Ultimate Lil Peep Tattoo Guide

Get to know Lil Peep’s tattoos in our guide. We take you through his extensive tattoo collection.

lil peep rose tattoo

Gustav Elijah Åhr was an American singer, rapper, and songwriter known better by his stage name Lil Peep.

At the age of 21 he passed away in Arizona on the 15th November 2017 after an accidental drug overdose, involving Fentanyl and Xanax.

Before going solo, Lil Peep was part of an emo/rap group GothBoiClique and was a leading figure for emo music back in 2010.

His unique music followed a rock and rap vibe with an emo twist, which drew millions of fans towards his music.

Lil Peep has a passion for body art and as a person who stands out from the crowd, his tattoos are a unique representation of his personality and thoughts.

We are going to find out the reasons behind what these Lil Peep tattoos really mean.


lil peep get cake die young tattoo

Tattoo: Get Cake Die Young has been inked along Lil Peep’s forehead.

Interpretation: One morning, after a heavy night with his friends, he woke up and found this tattoo on his forehead. He has no idea or memory as to how it got there.

‘PEEP’ Tattoo

lil peep peep tattoo

Tattoo: Going down the singer’s upper left arm is the name Peep.

Interpretation: Peep is the name that was given to Gustav by his mother, she used to call him ‘Peep’ or ‘Peeper’ and the name was quickly adopted by many in his life.

’11-1′ Tattoo

lil peep 11-1 tattoo

Tattoo: The numbers 11-1 are tattooed on his torso.

Interpretation: 11-1 are numbers of Lil Peep’s birthday. He was born on November 1st, 1996 overnight so technically it is still classed as Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkin Tattoo

lil peep halloween pumpkin tattoo

Tattoo: A large pumpkin is inked on the singer’s left forearm.

Interpretation: As Lil Peep was born on the night of Halloween (1st Nov) it seemed fitting for him to get this Pumpkin tattoo.

Halloween Bats Tattoo

lil peep halloween bats tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of his neck features Halloween bats.

Interpretation: Again, this is one of three tattoos the rapper has relating to his birthday on Halloween night.

Centipede Tattoo

lil peep centipede tattoo

Tattoo: A centipede runs down the singer’s left forearm.

Interpretation: Pointing to the tattoo Lil Peep told GQ, “These things I f**king hate. Centipedes, they just seem to find me and bother me all the time, so I figured I’d get one tattooed on me.”

‘LKW’ and ’10-27′ Tattoo

lil peep lkw and 10-27 tattoo

Tattoo: The initials LWK and the numbers 10-27 are inked on the singer’s right forearm.

Interpretation: The initials stand for Liza Womack, Lil Peeps mother and the numbers represent her birthday, 27th October 1982. It was his first tattoo at the age of 14.

‘LOVE’ Tattoo

lil peep love tattoo

Tattoo: Along his torso is the word LOVE in capitals.

Interpretation: Love is self-explanatory, yet Lil Peep added a twist using an unhappy face inside the ‘O’. It shows the sadness that can be hidden within love.

‘MEEP’ Tattoo

lil peep meep tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Meep’ is the outline of a dog on his left leg.

Interpretation: Meep is the name given to a dog Lil Peep shares with his ex-girlfriend. He often refers to him as his son an shared custody of the dog.

Simpson’s LISA and ‘MOM’ Tattoo

lil peep simpson lisa and mom tattoo

Tattoo: Lisa from the Simpson’s screaming ‘MOM’ is found on the front of the singer’s neck.

Interpretation: When describing his relationship with his mother he pointed to this tattoo and told GQ, “I’m Lisa screaming mom you know, cos’ whenever somethings going wrong in my life or I’m freaking out, I call my mom on the phone and stress her the f**k out.”

‘HELLBOY’ Tattoo

lil peep hellboy tattoo

Tattoo: Below the tattoo on his neck of Simpsons character Lisa, is the word ‘Hellboy’.

Interpretation: Hellboy is the name of Lil Peep’s first mixtape. The name is inspired from the comics of Hellboy which was later produced into a film.

Pink Panther Tattoo

lil peep pink panther tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his neck is the Pink Panther.

Interpretation: After taking magic mushrooms and staying up all night, Lil Peep and a friend decided to travel to Venice beach.

He walked into a tattoo shop and randomly decided to get the Pink Panther on his neck.

