150 Best Small Foot Tattoo Designs


Tattoo art has been a trending form of body adornment since a long time now and the popularity of tattoos is never going to decline. In fact, tattoos are considered one of the most fashionable forms of body adornment and are loved by young and old, men and women alike. The basic purpose of bearing a tattoo is catching attention and a lot depends upon the right design at the right place. One of the coolest types of tattoos are foot tattoos, which are preferred by women in particular as a tattoo peeking out of the high heels can add great sensuality to the look of a woman and make her feel sexy too. Though tattoos on the foot are quite popular, there are some doubts about them which make them different from other kinds of tattoos and one need to give careful consideration before having a foot inked.

Just in case you don’t know, great percentage of human population in the society before used to criticize tattoos as well as the wearers of these gorgeous body adornments. But today, a lot more individuals in the world are already realizing their importance and uses. Even so, there are those who still consider tattoos nothing but miseries.

The Pain Felt When Getting Foot Tattoos

Those individuals who have already tried getting tattooed on foot surely know how painful it is to have a gorgeous looking tattoo on the foot. Such pain is even the number one reason why many eager people still haven’t tried these tattoos. They are too afraid to have one. The truth is, it is actually normal to feel intense discomfort while you are on the procedure of have these tattoos since these will be inked on the part of your body that has thinner skin and muscles and nearer to the bones. In case you are not ready to feel the intense pain these tattoos may bring, then do not dare to go for them so that regrets will not come your way.

The Healing Process

Their healing process may actually take shorter or longer period of time. In other words, it will differ from one person to another. If the person having these tattoos is careless enough, then it is expected that the healing process may be longer than what is being expected. But if you take good care of your newly inked tattoos as days go by, your tattoos may surely heal faster without you even knowing it. Having a tattoo on the foot successfully and beautifully inked on your feet is not just a responsibility of the tattoo artist. You also have your own part, and this is to take good care of these tattoos as they go through the healing process. Most of the time, it will take you 2-5 days before you can finally say that everything is fully recovered already.


One big reason why a lot of individuals are going for tattoos on the foot these days is the fact that it can be extremely advantageous on their part. Yes, you read it right. There are many advantages that a foot tattoo can always provide, and some of them are the following:

  • Hiding them can never be as hard as you think they are. By just wearing closed-footwear or putting on socks, you can already hide them. With that being said, these tattoos are absolutely perfect for those people who are living or working in a place where tattoos are being discouraged.
  • You can have a striking look. Without a doubt, a person who has a tattooed foot and some other tattoos in the body can achieve a very striking appearance. It is striking in a way that people surrounding him or her will focus on staring at him or her in several seconds or minutes. Meaning to say, there is no way you will not be noticed.
  • They can enhance your entire physical appearance. This is a common and most expected advantage, and this is also the main reason why people are allowing themselves to get tattooed on foot.


If there are some amazing advantages a tattoo on the foot can give, then it is also expected that can disadvantageous on your part, at some point of your life. Remember, there are still some other people in the world who consider tattooing an undesirable thing to be done in a person’s life. With this, disadvantages will always be there for sure. Here are some of the advantages:

  • It is extremely painful. You might not believe it, but yes, the level of pain expected to be felt is unquestionably higher than when you are getting tattooed on some other parts of the body.
  • A higher possibility of having a slower pace of healing process is expected. The explanation for this is very simply, actually. It is because your foot will always be used in your everyday life, like 24 hours per day. Because of this, the tattooed and strained portion may always be moved causing some irritations, prolonging the process of healing.

Celebrities Wearing Tattoos On The Foot

As what being shown in the international television screen, there are a number of famous personalities who have their own sets of body tattoos. Here are some names of these stars who are more than proud to reveal their own tattooed foots:

  • Kate Hudson – This 36-year-old American actress has a very tiny tattoo on the foot, which bears a star design. It’s located on her left foot.
  • Fantasia Barrino – This 2004 American Idol champion looks great with tattoo on left foot. Such tattoo has a beautiful rose design.
  • Charlize Theron – This 40-year-old gorgeous American and South African actress has a very cute floral tattoo on her right foot.
  • Kelly Osbourne – Both the right and the left foot of this British singer-songwriter are tattooed with skulls and crossbones.
  • Virginia Madsen – She is a 54-year-old American film producer and actress who has a rose tattoo located on her right foot.

