150+ Best Forearm Tattoos Ideas For Men And Women

Tattoos make a great way to adorn your body and show your attitude to the whole wide world, but at the same time, they may raise many an eyebrow in professional circumstances or from people who are conservative in nature. If you are not the one with the rebellious streak, you should primarily consider the design as well as the placement of the tattoo so that you can have it adorn your body yet not invite any criticism. Talking about the placement of the tattoos, the forearm tattoos which falls under the category of arm tattoos. are gaining increasing popularity these days because they are as easy to flaunt around as they are to conceal when the situation demands the same. You can wear a long sleeved shirt by the day so that you do not become too prominent at your workplace while the sleeves can be rolled up when you are out for a cool evening drink with your friends. Therefore, forearm tattoos are just perfect to serve the actual purpose of tattoo art, revealing with the ability to conceal whenever needed.

Cool Forearm/Lower Arm Tattoos Designs to Get Attention

If you are the kind of a person, who sweats out for hours in the gym to get those perfect muscles, then nothing can be cooler for you than a forearm tattoo. You can do your well sculpted body a great favor by flaunting it with the help of forearm tattoos, which are particularly favored by men because of their masculine quality. Another reason why forearm is regarded as an ideal location for getting a tattoo is that it offers some movement for creating a flow in the design, which enhances the aesthetic value of any design to a great extent.

Best Forearm/Lower Arm Tattoos For Men And Women

We have already discussed the importance of placement of a tattoo as it ensures that you are able to show it off when needed but also hid it when the situation demands the same. Besides the placement of the tattoo, what really needs to be considered is its design. Since different designs depict different symbolic meanings, one must choose the design with care so that it says exactly what you want to convey. The fact that tattoo removal is not an easy job makes it all the more important to choose your tattoo design with care, as once a tattoo is inked, it is going to be a part of you forever. Moreover, you would need to invest a good deal of time and money to have a tattoo inked, besides, of course, the pain involved in having it inked. Therefore, be very careful while finalizing the design for your forearm tattoo. Here are some popular design options for you to pick from:

  • Religious Symbols Tattoos – If you are dedicated enough to profess your religious beliefs to the entire world, then forearm tattoos with religious symbols would be just the right way to do it. It is not uncommon to notice symbols like the Celtic cross or Om on the forearm of men and women, who are strong and unwavering in their faith. In some cultures, even tattoos depicting deities are inked on forearms.
  • Animal Forearm Tattoos – Animals like tigers, lions, wolf, elephant, owl, octopus, fish and dragons look amazing as forearm tattoo designs as the area offers a wonderful and flowing movement to them, giving them a realistic impact. One can also opt for cool 3D designed tattoos to make them look even more beautiful.
  • Birds Forearm Tattoos – Birds like phoenix, swallow, hummingbird, crow, raven, eagle and dove look amazing as forearm tattoo designs as the area offers a wonderful and flowing movement to them, giving them a realistic impact.
  • Flower Forearm Tattoos – Floral patterns continue to be eternal favorites in tattoo art and they have both, aesthetic appeal as well as symbolic value, which together make them a perfect package for prominent forearm tattoos. Rose, sunflowers, cherry blossom, daffodils and lotus are some of the choices of floral patterns available for you to pick up. But it is better to research about the symbolism of different flowers before choosing them for design. Overall, though flowers stand for beauty, purity and femininity, which makes them more popular for the fairer sex.
  • Tribal Forearm Tattoos – A cool pick for forearm design is a tribal tattoo, which is imparted an amazing quality because of the strong lines and curves used in it. Most of the tribal designs like the maori, mandala, buddha, arrows, anchors, dreamcatcher and feathers, are done in conventional black ink and they have an alluring quality about them, which is completely unmatched.
  • Script Forearm Tattoos – One of the most widely used design options for forearm tattoos is script designs, which may have the name or initials of the bearer or someone close to him or her. Some people even get the name of a deceased loved one inked on their forearm to commemorate their value in his or her life. Another option is getting an important date inked on the forearm, such as a birthday, wedding anniversary or date of passing away of a loved one. Some religious text or quotes also make a good way to depict one’s attitude on the forearm.
  • Anchor Forearm Tattoos – Anchor has been used to symbolize stability and strength, which is the reason why men love this tattoo design and prefer to have it inked on any part of the body, including the forearm. It gives them a feeling of strength and masculinity and looks good too, making it a popular choice for the forearm tattoo.
  • Forearm Sleeve Tattoos – Sleeve forearm tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs the world over, as they look both beautiful and prominent. Like the sleeve of a garment, they cover the area from the lower arm to the wrist, though some designs may be half sleeved or quarter sleeved. These designs combine a large number of smaller designs, which make creating them a difficult and time consuming task, but the effort is truly worth the while.
  • Jesus Christ Forearm Tattoo – Another popular full sleeve tattoo design is Jesus forearm tattoo which displays the images of the savior Himself and some even show the sufferings borne by him.

In addition to these designs, tattoo artists as well as bearers have worked on their original ideas to create some new designs of tattoos, using other elements such as skull, ribbon, snake, butterflies, dragonflies, spider webs and a lot more. The value of a tattoo, aesthetic or symbolic, depends to a great extent, upon the creativity used in it. Some people can also have biomechanical tattoos on the forearm as it suits this part of the body perfectly. Whatever choice you make for a forearm tattoos, it has to be made on the basis of your own preference and feelings, rather than just imitating someone because a tattoo is something very personalized and it is always better to use your discretion while finalizing the design as well as location of a tattoo.

Popular Images Of Forearm Tattoos

Complexity of the Mind - by David CoteWatercolor Tree Tattoo by Joice WangPiano Keys Tattoo by Miami InkslignerPort Hole Tattoo by Felipe MelloArtistic Arrow Tattoo by Frank CarrilhoSurrealist Rock Climber Tattoo by David CoteWatercolor Skull with Headphones by Felipe Rodrigues Fe RodOrion's Belt Tattoo by Balazs BercsenyiGeometric Linework Tattoo by Maxime BuchiDotwork Dagger Tattoo by Lauren Marie Sutton

Connecting Linework Ribbon by Steven MckenzieWoman Without a Face Tattoo by Gergo AugusztinySkull Tattoo by OtheserGorgeous Forearm Tattoo by Resul OdabasSloth Tattoo by Doctor WooNegative Space Panda Tattoo by Resul OdabasGalaxy Glyph Tattoo by Silvija SablinskaiteSmall Penguin Tattoo by Doctor WooWolf Tattoo on Forearm by Fredão OliveiraDotwork Shark Tattoo by Jan MrazChef Knife Tattoo by Daniel UjszasziVenom Tattoo by ParvickSpaceship Tattoo by Doctor WooSurreal Lion Tattoo by David CoteGreat White Tattoo by Mike DeVriesDotwork Dots by Sarah Herzdame Yin Yang Owl Tattoo by Fredão OliveiraSunflower Glyph Tattoo by AtramorsBlackwork Forearm Tat by OtheserBlackwork Landscape Tattoo by Doctor WooAbstract Arrow Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod


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