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lil peep homesick tattoo

Tattoo: Homesick has been written along all of his fingers.

Interpretation: As Lil Peep is always travelling due to his music career, it sometimes leaves him a little homesick.

Anarchy Logo Tattoo

lil peep anarchy logo tattoo

Tattoo: The Anarchy symbol sits on the singer’s right cheek.

Interpretation: When interviewed by GQ Lil Peep said, “If I’m feeling really punk, like f**k everything, I’ll get a weird red Anarchy logo on my face or this mood tattoo (mickey mouse).” It is one of several Lil Peep face tattoos.

Crying Mickey Mouse Tattoo

lil peep crying mickey tattoo

Tattoo: A crying Mickey Mouse is on his right arm.

Interpretation: Lil Peep got this tattoo to represent his low mood, it is also a reason as to why he made the tattoo look rather amateurish and in itself, low quality.

Broken Heart Tattoo

lil peep broken heart tattoo

Tattoo: The Lil Peep heart tattoo sits above the Anarchy logo on his left cheek.

Interpretation: Back in 2015, Lil Peep got this tattoo of a broken heart inked to his face. It was a way of showing how low he felt at the time.

Horseshoe Tattoo

lil peep horseshoe tattoo

Tattoo: A horseshoe sits in the middle of his eyebrows.

Interpretation: The horseshoe has always been a symbol of good luck, by inking this on his face, Lil Peep is trying to bring himself good fortune.

‘Cry Baby’ Tattoo

lil peep crybaby tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Cry Baby’ sits above his right eyebrow.

Interpretation: The Lil Peep Crybaby tattoo is a way to remind himself to always be grateful for what he has in life, many others are often in worse situations.

Rose Tattoo

lil peep rose tattoo

Tattoo: On his left cheek is the image of a rose.

Interpretation: This single rose tattoo is on the left side of his face and was used as a way to cover up a previous tattoo, the playboy bunny logo.

Sharp End Weapon with ‘REVENGE’ Tattoo

lil peep sharp weapon revenge tattoo

Tattoo: A weapon with a sharp end and the word revenge sits on his right forearm.

Interpretation: Having a weapon inked on his arm with the word revenge, shows Lil Peep is more than happy to go to any means necessary in order to gain vengeance.

‘DADDY’ Tattoo

lil peep daddy tattoo

Tattoo: Daddy has been inked in bold with a gothic font across the rapper’s chest.

Interpretation: Although Lil Peep never gave his fans a reason for why he got this tattoo so boldly across his chest. Many believe it is a way of saying he is the daddy and others are rather submissive to him.

Marijuana Leaf/Cannabis Leaf Tattoo

lil peep marijuana leaf tattoo

Tattoo: A marijuana leaf is seen on the singer’s left side of his chest over his heart.

Interpretation: Lil Peep is an avid weed smoker, he loves marijuana, and got this inking of a marijuana leaf covering his heart. Peep also liked to ‘dab’ highly concentrated amounts of cannabis.

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Wine Glass Tattoo

lil peep wine glass tattoo

Tattoo: A wine glass is featured on his right forearm just by his elbow.

Interpretation: It’s no surprise to some that Lil Peep liked to drink alcohol, smoke weed and take other types of drugs. It could however, be related to a song he produced with Lil Tracy called white wine.

Star Tattoo

lil peep star tattoo on face

Tattoo: Below the singer’s right eye is a star.

Interpretation: Admittedly, many of Lil Peep’s tattoos were inked on a drunken night or were done in the heat of the moment, which is probably why he got this random star on his face.

Insects Tattoo

lil peep insects tattoo

Tattoo: Lil Peep has insects on his left forearm, surrounding the centipede.

Interpretation: Lil Peep hates insects and critters, so because they always find and pester him, what better way to overcome your fears than to have them inked on you!

Playboy Sign Tattoo

lil peep playboy sign tattoo

Tattoo: Playboy Bunny logo is on his left hand closest to the knuckle of his pinky finger.

Interpretation: Like many growing teens, Lil Peep was fascinated by Playboy and decided to get this tattoo as a tribute.

Letter ‘A’ Tattoo

lil peep letter a tattoo

Tattoo: Inked to his skin was the letter A on his right wrist.

Interpretation: Many fans believe the letter A stands for Arzaylea Rodriguez, Lil Peep’s ex-girlfriend. As he has never explained the meaning we can only speculate.

