150 Awesome Dreamcatcher Tattoos & Meanings

Dreamcatcher tattoos not only look amazing but also have a deep and fascinating history and background.

owl dreamcatcher tattoo on arm

As with many other common symbols and tattoo designs, it’s good to get to know the meaning behind the art before having it inked.

Dreamcatchers come from the Native American culture. They take the form of hoops with a light woven pattern inside, and often feathers or other adornments attached to the bottom.

dreamcatcher tattoo on neck



Origins of the dreamcatcher

Although dreamcatchers are usually associated with the Native American culture as a whole, they actually originated from the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe of Canada and the United States.

The Ojibwa word for ‘dreamcatcher’ asabikeshiinh, literally means ‘spider’.

The Ojibwa legends spoke of a mystical character known as ‘Spider Woman’, who was a spiritual protector for the tribe – particularly the children.

elephant dreamcatcher tattoo

Though from an outsider’s perspective this might make little sense – spiders hardly invoke positive thoughts in most modern cultures – for the Ojibwa people, spiders were associated with protection and safety.

When the tribe grew and its members began to spread further and further across the land, the legend claims that the Spider Woman became unable to protect every individual – there were too many of them, too far away.

As a tool or token of her protection, she created the first dreamcatcher. Following her example, mothers and grandmothers began to make dreamcatchers as maternal keepsakes for their children.

Dreamcatchers, then, were a kind of talisman meant to provide protection.

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dreamcatcher arm tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoo meaning

What dreamcatchers were actually made to protect from were bad dreams – as the name suggests.

Native Americans believe that at night, the air is filled with dreams. The dreamcatcher would be hung above a person’s bed or in the doorway to the bedroom, ideally in a spot where the morning sun will hit it.

dreamcatcher and wolf tattoo

As the person sleeps, the bad dreams pass through the dreamcatcher, while the good ones are ‘caught’ in the web and slide down the feathers and into the person’s mind.

As a tattoo, the dreamcatcher retains its original function – most people understand it to be a symbol of protection, a talisman meant to guard against bad thoughts or bad experiences.

Dreamcatcher tattoos are supposed to filter out negativity – the ‘nightmares’ – and leave only positive thoughts – ‘good dreams’.

colorful dreamcatcher arm tattoo

The meaning of individual parts

Within the structure of a dreamcatcher, each individual component plays an important symbolic or metaphorical role and adds further depth to the meaning.

  • Hoop – in its circular shape, the hoop represents the circle of life, as well as the Sun and the Moon traveling across the sky. Though the hoops of traditional, authentic Native American dreamcatchers tend to be quite small, in a tattoo they come in every size. Depending on the design, a single dreamcatcher can have one hoop or multiple ones. In the case of multiple hoops, a common choice is one large hoop and three smaller ones ‘hanging’ from its bottom.
  • Web – The pattern woven inside the hoop is a representation of a spider’s web – referring to the legend of the Spider Woman and the notion of the spider as a symbol of protection.
  • Bead – Some dreamcatchers incorporate one or more beads. There is no single answer as to what the beads are meant to represent, but the most popular view is that a bead is a spider in the ‘web’ of the dreamcatcher. Another proposed meaning of the beads is that they are good dreams that didn’t enter the sleeping person’s mind and instead became sacred charms on the surface of the dreamcatcher.
  • Feather – One or more feathers usually hang from the bottom of the hoop. As mentioned above, these are meant to act as a path for good dreams, leading from the dreamcatcher to the sleeping person’s mind.

dreamcatcher forearm tattoo

Placement Guide

Depending on the complexity of your chosen dreamcatcher design, it’s possible to have it tattooed on most areas of the body.

The only places where it might be impossible to fit it are the extremely small areas, like the side of your finger.

