150 Brave Samurai Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Samurais refer to a special social class of people in ancient Japan, who were also called the men of weapons as they were supposed to provide protection to the high ranked nobles in those times. These people fought battles against the wrong and it was a matter of honor for them. They carried special weapons like sabers, wakizashi and katana. Samurais not only occupy a key position in Japanese culture, but also are revered in the form of Japanese Samurai tattoo art, with special designs featuring the honor and bravery of the Samurais. These special tattoos have become quite a big rage not only in Japan, but also in Asia and other parts of the world, where people appreciate the Samurai tattoo designs for their grace and honor. These tattoos are really eye catching because they feature a great deal of detailing and use of vibrant colors. Also, they are larger in size in comparison to conventional tattoos as they need special detailing which can be effectively depicted only in larger tattoos which cover a wider surface area.

Symbolic Significance of Samurai Tattoos

Being the elite warrior class, the Samurais occupy a place of honor in Japan and were known for their special code of conduct called the bushido, literally translated as the way of the warriors. The code defines seven main virtues as a part of the life of a samurai warrior, which included courage, kindness, honor, loyalty, sincerity, rectitude and politeness, all to be integral part of the personality of the Samurai. These people were brave and courageous, who were pictured in the Japanese culture as fighting against the enemy as well as powerful creatures like the dragon, koi fish and octopus. They focused on strengthening their bodies and mind so that they could fulfill their duties well. The Samurais were supposed to conquer the fear of death, living life to the fullest and a woman who married a Samurai warrior was also bound by the same code and was supposed to incorporate all the virtues of the code in her life. They wore armors which bore intricate designs, which stood as a symbol of power.

Additionally, Samurai tattoos show them wearing impressive helmets and masks and using skulls, which depict that these people are fearless against death. These designs also present them along with their weapons and signify bravery, strength and power. These tattoos are masculine and represent the mission of the Samurai, to serve and protect the nobility and the upper class, due to which they command a great deal of respect and honor in the society.

Samurai tattoos are mostly favored by men, but even women can have them inked. The main aim of Japanese Samurai tattoos is to represent honor and respect of the family, culture, tradition and the special code of conduct lay down by the bushido. Symbolically, these tattoos remind the bearer about things which are sacred to the Samurais and incorporate all of them in their lives. Wearing these tattoos means that one is going to inculcate all these virtues in himself and make them a part of their lives. The symbolic meaning as well as great visual appeal of Samurai tattoos makes them an excellent choice for tattoo lovers who are looking for something different to adorn their bodies, than the conventional flowers, arrows, anchors, hearts and tribal designs.

Popular Samurai Tattoo Designs

Samurai tattoos are rooted into the Japanese culture and these tattoos carry the basic design features of Japanese art. These tattoos show intricate detailing and constitute of basic elements such as cherry blossoms, swords, dragons, tigers and the weapons of the Samurai warriors such as the Katana. Another popular design element commonly seen in Samurai tattoo designs is the symbol of yin and yang, which complement each other as a single complete whole. Some other common designs include other objects from the Japanese culture such as the Fuji Mountain, koi fish, snake, Samurai mask, waves and clouds, Japanese fan and many more designs and patterns. Certain Samurai tattoo designs feature special tales and stories, which are depicted through these detailed designs, making them even more popular. These can define the real purpose of the lives of the Samurais, such as protecting the elite and fighting the evil forces. Many tattoo designs are done in single colors like black or grey, while some are done in an array of bright colors, but both look equally great. Would you check our hand-picked collection of Maori Tattoos?

Procedure of Samurai Tattoos

Samurai tattoos come from Japan and use a special technique of creating them, which is a bit different from the technique used in conventional tattoo art. The traditional Japanese technique used for creating body tattoos is termed as Irezumi, which refers to the insertion of tattoo ink in the body of the tattoo bearer. While modern tattoo art makes use of advanced machines for inking tattoos, the traditional Japanese Samurai tattoos are done with the old fashioned technique of Tebori style. The Tebori technique makes use of bamboo sticks fitted with lined needles to create these tattoos. The method is far more painful than the mechanical method and should not be tried out by the weak hearted. Despite being a difficult and painful process, both male and female tattoo lovers are not dissuaded from getting Samurai tattoo designs done on themselves. These tattoos look stunning when done on large surface areas such as the back, chest, thigh, and the whole sleeve or full leg, which can be utilized to feature a whole story related to the life of a Samurai warrior, such as a fight against an enemy, an animal or for protection of a noble or a woman.

When one decides to get Samurai tattoos inked on oneself, the design of the tattoo should be carefully considered, along with its symbolic meaning as it involves a great deal of expense as well as pain to have such a tattoo done. Also, only an expert designer should be trusted for getting Samurai tattoo designs as these tattoos are large in size and intricate.

Popular Images Of Samurai Tattoos

1. Zen and Samurai Tattoo

Zen and Samurai Tattoo

2. Well-Detailed Samurai on Entire Back

Well-Detailed Samurai Tattoo on Entire Back

3. Strong Samurai

Strong Samurai Tattoo

4. Smoke Around Samurai

Smoke and Samurai Tattoo on Arm

5. Skull Samurai with Red Sun

Skull Samurai Tattoo with Red Sun

6. Skull Samurai

Skull Samurai Tattoo

7. Scary Samurai During Dawn

Scary Samurai Tattoo During Dawn

8. Samurai Winning a Battle Tattoo

Samurai Winning a Battle Tattoo

9. Samurai Wearing Mask Tattoo

Samurai Wearing Mask Tattoo

10. Samurai Warrior Mask Tattoo

Samurai Warrior Mask Tattoo

11. Samurai in Front of Sun Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo with Red Sun

12. Samurai with Red Flowers Side Tattoo

Samurai with Red Flowers Side Tattoo

13. Samurai with Castle, Flowers and Writing

Samurai Tattoo with Castle, Flowers and Writing

14. Samurai on Scalp for Men

Samurai Tattoo on Scalp

15. Samurai on Entire Leg

Samurai Tattoo on Entire Leg

16. Samurai on Back Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo on Back

17. Unfinished Samurai Tattoo

Unfinished Samurai Tattoo

18. Samurai Wearing a Mask with Cherry Blossoms

Samurai Tattoo on Arm

19. Samurai with Dragon Tattoo

Samurai with Dragon Tattoo

20. Samurai for MenSamurai Tattoo for Men21. Samurai Skull Tattoo with Cherry Blossoms

Samurai Tattoo for Men

22. Samurai Skull Tattoo

Samurai Skull Tattoo with Cherry Blossoms

23. Samurai Saving the Kingdom Tattoo on Upper Back and Arm

Samurai Skull Tattoo

24. Samurai Ready for War Tattoo

Samurai Saving the Kingdom Tattoo on Upper Back and Arm

25. Samurai and Skull Tattoo

Samurai Ready for War Tattoo

26. Sad Samurai with Falling Leaves Tattoo

Samurai and Skull Tattoo

27. Moon at the Back of Samurai Tattoo

Sad Samurai Tattoo with Falling Leaves

28. Lonely Samurai

Moon at the Back of Samurai Tattoo

29. Unfinished Samurai on Arm

Lonely Samurai Tattoo

30. Japanese Samurai with Mask Tattoo

Lady Samurai Tattoo

31. Japanese Samurai on Back Tattoo

Japanese Samurai with Mask Tattoo


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