‘Clique’ Tattoo

lil peep clique tattoo

Tattoo: The word Clique sits on the right side of the singer’s chest.

Interpretation: Lil Peep was part of an emo band called GothBoiClique before going solo. This tattoo is simply a tribute to where it all began.

Saint Peter Cross Tattoo

lil peep cross of saint peter tattoo

Tattoo: The Saint Peter cross was inked upside down on the singer’s left upper arm.

Interpretation: Saint Peter was an apostle of Jesus Christ who is believed to have died on the cross. At his request he asked that the cross be placed upside down as he didn’t feel worthy enough to be crucified in the same way as Jesus. It is now occasionally used as an anti-Christian symbol.

Celtic Cross Tattoo

lil peep celtic cross tattoo

Tattoo: A Celtic cross is positioned on Lil Peep’s right arm.

Interpretation: The Celtic cross dates back to the Middle Ages in countries such as France, Britain and Ireland. It was used by Saint Patrick when he was converting others in Ireland to Christianity and is seen as a symbol offering spiritual guidance.

Hand Holding an Uzi Tattoo

lil peep hand holding an uzi tattoo

Tattoo: A hand holding an Uzi with the words ‘F**k the opps’ is inked on his left bicep.

Interpretation: By getting a tattoo of a gun inked with the phrase ‘F**k the oops’ Lil Peep is giving his haters a stark warning.

‘FOREVER’ Tattoo

lil peep forever tattoo

Tattoo: Forever is inked vertically on his right thumb.

Interpretation: In December 2015, Lil Peep self-released his second mixtape ‘Live Forever’ without a label, so this could be a tribute to the music.

Star Tattoo

lil peep star tattoo

Tattoo: Another star tattoo can be seen behind the singer’s left ear.

Interpretation: Stars are often inked to represent a fight against darkness. Lil Peep has spoken about his thoughts, depression and attempted suicides, which could be the reason behind getting these star tattoos.

‘RIP’ Tattoo

lil peep rip tattoo

Tattoo: RIP amongst a cloud has been inked on the singer’s right neck.

Interpretation: The Rest in Peace tattoo was never explained. Some fans believe it may have a link to the death of his grandfather but as he hasn’t confirmed himself, we will never know.

Wave Tattoo

lil peep wave tattoo

Tattoo: The outline of a wave is seen on his right cheek.

Interpretation: Wave tattoos signify the daily ups and downs of life. They represent the soul, a person’s emotions, and a primal state.

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Ghost Tattoo

lil peep ghost tattoo

Tattoo: The outline of a ghost is on his upper left arm.

Interpretation: Ghosts are described as the spirits of the dead and tend to have a spooky feel. As Peep is born on Halloween night and ghosts are a key feature it could be another tribute to his birthday.

Scorpion Tattoo

lil peep scorpion tattoo

Tattoo: On the back of his neck a scorpion has been inked.

Interpretation: As Lil Peep is born on November 1st this makes his zodiac sign a Scorpion. As a tribute to his star sign Lil Peep got this large inking on the back of his neck.

‘EXIT LIFE’ Tattoo

lil peep exit life tattoo

Tattoo: The words EXIT LIFE fills the upper half of Lil Peep’s back.

Interpretation: Exit Life is a song released in 2006 by Obscura in their album Retribution. They are a band from Germany creating death metal music with a twist of jazz.

Crescent Moon Tattoo

lil peep crescent moon tattoo

Tattoo: Above the wave on his right cheek, a crescent moon can be seen.

Interpretation: The crescent moon has been inked above the wave. Oceans are pretty interesting after dark wand often have a magical feel.

‘WAVY BABY’ Tattoo

lil peep wavy baby tattoo

Tattoo: Just one of many Lil Peep hand tattoos Wavy Baby took a different approach, and has been inked on the inside of his fingers on both hands.

Interpretation: The word wavy can have several different meanings, it can be positive and used to describe something good, it can be used to explain a unique style or it can mean a person is very high on drugs and alcohol.

Tiny Cross Tattoo

lil peep tiny cross tattoo

Tattoo: A tiny cross is inked on the left side of his face just next to the broken heart.

Interpretation: Lil Peep has 3 cross tattoos which shows us he does have some form of faith within his heart. Singer Justin Bieber also has the same small style cross tattoo on his face.

