170 Popular Chest Tattoos for Men and Women


Chest tattoos become extremely popular these days, as more and more people began to appreciate the positive sides of tattoos. Hence, it is no longer surprising why no matter where you go, people who are sporting tattoos on their body can still be seen. The truth is, there are different reasons why a person is sporting tattoos. There are those who find tattoos as great signs of their brave personality, while there are also those who are just complying on what is the current trend. Moreover, some people decided to get tattooed as part of their own fashion sense. Even so, whatever your specific reason is for having tattoos, one thing is for sure and this is the fact that tattoos on chest are as cool as other tattoos that can be found on some other body parts.

Significance of Chest Tattoos

Chest is one of the most important parts of the body, as it holds the heart, which is the essence of life. This is the reason why one must be thoughtful while choosing the tattoo design for the chest, as it signifies one’s true belief and dedication. Also, chest offers a wide area for showcasing the most attractive as well as complicated designs, and this is the area often flaunted by men and women as they go on the beach for a summer break. This is why tattoos on the chest have become a style statement for men and women today.

Pros and Cons

They have their own sets of benefits and disadvantages. These tattoos are considered more suitable for men as they can be drawn over a larger area, which means that the artist can concentrate on better detailing because of the greater surface area offered. Also, this ensures that the size of the tattoo is not an issue as they can be extended both upwards and downwards, covering other body parts along with the chest. In this way, there is no need to make any compromise with the design due to scarcity of the area. Additionally, the pain factor matters significantly, as in case of men, this area is not so sensitive and the pain of getting a tattoo done here is bearable. Click to know more about pain associated with tattoo the chest @yahoo answers, @Quora. The skin in the upper area of the chest is also less susceptible to age related changes in both men and women, which makes these tattoos lasting. In this way, tattoo lovers who get tattoos on the chest done are likely to get value for their money.

On the other hand, the chest and breast area is very sensitive in case of women. This makes them engraving very painful for them, which is the reason why many women abstain from this form of tattoo art. Moreover, women cannot simply bare it all to display their them, which reduces the value of  in women. Most of the women, if they opt for a tattoos on the chest, will prefer to have the same in the upper chest area, near the shoulder.

Making a selection of tattoo design, whether for the chest or any other part of the body, is a vital issue and should be done with utmost care. The reason is that one should choose something which matches one’s personality, preference and faith. The fact that getting tattoo art done is an expensive and time-consuming process, makes it all the more crucial to select the right kind of tattoo design. Moreover, tattoos are made to bare in front of all and they should be such that they should not hurt anyone’s sentiments. A wrong choice can prove to be quite a pain in the neck as reversal of tattoo is a very difficult job. One can make a lot of research from books and the internet before getting the perfect design.

Different Design Options

Needless to say, there are a lot of options that you can have when it comes to the designs of tattoos on the chest for men and women. Prior to choosing the design that will be engraved on your chest, make sure to taken into account several important things first. Here are some perfect designs for chest tattoos that might be suitable for you:

  • Butterfly Design – Nothing can beat the attractiveness of this design. It does not even matter of if you are a girl or a boy when you for butterfly design. For boys, this design would surely show the feminine and soft sides of themselves. For an interesting twist for this particular design, adding a religious symbol like cross at the center of it will do the trick.
  • Winged Rose Design – As its name suggests, this gorgeous design has the lovely rose flower to be engraved at the center. It will then be added with wings just like an angel or eagle wings. Wings will surely add some twists on the simple rose design, making it perfect for men and women.
  • Single Feather Design – If you think a single feather design would be a boring design, then think again. This is very common for women, but it does not mean that it is not good for men. If you want uncomplicated designs, then this is the one that you should engrave on your chest.
  • Superman Logo Design – A lot of boys simply love this particular design because of the total masculinity it exudes. After all, Superman is a male superhero. However, it does not matter if you are a girl and you want this design to be tattooed on your chest. If you are the braver type of a girl, this design will showcase your masculine side. Just make sure to add some additional designs that will show your natural feminine image.
  • Angel Design – Who would not love sporting an angel tattoo on their chest by the way? Aside from the fact that this is a Godly symbol, angel design will also look very attractive in the eyes of other people, making you to be an ultimate head turner when you go somewhere. For males, female angels would be perfect while females can perfectly go for male angels.
  • Owl Design – For all those owl lovers out there, this is something that you should not miss without trying. It will surely look lovely on your chest. Just make sure that your tattoo artist can clearly and perfectly draw the image of an owl bird, so that everything will go into the right places. At the sides of the owl, some plant leaves or flowers can be added to add more color and life to the design.
  • Heart and Rose Design – There is no question about the perfection of this tattoo design, as far as chest area is concerned. The main reason is very obvious. It is because heart and rose symbolize “LOVE”, and love can be felt exactly right there on the chest part. A lot of in-loved couples surely love sporting this tattoo design.

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Popular Designs For The Chest Area

The tattoo design one chooses for the chest area is a reflection of one’s pride and attitude, as it is for the whole world to see. There is a wide diversity in designs available as large and small tattoos can be engraved here. While some of the designs can be so large that they can extend to the shoulder, neck or then stomach, others can be quite small in size, the later mostly preferred by women, as they can only bare a part of the chest. They offer a great variety in terms of styles, designs and symbols, which boost the popularity of these tattoos to a greater extent. Here are some of the most popular designs for men and women:

  • Heart Designs – Since the chest is the location of the heart, the designs which use hearts as the key aspect are considered symbolic in meaning besides being fashionable. The heart tattoo design is unisex in nature, implying it looks great on both, men and women. It comes in various forms, such as bleeding heart, sacred heart and pierced heart, all having a unique symbolic meaning. A bleeding heart stands for the pain and loss of love, while a sacred heart implies everlasting love, passion and faith. Similarly, a pierced heart design signifies the loss of love and that life can never be the same after it happens.
  • Superhero Characters Designs – Superhero characters like Superman, Spiderman and Hulk make a popular choice for men. Young men prefer to flaunt big tattoos on their chests, featuring these super heroes in action.
  • Angels and Fairies – Another well liked design for both, men and women, is that featuring heavenly character like angels and fairies. Some quote or words can be combined with these tattoos to add a meaning to them.
  • Tribal Tattoos – Tribal tattoo art is one of the most brilliant forms of tattoo art, which is revered by people all around the globe. Such tattoos signify a meaning and have historic significance, which is the reason why one should take into account their symbolism while having them engraved.
  • Birds and Animals on Chest – They may feature attractive birds (such as phoenix) and animals (such as lion, fish) for a perfect design. While birds like dove make a great option to depict love and is liked by women, men prefer something more assertive such as eagle, lion and tiger in their designs. Insects like spiders may also be used in these designs.
  • Religious Symbols – Religious symbols like cross and portraits of saints are also used, in order to assert the religious faith and belief of the bearer. Celestial bodies like stars, moon and sun may also be included in these designs. Flowers designs like rose and lotus also find an important place in chest designs. Some other good options are musical symbols, cartoon characters, feathers, anchors, dreamcatcher, Maori tribal designs and natural objects.

Final Words

In addition to these amazing chest tattoo designs, more and more tattoos are being created by tattoo artists all over the globe. While images and portraits are an important part of these tattoos, many of them use text and quotes to reflect the attitude of the bearer. For instance, the design may contain some kind of religious text or some quotes which define the feelings of hope, positivity, optimism and truth.


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