160+ Mystifying Moon Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Tattoo art is not a modern form of body embellishment but a centuries old craft which has been carried down by generations. Since the very beginning, tattoo artists have looked for fascinating animals to create some of the most amazing and eye appealing designs. Most of the times, they take inspiration from the elements of nature including flowers, birds, animals, clouds and heavenly bodies. Among the heavenly bodies, the moon tattoos make one of the most popular designs because of the amazing aesthetic and symbolic qualities associated with it. Though moon has always been known to bear close relationship with femininity, the moon design is equally revered by both the sexes. The fact is that the moon design is one of the most versatile ones in tattoo art as it can be inked in any size at different placements. Moreover, it can be used in combination with a wide range of elements to create a meaningful tattoo design, which is bound to impress.

Moon Tattoos Meanings

Moon has always been an object of fascination for the human race. It is as beautiful as symbolically meaningful, associated with attributes such as purity, beauty, feminine power, mystery, sensuality, subtle energy, fertility, mysticism and divine light. The moon has been part of ancient mythology and folklore and has often been compared to the beauty of a women, which gives it a close relationship to femininity and beauty. Women with extreme and flawless beauty have often been compared with the moon in different cultures around the world. Another derivative of the association between the moon and woman is its quality of fertility and motherhood.

Astrology takes moon as a major influencing power in the horoscope of a person and it is often interpreted as the mother. In fact, the positioning of the moon in the horoscope of a person is studied to interpret his relationship with his or her mother, because the rays of the moon are soothing and cool like the love of mother. In addition to beauty and motherhood, another aspect of moon and its influence on women is that it plays a vital role in the emotional makeup of a woman, and signifies the hidden strength of mind of a woman.

Another important interpretation of the moon is in relation with its waxing and waning cycles, which take place with an amazing accuracy, thus representing consistency and regeneration. Science has also reinforced the fact that the cycles of the moon have deep impact on human mind, in addition to that on the earth and sea. Like causing tides in oceans, these cycles also exert influence on human moods and emotions. In the Oriental culture, moon is linked with Yin, the energy of femininity and darkness while sun is related with Yang, the power of masculinity and daylight. It is not only women who are influenced by this aspect of the moon but also men feel the same, which gives the moon a reputation for controlling mind and emotions of human beings. In some cultures such as Japanese, Native American, African and Maori tribes, the moon is referred to as male gender and sometimes associated with lunar Gods, who happen to be male deities of hunting cultures.

In addition to exercising control over human beings, the moon has been closely linked with certain animals too such as nocturnal creatures, which come out during the night when the moon rules the skies. Similarly, creatures like bulls, which have crescent horns are often compared with the moon. Cats, owls, rabbits and toads are also known to be related with lunar energies. And of course, wolves which have always been closely associated with the moon! The Native American culture even gave the name of wolf moon to the month of January as people of the tribe tracked the lunar cycles and gave distinctive names to the months of the year in accordance with the cycles.

Placement Guide

For sure, you already know that the placement of your tattoos will depend on your decision. Even so, there are several common placements for moon art that you should know. These body areas can showcase your tattoo well, and you might want to consider putting this art. In this regard, here are some of the common placements of moon tattoos that you should know:

  • Tattoos on Chest–Chest is the most common body area among men where they choose to place this art. This is a very obvious area in which the people around can notice when you are topless or when your shirt is a little down. This is the best placement if you want to tell your girlfriend or wife how proud and happy you are to have her.
  • Tattoos on Back –The back portion of your body is another great option for tattoo placement, regardless if you are a man or a woman. Since your back is a wide area for a tattoo, you can definitely choose to have a bigger design if you want to. Even so, you should know that big or small art, they are just the same when it comes to beauty. It is rest assured that they are all striking.
  • Tattoos on ShouldersWhatever design you want to choose, it is certainly perfect to be placed on your shoulders. You can decide if you want to put it on the left, right, or in both shoulders. Women can certainly make their shoulders even more gorgeous through such tattoo.
  • Tattoos on ThighIf you want to have this art not that obvious to some other people, you can choose to place them on your thighs. Of course, it is now up to you if you want to put tattoos in both of your thighs or just on the left or right part.
  • And few other placements such as Hips, Stomach, Breast, Legs, Ankle, Hand, Arms and Foot are most suitable for moon art tattoo designs.

Alluring Moon Tattoos Designs

As said before, moon designs boast of great versatility because they look good on men and women and can be inked on various placements on the body, depending upon the size and design of the tattoos. While one choice among moon designs is the one which shows the moon in solitude or the moon cycles, the moon can also be combined with sun to create a tattoo depicting a balance between Yin and Yang. Another much loved moon design is the blue moon, while some bearers have the tattoo accompanies with heavenly elements such as fairies, angels and pixies. Those looking for a dark and mysterious design can go for a howling wolf with a full moon in the background. Others can pay an ode to the mother by having the name of the mother or some quote about her inked along with the moon art.

An expert tattoo artist can help you select a moon tattoo design which is alluring as well as has a symbolic quality to relate with your attitude.

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