150 Eye Catching Tiger Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Tiger tattoos are at the pinnacle of popularity these days because of their eye catching look and symbolic meaning. At the same time, some people simply get it inked to imply that their personality embodies the strength and power of these amazing animals. On the other hand, some animal lovers bear this tattoo to support the cause of protecting this fast diminishing species from the earth. Whatever be the reason of bearing this art, the one well known fact about it is its visual appeal, which makes it a top choice among discerning tattoo lovers.

Tiger art tattoos undeniably inspiring a lot of professional tattoo artists these days. This is the main reason why these tattoo artists are also continually making some innovations about the design variations of these tattoos. With the wide tiger art variations, great numbers of tattoo lovers in the world are falling in love with these animal tattoos. Tigers are very popular animals in the past and even today. There’s something regal regarding these animals, which is why many people cannot resist them from tattooing on their own body. Aside from the fact that these tattoos can be extremely gorgeous to look at on someone’s body, it also cannot be denied that these are associated with a number of meanings.


Tiger Tattoos Meanings

Tigers are of course, have their own meanings and symbolism just like the other kinds of animal tattoos that you can commonly see on people’s body today. As a matter of fact, these tattoos are not only chosen by many people because of their very gorgeous appeal, but because of their important symbolism and meanings as well. If you want to know all these things, then consider the following information:

  • Ferocity – Tigers are actually being associated to lions, which is why they are also considered to be very ferocious. Just in case you do not know, tigers belong to the family of cats. Even so, these ones have huge sizes when compared to the regular cat pets. They can also be very wild just like lions if you provoke them, so you better stay away from the tigers. In case you want to show how ferocious kind of a human you are specially when you are being betrayed, then it is certainly great for you to have a tiger designed tattoo.
  • Strength – A tiger is one of those animals that you can find in the forest that have very incredible strength that can be compared to lions, elephant and some other powerful animals out there. This is the main reason why a tiger art is known to imply strength. Because of this, there is no question why it is perfect for those people who have great strength with them.
  • Vengeance – Many people believe that tigers will never do bad things over you, unless you have done something wrong to them. And once you provoke them, there is no way you can control them from rampaging. You will definitely end up your own life instantly. Once tigers take actions, they always succeed from taking vengeance. Hence, it is no longer surprising why they are considered to be symbols of vengeance. If you want to show to people your vengeful nature for the purpose of warning them, then this tattoo would be great to wear.
  • Violence – Just in case you do not know, tiger animals are also being associated to a lot of cultures in the world. Some cultures considered them as villains of their place that spread the spirit of violence, while others believed that they symbolize goodness that there is no need to get feared on these animals. For some Asian cultures, tigers were considered to be very destructive particularly in India where these animals completely destroyed Indian villages and eat some humans.
  • Protection – They symbolizes is protection. Well, there is no question about that since tigers are very powerful and many animals and humans do not dare to make a mess with them. In other words, many are afraid of them so they can surely say that they can protect their own selves well. However, that is a very ordinary fact. Here is the unusual one. Do you know that tigers are considered to be the protectors of the dead people? Yes, you read it right. It is according to the Chinese culture. In fact, a number of Chinese people in the past, engraved the image of a tiger on the gravestones of their late family members. They believed that the image of the tiger there will help the soul of the dead goes to the afterlife easily.

Throughout the history of tattoo art, animals have been a great source of inspiration for tattoo artists to create unique and meaningful designs. Among the animal tattoos, tiger make a popular option because they have immense beauty and unmatched powers, making it an ultimate source of inspiration for humans. There is something regal about this striped creature, which has made people hunt for its beautiful skin and unprecedented hunting has led it to become an endangered species today.

Cultural Views

Tigers belong to the cat family and their habitats are deep dense forests. These are big and heavy animals, with amazing abilities to hunt and swim and these make them adapted to living in the wild. Symbolically, tigers represent ferocity, strength, power and force, which are actually the physical attributes of this powerful animal. Sometimes, they are also interpreted as symbols of vengeance and cunning, while some relate them with passion and sensuality. In some cultures, tigers are hunted for their body parts, which are supposed to bear aphrodisiac qualities and increase sexual prowess.

  • In Asian culture, tigers have been a part of mythology, while in India they are seen as violent and destructive animals, with villages in some parts of the country being practically wiped out by man eating tigers.
  • The Chinese folklore regards the tiger to be the protector of the dead, which is why tigers were etched on the gravestones so that the soul would make a safe passage to the afterlife. The Chinese also associate the animal with the God of Wealth and believe that the tiger tattoo can bring good luck and prosperity for the bearer. It is also believed to ward off evil from his life.
  • In Korean culture, the tiger is considered to be the King of the Animals. In this way tiger becomes a popular choice among tattoo designs for those who want to signify power, dominance and passion as a part of their personality.

