150 Charming Wedding Ring Tattoos Designs

Wedding is an event to commemorate and wedding ring is the mark of the commitment of couples for each other. Wedding rings are worn by both the partners to declare to the world about their marital status and it may cost thousands of dollars, depending upon the quality and material they are made of. The latest trend these days is to wear a wedding ring tattoo instead of a diamond ring, which costs less and become a part of the person for a lifetime. It would be apt to say that they signifies love and devotion towards each other as well as this lifetime relationship of commitment. Such tattoos are not only popular because they are of great aesthetic value, but they also cost less and also there is no fear regarding losing them. Moreover, people can have them inked at any time, not necessarily on the wedding day.

Pros and Cons

They are featured on the wedding ring fingers of both the bride and the groom and make an excellent option for bejeweled wedding rings due to a wide variety of reasons. The tattoo is a constant reminder of the couple’s love for each other and symbolizes their commitment towards a loving marriage. Additionally, the placement is prominent as it is a place which will definitely get a second look. Also, they are very comfortable and easy. However, there are some disadvantages related with them too as they can interfere with the professional life of the bearer as they cannot be concealed at all. Also, they are prone to flaws due to their minute size and are also susceptible to fading away with time, which requires them to be touched up at regular intervals. In case, a person looks for removal of tattoo in future, this is the hardest one to get rid of.

What do Wedding Ring Tattoos stand for?

They are a great way to commemorate the event of one’s wedding as they enable them to always carry the memories of the event with them. These may be done in the form of simple wedding bands with the name or initials of the couple inked on them, or the design may be more ornate and fancy. They can also be borne as a symbol of honor, for the love and respect of a spouse who has passed away. Since these designs look beautiful as well as have symbolic meanings, there has been a great boost in the popularity of their design in recent times. Men and women around the world love to have these tattoos inked instead of wearing real rings as there is no fear of having them lost or stolen, and they prove to be a much more economical option.

Popular Designs

Due to increasing popularity of wedding ring art tattoos, tattoo artists have continuously been working on these designs. Here are some popular wedding tattoo designs:

  • Wedding Band Tattoos – Couples can have wedding bands inked on the occasion of their engagement or wedding, along with their names or initials, or even their wedding vows. This is what makes these tattoos a great choice for couples as both the man and the woman in this special relationship can have them inked as a mark of their love towards each other. Another choice is to have the special date included in the tattoo design to make it etched in one’s memory forever. When you go for a couple wedding ring art, it is better to decide the design by mutual decision and discuss the same with the creative tattoo artist.
  • Ornamental Wedding Ring – Instead of a simple wedding band, one can also bear an ornamental wedding ring design, which displays more elegant and intricate patterns such as a vine tattoo. Such a design is equally suitable for a bracelet tattoo.

Some other design elements can be featured, which may include flowers, hearts or stars, sign of infinity. The choice of these elements entirely depends upon the choice of the tattoo bearer.

The design is more about personal taste and choice rather than something conventional. One needs to be very conscious before choosing the design because it is about your relationships rather than the looks of it.


Wedding ring tattoos have been popularized by celebrities too, as they have borne such tattoos on the special occasion of their lives. Some celebrity couples who have had these tattoos are Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson and Collin Farrell and his ex wife. Portia De Rossi and Miley Cyrus are some other celebrities who have been spotted with such tattoos. With the increasing popularity of celebrity tattoo, they have become a common sight around the world now.

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