Popular Design Options

There are several tattoo design options available for the foot and the bearer can pick the one which matches his choice in terms of size and pattern. While some can go for small sized tattoos covering the foot area specifically, others can go for a long and more intricate tattoo design, starting from the foot and extending through and ankle and reaching up the calf. Here are some popular tattoo designs for foot:

  • Floral Designs – Flowers have always been a popular element in tattoo designing as they stand for beauty, purity, elegance and femininity. Girls love to have floral tattoos inked on their feet as they can add an amazing attraction value to them and look perfect even on the plainest feet.
  • Butterfly Designs – Like flowers, butterflies too make a wonderful tattoo design for foot as they give a vibrant and colorful beauty to the feet, which is something every woman desires for. Butterflies can be incorporated in floral designs to create something unique, or they can be done in singularity or many in number, depending upon the design picked up by the bearer.
  • Heart Designs – Another common element used in tattoo designs is the heart, which represents everlasting love and passion. The tattoo looks cute and attractive and can be done in black color or any other color, red being the most preferable one.
  • Toe Ring Designs – In the recent times, there has been an upsurge in ornamental tattoo designs, with people wearing tattoos designed in the form of rings, bracelets and neck pieces. For feet tattoos, special toe ring designs have been introduce to replicate these delicate ornaments on the toes of the bearer, in a beautiful manner.
  • Text, Words or Name – Some girls would like to have the name or initials of a loved one inked on their feet because they do not want to be very showy about their loves and they make a perfect option for them. They may also opt for some text inked on the foot, which may display their attitude and perception towards life.
  • Some other deigns which are popular among girls and women are animal designs, star designs, tribal designs and bows and ribbons. They may also have matching tattoos inked along with their best friend or beloved.

Tattoos on the foots can be a complicated issue, which can turn out to be discouraging factors from having these inked. It has been a common observation that foot tattoos bear a tendency to fade after some time but it really varies from person to person and the level of care given to the tattoo. While some people are very concerned about care and hygiene of their feet and tattoos in this area, others are not so careful and this results in compromise with the quality.

These tattoos need to be protected from over exposure to the sun in the beginning stages and the area needs to be kept clean and moisturized if you want your tattoo to stay on in a good condition. Another reason of the fading of tattoo on the foot is the fact that some people get a new layer of skin on the feet after a certain period of time, which may lead to the blurring of the tattoo. One more issue that arises in relation to these tattoos is the amount of pain that has to be borne for having them inked as the foot area is closer to the bone and the pain may be considerably more in comparison to other areas. Therefore, a person must be aware and willing enough to bear the pain of having a foot tattoo inked, though the expertise of the tattoo designer can bring its level down to a significant extent.

They may take a longer while to heal as the area is exposed to abrasion from clothing and the ground. The bearer may be instructed to avoid wearing shoes and socks during the healing period and this can sometimes cause infections. They may cause itching and sensitivity in the affected area and one must avoid scratching them during the initial stages in particular. Despite these factors working against tattoos on the foot, they still continue to be high on popularity because of their striking looks and ability to be concealed when required. Good care and services of a professional artist can make getting tattoo on the foot done a lot easier and safer.

Typical Yet Gorgeous Designs

Without a doubt, there are a hundreds of options that you can choose from when it comes to tattoo designs for foot. Some of these designs may be not that appealing in your eyes, while there are some that can surely stir the interest within you. This is actually why you need to carefully choose the design that you want to get tattooed on your foot. Here are some of the common but beautiful tattoo designs for foot:

  • Floral Design – One of the famous and gorgeous designs chosen by thousands of tattoo lovers to be engraved on their body is a floral design. Some people think that it is just a too simple design for them. Yes, this is a simple tattoo design, but the secret of making such design extra gorgeous lies on the hands of the professional tattoo artist.
  • Toe Rings Design – If you don’t want to display your tattoos on foot obviously, then toe rings might be perfect for you to consider. Such design is being tattooed on the toes, but it is still called a tattoo on the foot.
  • Heart Design – Who would have known the very usual and widely used heart tattoo design on the foot? This might be a common one, but a professional tattoo artist can always make this tattoo design option a much better one.
  • Butterfly Design – Another common design for foot is the image of a butterfly. This is the choice of a lot of women in the world since butterfly also symbolizes femininity like a floral design.

Final Words

Foot tattoos are certainly unique and flexible kinds of tattoos that can ever be seen in a person’s body. Whatever the purpose of having these tattoos, one thing is for sure and this is the fact that these can serve their purpose well.

Overall, their popularity is immense, but the fact remains that these tattoos are not so easy to have, because of the pain and complications involved. If you are looking to have a foot inked, you must be seriously committed for it to go through the tough process. Also, getting an expert artist to do it makes a great deal of difference and so does the level of attention and care you give to your tattoo on the foot. In the end, when you see a beautiful tattoo peeking out of your sandals, you will realize that all the pain borne and effort put in was absolutely worth it.


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