150+ Spectacular Horse Tattoo Designs And Meanings


There is a considerable choice available for tattoo bearers who are looking for animal tattoo designs, one of which is horse tattoos. Horses have been man’s faithful friends for centuries now, being the mode of transport long before cars and trains were invented by human beings. They have helped carry men and burden in peace and war, through tough and easy terrain in the dark of the night and light of the day. As a result, horses have been aptly associated with faithfulness and endurance, standing by its master at the hour of needs. Man too has great love for equines and this mutual admiration has led to horse art tattoos becoming a popular choice among tattoo lovers of both the sexes and all around the world.

Horses are one of the very important animals in the world today and even in the past years, which is why horse art is also very important to a lot of people, specially those thousands of tattoo lovers out there. Horses are definitely gorgeous to look at when they are engraved on your body through the various beautiful horse art tattoo designs. Even you are not into things that involve horses such as horse riding or equine sports, it does not mean that a horse designed tattoo is not good for you. Such tattoo design is actually great for everyone, as long as you choose the design that matches your own personality and physical appearance.

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Horse Tattoos Meanings and Symbolism

Many people in the world think that tattoos like horse art will just ruin the natural beauty of your body. However, little did they know that these tattoos are representing a lot of things that makes every horse art design very meaningful. Here are some of the things that these tattoos symbolize:

  • Trustworthiness – A lot of people in the past and even up to these days are widely using horses in going somewhere. Horses are oriented enough when it comes to that thing. In fact, you do not need to give them direction since they have this common sense where you will be heading. Horse riders are already trusting them in this matter. This is why a they symbolizes trustworthiness.
  • Power – They also symbolizing power since it is a very powerful animal. It is capable enough in protecting its own self through its powerful kick. Its legs are very strong enough, so you must be careful not to come close to it too much if you don’t want to get hurt.
  • Great Passion – Some people also said that a horse symbolizes great passion. It is a very loving animal that loves its master deeply. It can even protect its master during compromising situations. This is why many people love raising horses.

Apart from those, horse art also symbolize beauty, freedom, kindness, love, and strength.

Various Gorgeous Designs for Horse Art

Yes, there are hundreds of designs that involve horse design tattoos, so you can definitely choose the one that you like and the one that perfectly fits your personality. It is rest assured that every design can make some beautiful enhancements on your physical appearance. In order to satisfy your curiosity, here are some of the gorgeous designs you can consider:

  • Horse and Feather Design – Such design is one of the famous designs that are considered by a lot of tattoo lovers these days. It mainly involves two designs, which are the image of a horse and a feather. You can choose whether you want a full image of a horse or just the head part. The secret here is to draw the horse image in the middle of the feather. Meaning to say, the feather design should be drawn a lot bigger than the horse. It all depends on the creativity of your chosen tattoo artist actually.
  • Horse and Heart Design – There are many people these days who decide to get tattooed with horses because they want to express their intense love towards these animals. As its name suggests, this design would involve an image of a horse and a heart shape. In order to achieve its gorgeous look, the horse should be connected to the heart shape and then the word “Love” should be written in between these two images. Isn’t that gorgeous for you to imagine?
  • Black Horse Face Design – Such design is perfect and chosen by a number of women who wanted to have a horse design tattoo. Why is it so? Well, it is simply because the black horse face image in this design is accented with some other beautiful vibrant colors that will make the design very feminine. For many women, putting this tattoo on their back is great.
  • Horse Shoe Design – If you want your horse design tattoo to be smaller in size so that it can be not that obvious, then a horse shoe image would be a perfect tattoo for you. Do not worry since such design will definitely look good on you just like the other horse art tattoo designs available. Many people who have it said that it is their good luck charm. The image of the horse show should have an open end that has upward direction so that the good luck can be caught by it.
  • Horse Head Design – A horse head design is another design that is considered by a number of people. The emphasis of this design should be in the details of the horse head. Thus, this will certainly be a bit of a challenge to the tattoo artist. Because of this, you should hire a very reliable tattoo artist who will engrave this design on your body. The horse’s gorgeous mane, flaring nostrils, and its big eyes must be drawn clearly since these are the main features of the horse head.

Placement Guide

The placement of horse art is determined by the size and design of the horse, though a horse tattoo looks good in any size and at any placement. Preferably, horse art are larger in size and placed on large areas like the back, chest, hip, shoulder and leg. On the other hand, smaller horse art tattoos like horse head and horse shoe tattoos can be featured on smaller areas like the wrist, ankle and back of the neck.