Larger tattoos will look great on the back, stomach, arms, chest, thighs – just about anywhere with enough space to contain them. If you’re looking to have a smaller dreamcatcher tattoo done though, consider these placements:

  • Wrist – wrist tattoos are both elegant and easy to display. If your design is elongated – for example, due to long feathers at the bottom of the dreamcatcher – it may need to partly extend onto your forearm.
  • Back of the neck – though seemingly a small space, the back of your neck is relatively flat – which makes it a great placement for a circular tattoo, as the design won’t be distorted by wrapping the edges. As with the wrist, if it’s a long design, it may need to extend downwards towards the top of your back. This is not a bad thing – the elongated design can look great stretching from the back of your neck along the line of your spine.
  • Behind the ear – subtle and very discrete, the back of the ear is not one of the obvious tattoo placements. Opting for this area for a dreamcatcher tattoo could create a challenge for you tattoo artist – the design will need to be quite small. Consult a trusted tattooist before deciding.
  • Foot – the foot makes for a great dreamcatcher themed tattoo placement and one that is increasingly popular. Particularly the flat area on the outside edge of the top of the foot is a good choice, as it offers a decent amount of space for a relatively small design.

new dreamcatcher arm tattoo

Celebrities with dreamcatcher tattoos

These tattoos are popular among celebrities, too. Examples of famous people with dreamcatcher designs include:

  • Miley Cyrus – Miley Cyrus has a large dreamcatcher style tattoo on her ribs, on the right side. The design includes four feathers, which allegedly represent the four siblings in her family.
  • Vanessa Franco – Just like Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Franco has a dreamcatcher on the right side of her ribs.
  • Vanessa White – Vanessa White has one tattooed on her right forearm. On the same arm, in the wrist area, she has tattoos of a heart and a cross.

pretty dreamcatcher tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs

Every dreamcatcher design will look slightly different. One of the big advantages of choosing a dreamcatcher for your tattoo is that it is easily customizable and suits a number of aesthetics.

Dreamcatcher tattoos often fall into one of two categories: minimalistic, with just a sketch of the outlines, and hyper-realistic.

However, both can be combined with elements of other styles, for instance watercolor.

dreamcatcher heart tattoo


Color-wise, the possibilities are practically endless – dreamcatcher themed tattoos look awesome in any color scheme. Black dreamcatchers with lightweight outlines will have an elegant, toned-down look, while colorful ones will be more eye-catching.

Dreamcatchers tattooed in white ink are also an option, and have a highly original look to them.

If you’re considering a colorful dreamcatcher tattoo, remember that you can add splashes of color outside of the dreamcatcher itself – such as watercolor marks around or behind it.

dreamcatcher on shoulder blade tattoo

Other elements, such as animals, leaves, or beads, can be added to make the design more complex.

One thing that is important to remember when coming up with design ideas for your dreamcatcher tattoo is that it is a significant cultural and spiritual symbol for people who identify with the Native American culture.

It’s advisable to take care not to appropriate the symbol in a way that could be insensitive or offensive.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo on upper Back Creative Owl-Shaped Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Forearm

Design ideas

If you want to make your dreamcatcher body art more complicated or if you’re looking for adding another layer of meaning, you can get creative with the elements of the design.

Some ideas for more complex designs include:

  • Bird dreamcatcher – Since dreamcatcher images already incorporate feathers, adding a bird to the design is an interesting idea. The two elements fit well together and in terms of meaning, highlight the ties to nature that the dreamcatcher and the bird both represent. The owl is one of the most common choices – a bird representing wisdom in most Western cultures. It’s interesting to note that in many Native American tribes, owls are feared – they are considered to be ill omens and symbols of death.
  • Elephant dreamcatcher – Elephant dreamcatchers are quite popular, likely because the symbolic significance of the elephant fits so well with the meaning of the dreamcatcher. An elephant generally symbolizes good luck and prosperity, as well as power and strength. Combined with the symbolic value of the dreamcatcher as a protection talisman, this design is a deeply positive symbol.
  • Dreamcatcher with multiple hoops – As has been touched on above, your dreamcatcher design can be made bigger and more complex with the addition of smaller hoops. Typically, there will be one large hoop, and either one or three smaller ones underneath it. This is a great way of elongating the design.
  • Deer dreamcatcher – An image of a deer is an interesting addition to a dreamcatcher. Usually, just the head of the deer is visible – typically in the middle of the dreamcatcher hoop. In Native American culture, the deer is seen as a messenger, an animal representing power, and a symbol of intuition, gentleness, and sensitivity. In Western cultures the stag is often seen as the king of the forest and the protector of all other animals.
  • Eye dreamcatcher – It’s not uncommon to see the dreamcatcher combined with an eye, either as a symbol or as a hyper-realistic design. In both cases, the eye will typically be placed at the center of the hoop. As a symbol, eyes most commonly represent omniscience and knowledge, and are considered to be gateways into the soul.
  • Heart dreamcatcher – In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of dreamcatcher designs with the hoop element shaped as a heart rather than a circle. Modifying the shape in this way does of course mean that it is no longer a ‘true’ dreamcatcher, but as artwork it looks very interesting.

