123 Brilliant Tree Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

Trees are the most important element of nature as they play a key role in sustaining life on the planet, taking in carbon dioxide and giving out the precious oxygen gas, which is necessary for human life. Therefore, trees occupy a place of reverence among human beings and similarly, tree tattoos are a popular design in contemporary tattoo art. Such a design is particularly loved by people who appreciate nature and environment and represents their feelings towards the trees.

Symbolic Meaning of Tree Tattoo

A tree signifies life, with each part having a deep meaning. Roots stand for strong foundation as they keep the whole tree grounded in the soil, while the trunk represents resilience as it bears the extremities of weather and other forces but still keeps standing strong at its place. The branches of the tree stand for continuity and buds signify new beginnings. Trees, as a whole, show beauty, growth and strength and a tree tattoo design reflects the dedication of the bearer towards the environment and nature. Tree tattoos depict deeper meanings which differ in various cultures around the world.

  • Egyptian culture – Trees occupy an important place in Egyptian culture and mythology, where they are regarded as a symbol of life and death.
  • Chinese mythology– In Chinese mythology, the tree of life is deemed to be the home of the dragon and the phoenix, which represent the soul and its resurrection, respectively.
  • Celtic culture – The Celtic culture has always seen tree as the giver of food, warmth and shelter, which associates the tree tattoo with life.
  • Symbol of humanity – The Christian religion reveres tree as the healer and takes it as a symbol of humanity, which is pure and free of sin. Did you know Dreamcatcher tattoos are the most popular native american tattoo art?
  • Buddhist culture – Tree also has a significant place in the Buddhist religion as the place where Buddha attained enlightenment was right under a tree called the Bodhi tree. Therefore, tree tattoos are popular among the followers of Budddhist religion. We recommend you to also check Koi fish tattoos collection.
  • Dead tree tattoos imply the danger which the earth’s environment is facing today, because of inhuman cutting of trees and the resultant increasing pollution levels on the earth.

It can be said that trees symbolize resilience as they last long and bear the burdens of the earth by purifying the air of the planet. This is the reason why most of the world cultures, Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, German, Scandinavian and many more, worship these wonderful objects of nature and the tree tattoo design is getting more and more famous around the world. Don’t forget to check Maori tattos collection.

Placement of Tree Tattoos

Tree tattoos come in a variety of designs and sizes, just like the countless species of trees which exist in nature. This means that they can be placed on any part of the body, depending upon the size of the design. Smaller tree tattoos can be inked on finger, wrists, palm, arm, ankle, behind the ear and neck, while larger ones can be featured on larger surface areas such as the back, shoulder, thigh, sleeve, side and chest. The basic consideration is that large tattoos need a larger area of the skin to get the perfect magnificent look, which every bearer wants for his tattoo design.

Popular Tree Tattoo Designs

The variety in tree species occurring in nature is immense and so is that in tree tattoos. There are a large number of tree tattoo designs which are considered as the most popular ones among discerning tattoo lovers around the globe. Here are some of them:

  • Tree of Life Tattoo – The tree of life stands for eternity, knowledge, wisdom, growth, abundance, strength and protection. The design incorporated all parts of the tree such as roots, trunk, branches and leaves, which grow in the outward direction, yet get interconnected and link themselves to the roots, making a circular shape. The tree of life design is seen as a symbol of interconnection of the people of the world with each other. It is inked in lush green color and is one of the most loved tree tattoo designs. Did you check our hand-picked collection of White ink tattoos?
  • Willow Tree Tattoo – Another popular tree tattoo design is the willow tree tattoo, which is usually inked as a memorial of a loved one who has departed. The design may have a name or text added to it to make it more meaningful. Willow is a tree which signifies strength and resilience as it withstands the fiercest of storms to retain its position, which makes such a tattoo a symbol of conviction and determination of the bearer. Some associate the weeping willow with mourning, dreams and intuition.
  • Palm Tree Tattoo – Palm tree is also a well appreciated tattoo design, which is favored because of its aesthetic value. Such trees carry a delicate appeal, which is the reason why women love this tattoo design and its elongated structure makes it more suitable for areas like arms and legs. Symbolically, palm tree tattoos signify peace and harmony.
  • Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo – One of the most amazing tree tattoo designs is the Asian cherry blossom tree tattoo, also called sakura tree design. The design stands for the beauty of cycle of life. The tattoo has a great visual appeal as it shows the bright pink flowers along with intricate details, which make it an eye catching fare.
  • Oak Tree Tattoo – Oak tree symbolizes bravery and strength, which makes one achieve victory and glory. It also denotes wisdom, patience and spirituality. Oak tree has been a part of several ancient religions, which makes it occupy a place of reverence in modern tattoo art too.
  • Dead Tree Tattoo – As the name suggests, dead tree is associated with the memories of a loved one and people usually get this design inked in order to show their grief and mourning. Usually inked on the back, the design features heavy shading and can even include some dark elements such as skull, wolf, lion or raven.
  • Leaves Tattoo – Leaves are the most prominent part of the tree and can be used as an important design under this heading. A leaf denotes growth, fertility and happiness and may have some other meanings associated with them depending upon the tree they come from. For instance, ivy leaves denote friendship, birch leaves stand for purification while bay leaves signify healing.
  • Some other Fruit Tree Tattoos – Some other fruit trees may be included in tattoo designs and have different meanings attached to them. Apple trees represent temptation, sin, beauty and youth. Birch tree symbolizes new beginning and resurrection. Magnolia tree has been considered as the representation of resilience and beauty, since times immemorial.

Some other design elements which may be incorporated with tree tattoos are birds, dreamcatcher, feathers, anchors, arrow, compass, flowers, clouds, stars, butterfly, dragonfly and some quotations, which add a new meaning to the design.


Trees play an important role in human existence as they replenish the supply of oxygen on the planet. Additionally, they symbolize beauty and resilience, which make them a popular choice in tattoo art. Men and women love to have this magnificent design inked on various parts of their body, because they have both, great aesthetic value and rich symbolic meaning.

Popular Pictures Of Tree Tattoo Designs

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