Popular Horse Art Tattoo Designs

They possess a great deal of versatility in terms of design and it really depends upon the creativity of the tattoo artist about how interesting a horse art can turn out to be. The design may be simple or bear some embellishments depending upon the taste of the bearer. Another important thing to consider is the right use of color; while black remains the eternal favorite in the color of horse art, a creative tattoo artist can experiment with other colors to create a unique impact in horse designs. Moreover, the design is suitable for both men and women and can be molded accordingly, to highlight masculine or feminine attributes. Here are some popular design options:

  • Solitary Horse Art – This art makes a good choice for someone who wants to express his love for an equine friend, deceased or living. The name of the horse can be added to the design to make the design complete.
  • Group Horse Art – Another cool option for true horse lovers is a tattoo depicting a group of horses, either grazing peacefully in a ground or galloping along with each other. Such a design boasts of an amazing visual appeal and it can be made even more alluring by displaying horses of different colors and sizes.
  • Horse Head Tattoo – A horse head makes a good choice for those who want to pay more attention to the detail as far as the beauty of the animal is concerned. A horse head design pays attention to features like its big eyes, flaring nostrils and beautiful mane.
  • Horse Shoe Tattoo – Those who want horse art in a smaller size can pick horse shoe tattoos as a suitable option. Horse show tattoos not only look good but also are considered as a good luck charm for the bearer. The horse shoe must have the open end in the upward direction so that the good luck is held inside for the bearer. The tattoo artist can make use of vibrant colors to ink a horse shoe tattoo.
  • Galloping Horse Art – A horse is not only a good looking animal but has beauty and grace in its movement. For people who really revere this amazing animal, a tattoo showing horse in motion is a wonderful choice.
  • Tribal Horse Art – A tribal design makes use of bold lines and curves to create a visually alluring design. A tribal horse design is a favorite among men who want to ink the power and stamina of the animal.
  • War Horse Tattoo – This design depicts a warrior riding a horse in the battlefield. The tattoo signifies the faithfulness and courage of the animal in the most difficult situations.
  • Pegasus Tattoo – Those who want to have a design related to fantasy inked on their body can choose one featuring the Pegasus, a mythical creature which resembles a horse and has wings. This tattoo design has an amazing aesthetic appeal.

horse tattooshorse tattooshorse tattooshorse tattoos

For hundreds of years, horses have served men in various ways and have earned a reputation of being trustworthy guiders. They are also known as powerful creatures with free spirit and great passion. Horse art make a good choice for those looking to embody all these qualities through this tattoo design. The visual appeal of horse art tattoos is immense. As a result, the design combines both, good looks as well as symbolic value, which makes it a great option for discerning tattoo enthusiasts.

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Celebrities Adorned with Beautiful Horse Art

If you think that horse art tattoos are only in demand for ordinary tattoo lovers, then you are completely wrong. It is simply because there are also a lot of celebrities all over the world who are being captivated by these tattoos. In case you are very curious about these celebrities, then here are some of their names:

  • Jacqui Sandell – Jacqui Sandell is an American country singer who becomes very popular right after she auditioned in the renowned American television show titled “The Voice”. This pretty musician has an outline tattoo of a Dala Horse that is colored red. It is located right there on her right wrist. This tattoo of hers is symbolizing her Swedish heritage. Just in case you don’t know, a Dala Horse is actually a Swedish horse figurine that is normally colored with red paint.
  • Melanie MartinezMelanie Martinez is a 21-year-old songwriter and singer who was born in New York, USA. She is very popular in the country, and she is a big fan of a horse art. It can be confirmed by her pastel carousel horse design that is specifically located on her left forearm. It is her very first tattoo on her body, and she got it way back in July 2014. melanie-martinez-tattoo-carousel
  • Leona Lewis – Leona Lewis is a 31-year-old British singer and songwriter who intensely love horses and horse related activities such as horse riding. Her intense passion on horses can be confirmed by her horseshoe tattoo located on her left arm.
  • Lady Gaga – You surely know this very famous American singer, don’t you? She admitted that she is quite obsessed with unicorns, which are horses that have horns at the center of their head. Unicorns are actually mythical creatures. This 30-year-old American singer has a unicorn tattoo located on her left thigh.

Final Words

If you are falling in love with animal tattoos, then you should consider having horse tattoos. These tattoos are sure to give you extremely gorgeous physical appearance. Not only that, these tattoos are also very meaningful. You can tell the world about something that you want to say through these tattoos.

While opting for a horse art tattoo, one should be convinced about the expertise of the tattoo artist because only an experienced artist can bring out the best quality of the equine.

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