Final words

Dreamcatchers make for fantastic tattoo designs that can be made unique and truly your own.

Most dreamcatcher designs will involve symmetry and a fair amount of detail, so it’s particularly important to choose a tattoo artist who will be able to make sure your tattoo ends up looking exactly the way you imagined it would.

Enjoy browsing the gallery and good luck finding the perfect dreamcatcher design for you!

Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Back Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Ribcage Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Thigh 3D Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Thigh Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Ankle Dotwork Dreamcatcher Tattoo Dreamcatcher with Flowers Tattoo Intricate Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design White Ink Dreamcatcher Tattoo Blackwork Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design Dotwork Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design Best Forearm Dreamcatcher Tattoo Panda Flower Dreamcatcher Tattoo Heart-Shaped Willow Hoop Dreamcatcher Tattoo Nature Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Heart-Shaped Hoop Floral Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design Nautical Themed Dreamcatcher Tattoo Colorful Dotwork Dreamcatcher Tattoo Paw Print Dreamcatcher Tattoo Owl Dreamcatcher Design Tiny Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Forearm Morphing Dreamcatcher Tattoo Stag Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design Amazingly Detailed Miniature Dreamcatcher Tattoo Blackwork Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design Watercolor Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo Tiny Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Wrist Beautiful Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design Small Ankle Dreamcatcher Tattoo Amazing Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo Back Shoulder Dreamcatcher Tattoo Gorgeous Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design
dreamcatcher tattoo on sitting womandreamcatcher tattoo whole body womandreamcatcher tattoo on woman's buttocksship and octopus tattoo on woman's sideorange Dreamcatcher Tattoo on woman's upper back complex Dreamcatcher Tattoo on woman's side green Dreamcatcher Tattoo on thigh eagle and Dreamcatcher Tattoo on back heart shaped dreamcatcher tattoo carpe diem tattoo designcarpe diem and birds tattoo designcarpe diem tattoo design on woman's backDreamcatcher Tattoo back design carpe diem and clouds arm tattoo designcarpe diem vertical tattoo design on backcarpe diem chest tattoo designwrist Dreamcatcher Tattoo design Dreamcatcher black and white Tattoo design on wrist Dreamcatcher Tattoo forearm design white Dreamcatcher Tattoo design carpe diem whole forearm tattoo designcarpe diem tattoo design on love handlebird cage on thigh tattoo designwoman full of tattooflowery tattoo design whole shoulder and armpeacock full back tattoo designdreamy tattoo design on full backDreamcatcher Tattoo on woman's side idea small Dreamcatcher Tattoo idea colored Dreamcatcher Tattoo idea rosy tattoo on neck and shoulder ideagreen giant bird tattoo ideadreamcatcher green tattoo idea whole upper body front tattoo design

dreamcatcher and white rose tattoo idea dreamcatcher tattoo idea  tall dreamcatcher tattoo idea on back dreamcatcher sleeve tattoo idea not all those who wander are lost dreamcatcher tattoo design dreamcatcher blue tattoo idea on side  dreamcatcher on upper leg tattoo design dreamcatcher and roses tattoo idea on thigh dreamcatcher on full shoulder tattoo idea dreamcatcher small on neck tattoo idea Cute Dreamcatcher Tattoo dreamcatcher on foot  dream catcher tattoo on leg
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simple full black dreamcatcher tattoo design daisies and dreamcatcher tattoo design paw and dreamcatcher tattoo design full sleeve dreamcatcher tattoo design dreamcatcher hip tattoo design dreamcatcher and pink roses tattoo idea upper thigh dreamcatcher tattoo design  dreamcatcher tattoo on thigh bluish dreamcatcher tattoo on shoulder simple woman's dreamcatcher tattoo on forearm dreamcatcher waist tattoo idea   dreamcatcher quote tattoo idea rosy dreamcatcher tattoo design on leg


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