120 Fabulous Bear Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Tattoo art is a popular way to adorn the body and it depends upon the caliber and creativity of a tattoo artist that how well he used various elements to create impressive tattoo designs. The most widely used elements in tattoo art are the natural ones, such as flowers, insects, animals, celestial bodies, oceans and clouds, to name just a few. One of the most popular animal tattoo designs are the fabulous bear tattoos, which are not only great to look at but also rich in symbolism. Bears are regarded as creatures of strength and nobility, which makes them a good choice for tattoo design. There are many different types of bears in nature such as the grizzly bear, black bear and polar bear and each of them have different behavioral attributes as well as different symbolic meanings. Accordingly, a tattoo design can be chosen by the bearer depending upon his choice and what he wants to depict with this tattoo.

Symbolic Significance of the Bear

As an animal of amazing power and bravery, the bear holds a place of importance in various cultures. In fact, the bear is considered to be similar to human beings in several ways, such as what it eats, where it dwells as ancient humans too lived in caves and the ability of the bear to stand on its hind legs, just like humans. In Native American culture, it was believed that the bear was a creature with mystical powers to heal. Some tribes revered it because of its uncanny abilities to trace things in an effective manner.

On the other hand, some cultures regarded the bear as a noble and quiet creature, which exhibited ferocity only when it was provoked. It symbolizes both positive and negative attributes, with masculine qualities such as strength, bravery and observation powers and the feminine quality of creativity and motherhood. Some draw strength from the imagery of the bear and take it as a spiritual guide in the most difficult phases of life. At the same time, it was seen as a fearful creature in some cultures, such as the Europeans, who associated the animal with war, while Christians thought it to be an animal capable of great cruelty. It really depends upon the tattoo bearer how he makes the symbolic interpretation of this animal while employing it as the main element in tattoo art. Some people get the bear tattoo as they believe that it brings confidence and protection for them because bears are considered as protective creatures, particularly for their young ones. Following are words which can be used to symbolise bear tattoo meanings:

  • Power
  • Confidence
  • Resurrection
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Protection
  • Motherhood
  • Bravery
  • Spirituality and a deep connection with the Nature

Popular Bear Tattoo Designs

Bears are animals of great attraction, with their skin, teeth, claws and jaws, all inspiring a feeling of awe in the onlooker. The design options in bear tattoos are countless and it is up to the tattoo bearer to choose one, which depicts exactly what he wants to express by bearing the tattoo. Depending upon the type of design, the bear tattoo may exude power, aggression, playfulness or spiritual strength. Here are some popular bear tattoo designs:

  • Polar Bear Tattoo Designs – Polar bears have spiritual  and cultural to the indigenous peoples of the Arctic. The Eskimos revere these animals for their great hunting skills and the Nenets of Siberia believe that wearing a polar bear’s canine teeth protects you from any kind of harm.
  • Fierce Bear Tattoo Design – A fierce bear tattoo design usually depicts a large brown or black bear with its jaws wide open and teeth exposed, as it is roaring out in the wild. The design exudes the great power and ferocity of this majestic creature. It is usually large in size and is placed on broader and bigger areas like the back, chest, shoulder or knee. The design can even be done in 3D to make it more lifelike and impressive.
  • Motherly Bear Tattoo Design – A mama bear is known for its affection for its cub as well as the fact how fierce it can become when it perceives danger for its young one. The motherly bear tattoo designs is particularly favored by those females who want to show their loving attitude for their children.
  • Tribal Bear Tattoo Design – Tribal tattoo designs are of cultural and spiritual significance in the regions from which they originate. But the exact symbolic meaning of each tribal symbol has been lost to time, Tribal Bear tattoo designs generally embody Spirituality and a deep connection with Nature and/or the Native American culture.
  • Cute Bear Tattoo Designs – The cute and cuddly teddy bear is a favorite toy of every child and this is how a bear tattoo can be designed to create a playful look. Lovable cartoon and animated bears like Yogi the Bear also make a hot favorite among cute bear tattoo designs.
  • Teddy Bear Tattoo Design – The Teddy Bear is named for the American president Theodore Roosevelt after word spread that he refused to kill a black bear cub while on a hunting expedition. Teddy Bear tattoo designs symbolize Love, Affection, Innocence, and are the quintessential symbol of childhood.
  • Grizzly Bear Tattoo Designs – Both Black Bears and Grizzlies have lots of things in common, including striking fear into the hearts of humans and animals alike. If you wear any of these designs, then you identify strongly with the powerful, warrior spirit of the bear. The difference between these titans rests mostly on the coloration of each species; Grizzlies are brown while Black Bears are as name itself is.
  • Panda Bear Tattoo Design – Panda bears are one of the rarest and most famous bears in the world. Panda Bear Tattoos signify Harmony, Good Luck and Balance. Pandas have long been affiliated with the Yin-Yang symbol in Chinese culture because of its black and white patterns.
  • Talisman Bear Tattoos – Bears have been revered for their protective qualities in many cultures and this is the reason why talisman bear tattoos make a popular tattoo design. Such tattoos can be featured on the wrist or shoulder and can feature a powerful looking bear, its claws or jaws. It is not essential for a talisman bear tattoo to show a fearful looking bear, it just needs to signify the special protective powers it brings for the bearers.
  • Bear Paw Prints & Bear Claw Tattoo Designs – Having a bear paw print tattoo design can symbolize your own affiliation with bear culture within the gay. Bear Paw and Claw tattoos are supposed to symbolize Good Luck, Stability, Power, and Mobility.
  • California Bear Tattoos – The California Bear became part of the state’s flag in 1846 after a group of American settlers took control of the Mexican garrison, Sonoma. This design has come to signify Freedom and Independence, in honour of the settlers.

Some other popular variants of bear tattoos are bear crests and those combining a bear with other elements like bees, trees, jungle and other animals of its habitat. Whichever way it is featured, a bear tattoo has the ability to grab attention with its power and magnificence.

Popular Images Bear Tattoo Designs

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Bear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoosBear tattoos


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