Placement Guide

Ideally, tiger tattoos are preferred by men and are large in size, though the selection of the size and design totally depend upon the preference of the tattoo bearer. The middle of the back, chest and biceps are the most popular placement, while it can also be done on the side or stomach area. Though women may find the tiger art a bit overpowering, but still some women can be adventurous enough to have them inked. Preferably, it can be inked on the lower back, stomach and shoulder area of a woman. Certain modifications can be made in the design to make it look feminine, such as adding design elements like flowers and butterflies or opting for something delicate like tiger paw prints. The placement of the tattoo actually depends upon the size and design of the tattoo.

Popular Tiger Art Tattoo Designs

Tigers make a versatile design option which can be subjected to experimentation to create something really innovative and appealing. Here are some popular designs:

  • Tribal Tiger Art – If you are looking for a design which exudes sheer power and strength, then there would be nothing better for you than tribal tiger art tattoos. These animals are considered as totems of spiritual energy and the bearer can derive lasting inspiration from these powerful tattoo designs.
  • Realistic 3D Tiger Art – Tigers are a symbol of beauty, with their shiny striped coat and impressive eyes. So if aesthetic value of a tattoo is what really matters to you, then you can opt for realistic designs, a 3D tattoo is a great way to have this amazing animal inked on your body.
  • Dragon Tiger Art – A dragon tiger art combines the two traditional enemies as per the Chinese folklore. While a dragon represents knowledge and wisdom, a tiger stands for power and strength, and a tattoo which has both these elements signifies the eternal struggle of the body and mind.
  • Baby Tiger Art Tattoo – This art is ideal for those looking for cute tiger designs as innocence and childish love is what these tattoos symbolize. Mothers who want to express their devout love for their children can choose this tattoo design because female tigers are known to be protective and affectionate mothers.

In addition to these design options, a bearer can work with his artist to experiment with various elements to create a new and meaningful design. Flowers, butterflies, tiger eyes, tiger paw prints and forests are some design elements which work well with tiger art tattoos.









In case you are one of those people who are thinking of having a gorgeous tiger art, then you should know that you can have several variations of designs from such tattoo. You can even just make your own original tiger design with the assistance of your hired professional tattoo artist. This will surely make you stand out among the heavy crowd. In relation to this, here are some of the designs that you can take into consideration:

  • Dragon and a Tiger Design – This particular tattoo design is very popular among the Chinese people. It is simply because both of these creatures have great importance to the Chinese culture. There were Chinese folklore that said that these two were enemies. Despite of this, these two can make a very meaningful tattoo. The tiger represents strength and power, while the dragon is symbolizing wisdom and knowledge. Aren’t they great combinations?
  • Baby Tiger Design – Almost all of the people who prefer being tattooed with tiger images want those images of adult tigers. Do you know that a baby tiger image can also be a very meaningful and gorgeous tattoo design? This can be perfect for women and for those young ones. This tattoo will surely show the innocent side of yours. This can also be a tattoo that will show the love of a mother to her children. Hence, in case you are already a mother, you can always opt for such tiger art tattoo design.
  • Tribal Tiger Design – Another common and worth considering design is the tribal tiger design. Almost all kinds of tattoos can be incorporated with tribal designs. In case you opt for this, there is no way you will not look as gorgeous as you want. Moreover, people will surely admire you since tribal tattoos are normally very meaningful. People who are intelligent enough will understand the message of your tribal tiger art for sure. If you also belong to a tribe that considers a tiger to be a sacred animal, then wearing a tribal tattoo that incorporates designs related to your tribe would be ideal.
  • Realistic 3d Tiger Design – Another modern-era design of a tattoo that is preferred by a lot of people of today is the realistic design. This design usually involves a 3D design of a tiger that will greatly showcase the gorgeousness of the shiny striped coat of this animal as well as its unique adorable eyes. Hence, if you want to have a very clear and beautiful design that will match your unique personality, then this art would be more than perfect for you.













Final Words

Tiger tattoos are without a doubt, the choices of many when it comes to body tattoos. It is definitely because of the fact that tigers are extremely symbolic animals, and they can create a very gorgeous design of a tattoo on someone’s body; not to mention the fact that these tattoos can offer a wide range of designs.


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