150 Most Realistic 3D Tattoos

150 Most Realistic 3D Tattoos

3D tattoos take tattoo art to another level – or another dimension if we’re being literal. These photorealistic tattoos are one of the more contemporary trends in tattooing, requiring a great ...

50 Amazing Final Fantasy Tattoo Ideas

cloud strife tattoo on arm

Created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, Final Fantasy is a series of Japanese-themed science fantasy games. First released in 1987, a total of 15 episodes have been created, all of which have their own ...

75 Incredible One Piece Tattoos

one piece arm tattoo

One Piece is the series of video games based on the best-selling manga series of the same name. In 2019, One Piece was named as the top-selling manga of all time, selling more than 454 million ...

Ultimate Lil Peep Tattoo Guide

lil peep rose tattoo

Get to know Lil Peep's tattoos in our guide. We take you through his extensive tattoo collection. Gustav Elijah Åhr was an American singer, rapper, and songwriter known better by his stage ...

110 Charming Music Tattoo Designs

110 Charming Music Tattoo Designs

Music has rightly been called the food for soul because it really changes the meaning of life, bringing happiness in life and lifting people up in their saddest moment. It is not only human beings ...

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