200 Popular Pocket Watch Tattoo Designs For Men Women

Time is the most important element in a person’s life and a watch is used to measure time, which makes it a very important device. Tattoos represent one’s attitude and feelings, which is the reason why tattoo art has been ruling the hearts of people for a long period of time. Tattoo artists around the world have used design elements such as flowers, animals, celestial bodies, fish, trees and other objects in nature as well as for fantasy world in tattoo designs. One of the most alluring tattoo designs which have been revered by men and women for decades, is the pocket watch tattoo design.

Pocket Watch Tattoos Meanings

A pocket watch tattoo is much loved because of its symbolic meaning. It has a very special meaning which associates it with the importance of time. A pocket watch is related to a special point of time in one’s life, such as dates of birth of a child, wedding anniversaries and even date of death of a loved one. In this way, they symbolize time, life, death and stability and constantly remind the bearer about the significance of every single second in their life. It keeps telling them to live every moment to the fullest and make sure that life is made worth living by realizing the value of every single moment of time. the watch is also a fashionable accessory which is worn by a person to enhance his appearance, which also makes them a style statement. As a result, such tattoos are both, valuable in the aesthetic sense as well as they have a deep symbolic meaning. This has made pocket watch art a preferred choice among discerning tattoo lovers.

Placement Guide

The attraction and aesthetic appeal of a tattoo design is largely determined by its placement. The most favorable spot for bearing a pocket watch art is the shoulder, as it really suits the shape and size of this tattoo. Men are usually spotted with pocket watch shoulder or sleeve tattoos, while women prefer to wear them as back tattoos. However, smaller sized tattoos are done on smaller surface areas such as the legs, wrist, back of the neck and ankle . Such a tattoo also looks good on the side, sleeve stomach, rib, shoulder, thigh & chest. The placement of the tattoo depends upon its design and design and it can be chosen with the help of an experienced artist, who can guide you well about the spot where it would look the best. Dragon, phoenix, fish, lion, owl, elephant, wolf, celestial objects stars, moon, birds and many other elements such as flowers, dreamcatchers, feathers, cross, arrows, compass, musical symbols, heart, infinity symbol, trees can also be used to enhance the pocket watch tattoo designs or it depends on the bearer.

Popular Design Options Pocket Watch Art

A large number of design options are available for pocket watch tattoos, thanks to the dedicated tattoo artists around the globe, who are constantly at work to create some new and amazing designs for their trendy and fashion loving clients. In addition to the conventional clock designs, they also incorporate numerous other design elements to give a new look and add a new meaning to these tattoo designs.
Here are some popular designs:

  • Pocket Watch Mechanics Tattoo – One of the favorite choices for men is the one which shows intricate details of the watch mechanics, with hour, minute and second needles and also the details regarding the date and the year. One can have an important date and time indicated in such a tattoo, such as one’s own birth date and time, or that of a child or a loved one. These tattoos have masculine looks, which makes them ideal for men.
  • Pocket Watch with Flowers and Butterflies – For women who want some femininity added to pocket watch design, they can have some feminine elements such as flowers and butterflies added to the pocket watch design to make it more graceful and elegant. Use of vibrant colors instead of the conventional black and blue colored pocket watches, further enhances the aesthetic appeal of the tattoo.
  • Pocket Watch with Text – Some pocket-watch tattoos can have some text inked with them, which include names, dates, quotation and some other important lines. The tattoo bear can add something significant to its meaning by having such text added to it.
  • Pocket Watch Anchor Tattoo – The anchors is a cool addition to the conventional design. Anchor, which was originally used as a pet design for sailors and navigators, can add a new meaning to the tattoo, relating it to stability and strength. A 3D anchor tattoo is a fantastic pocket watch design.

Some other preferred pocket watch designs are realistic pocket watch, broken pocket watch and watch with skull design, the last two having something ominous about them. The tattoo bearer can choose an element to be added to the original design and discuss his preference with the artist, who can blend the two to create an absolutely amazing impact.

This beautiful bee.

Open-Face Pocket Watch Tattoo by Niki Norberg

This colorful open-faced work.

Gold Pocket Watch Tattoo by David Mushaney

These gears.

Blackwork Pocket Watch Tattoo by James Donovan

This cracked dial.

Beautiful Pocketwatch Tattoo by Phil Garcia

This fantastic hyperrealism work.

Hyperrealism Pocket Watch Tattoo by Alex Bruz

This melting pocket watch.

Melting Pocket Watch Tattoo by Acosta Tattoo

This watercolor work.

Watercolor Pocket Watch Tattoo by Timscraft

This stellar reflection.

Pocket Watch Tattoo on Forearm by Emilio Winter

These roman numerals.

Pocket Watch Tattoo by Rory

This black and grey ink open-faced pocket watch.

Pocket Watch Tattoo by Ian Miller
Colorful Pocket Watch Tattoo by Michelle MaddisonWatercolor Pocket Watch Tattoo by Laura CraverBlackwork Pocket Watch Tattoo by Todd BaileyPocket Watch Tattoo by Ryson LapeniaPocket Watch Tattoo on Forearm by Matt RoePocket Watch Tattoo by Kev Richardson JrColorful Pocket Watch Tattoo by Santiago BuriticáGorgeous Pocket Watch SleevePocket Watch & Butterflies by Ewa SrokaPocket Watch Tattoo by Alex BruzPocket Watch Tattoo on Forearm by Carmelo SilvaPocket Watch Tattoo by Adrian MoralesPocket Watch Tattoo by Mike HarperPocket Watch Tattoo by Ael LimScientific Pocket Watch Tattoo by Melina CastelettoPocket Watch Tattoo on Ribcage by DynozPocket Watch Children Tattoo by Caleb CashewPocket Watch Tattoo by StefanPocket Watch Tattoo by Javier EastmanOpen-Face Pocket Watch Tattoo by Nick HartPocket Watch Tattoo on Shoulder by Ael Lim


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