautiful to be ignored. It would suit men and women who love to have such tattoos.

Tattoos on the calf are sure to be very elegant adornments on the body. Just make sure to hire the finest tattoo artist in town who will do your tattoos.

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