150 All Time Popular Warrior Tattoos And Their Meanings

Tattoo art is an amazing form of body embellishment which can help you express your attitude in a subtle way. Before you choose a tattoo design, you must consider its aesthetic value as well as symbolism to make sure that you land at a perfect design. While elements of nature like flowers and animals make usual choices for tattoo designs, you can go for something as unusual as warrior tattoos if you are looking for a unique tattoo design. Warriors have been a part of legends and folklores of various cultures around the world and their courage and bravery makes them alluring subjects. As a result, they have today become a wonderful design option for both men and women.

Symbolic Meanings

Warriors are the people, who exhibit their bravery and power in the battlefield, and they are also linked with violence and death, but it is not necessary that warriors should be seen in a negative light. On a positive note, warriors stand for glory, persistence and courage, which helps them win the battles of life, whether they are physical battles or emotional ones. By bearing a warrior designtattoo, a person can gain inspiration for collecting his inner strength and face the toughest situations of life with courage. The interpretation of a them actually depends upon a bearer as it is up to him, whether to relate the tattoo with violence or his inner courage and persistence. Another aspect of warrior life is the valor and will to sacrifice their life in the battlefield, for which they get great admiration. They are ready to fight for their cause and rise against any challenge in their determination to emerge victorious.

Popular Warrior Tattoo Designs

There is a considerable variety in warrior design tattoos because warriors have been an integral part of different cultures around the world. Today, these warring cultures are being used as the basic element of different designs:

  • Samurai Warriors – Samurai warriors are the warrior class native to Japan. They are characterized by elaborate costumes, distinctively designed helmets and their large and powerful swords. These warriors had to adhere to a code of loyalty, respect and self discipline. Their physical appearance as well as ethical value of Samurais makes them an attractive option for warrior designs. These tattoos are usually large and intricate and ideally placed on the back.
  • Native American Warriors – Native American warriors are easily recognizable because of their huge headdress made of colorful feathers. Along with this vibrant looking headgear, the spiritual as well as physical powers make this tattoo an attractive one for tattoo lovers. While it is common to notice the head of the Native American warrior in tattoo designs, one can also have a full body tattoo of the same as it exudes sheer power. The design can be accompanied by typical Native American elements such as the dreamcatcher, eagle and wolf, which can add a new dimension to this particular tattoo design.
  • Celtic Warrior Design – The Celtic warriors hailed from Europe and they belonged to savage tribes. A Celtic warrior was characterized by bare chest adorned with a small armor and they used a wide array of weapons such as a large sword, axes, javelins and slings. Their savage looks make them look amazing in a tattoo design. Some designs are accompanied by elements such as Celtic knot and Celtic cross.
  • Female Warrior Designs – Though the image which strikes the mind while thinking of a warrior is a masculine one, there have also been some courageous and noble female warriors in the history of the world. As a result, it is not uncommon to find female warrior tattoo designs. These designs feature the beauty and power of females and make a good choice for female tattoo bearers.
  • Roman Warrior Designs – Another design option is the one depicted Roman warriors, dressed up in typical helmets, shields and having bare legs. There is a great variety of designs available in Roman warrior as the culture has been revered for its great battles since ancient history. The design can feature the head of a Roman warrior or his full body, as per the choice of the tattoo bearer.
  • Viking Warrior – The Vikings were another well known warrior faction of the early times and the most prominent thing about these warriors was their headgear or helmets, which bore horns. This feature is what makes the Viking warrior design option very distinctive and a design becomes immediately recognizable because of them.


Final Words

Most of the warrior tattoos are done in a realistic manner, with some artists even preferring 3D design for a lifelike impact. Though conventional black and grey colors may be good enough, ample usage of vibrant colors is a feature which makes them really distinctive.


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