Racing Flags on Fire Tattoo

lil peep raising flags tattoo

Tattoo: Race car flags on fire are inked on the left side of his head.

Interpretation: Like most young men his age, Lil Peep loved fast cars and the world of racing. He is even featured on a song called ‘Chase my Racecar’ with Jaxxon Silva, so the tattoo is probably a tribute for his love of the sport.

Drawing by Ed Hardy Tattoo

lil peep drawing by ed hardy tattoo

Tattoo: An Ed Hardy drawing is inked on the singer’s right side of his head.

Interpretation: This one of a kind inking was created by the well-known tattooist Ed Hardy on one of his tours in London. The piece stems from a 1980s poster to promote a show for Dean Dennis, another infamous tattoo artist in the industry.

Roman Numerals ‘MCM’ and ‘XCVI’ Tattoo

lil peep roman numerals tattoo

Tattoo: MCM and XCVI are Roman Numerals inked along all of his fingers on both hands.

Interpretation: MCM stands for 1900 and XCVI means 96. Together 1996 marks the year Lil Peep was born. This would make his Chinese Zodiac symbol the rat.

Playing Card Suits Tattoo

lil peep playing card suits tattoo

Tattoo: On his left hand, his knuckles feature the playing card symbols.

Interpretation: The four card symbols clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds can be represented in two different ways. The first being wind, water, fire, and earth whereas others, interpret their meanings as love (heart), desire (clubs), death (spades) and money (diamonds).

Cobweb Design Tattoo

lil peep cobweb tattoo

Tattoo: A large cobweb covers his inner left arm.

Interpretation: The cobweb tattoo can symbolize the feeling of being tangled or trapped in life. It is normally featured as a prison tattoo on the outside of the elbow, which is probably why Lil Peep opted to get his inked on the opposite side.

‘Miss You’ Tattoo

lil peep miss you tattoo

Tattoo: Miss You is inked on each of his legs, just above the knee.

Interpretation: When being interviewed by GQ Lil Peep said, “I got friend tattooed on me”,  whilst speaking on his Miss You tattoo. As his career was so time consuming, he probably didn’t get to hang out with friends much.

Tribal Design Tattoo

lil peep tribal tattoo

Tattoo: Covering his right bicep is a tribal tattoo.

Interpretation: After getting his old flame Layla Toopoor’s name inked on his back, he decided to get her name covered up with this tribal tattoo.

Flying Bird with Currency Note Tattoo

lil peep flying currency note tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of his neck features a flying bird holding currency.

Interpretation: This tattoo is completely unique, it features a flying bird with money, and symbolizes the comings and goings of finances throughout life. It’s one to think about if your after any Lil Peep tattoo ideas.

Spider and Spiderweb Tattoo

lil peep spider and spider web tattoo

Tattoo: Inked across his right forearm is a spider on its web.

Interpretation: In an interview with V magazine Lil Peep spots a spider and says, “I don’t want to kill you, but I will if I have to.” This tattoo has a similar meaning to the centipede, he doesn’t like them, but he doesn’t want to harm them either, unless he is left with no other option!

Playing Cards Tattoo

lil peep playing cards tattoo

Tattoo: On his left arm are a set of playing cards.

Interpretation: Cards seem to have a symbolic life meaning to Lil Peep, he also has the symbols of the four cards inked across his knuckles.

Ghost Design Tattoo

lil peep ghost design tattoo

Tattoo: A ghost design sits on his left hand.

Interpretation: Surrounded in flames this ghost design has never been given an explanation by Lil Peep. The tattoo seems to represent some sort of hellish world.

‘SONY’ Tattoo

lil peep sony tattoo

Tattoo: Brand Sony has been inked on his right calf.

Interpretation: Lil Peep was signed by Sony Music Entertainment and he is still currently listed on their website as being their artist. A big game changer for his career and what better way than to mark his thanks with this large inking.

Flower Tattoo

lil peep flower tattoo

Tattoo: A flower tattoo sits on his left arm.

Interpretation: A flower is the general symbol of natural beauty and life. It isn’t his only flower tattoo, he also has a rose inked to his face and hand.

Rose Tattoo

lil peep rose tattoo

Tattoo: This large rose covers his right hand.

Interpretation: Roses are regularly featured tattoos and have been included in many celebrity body art collections such as Scarlett Johansson, G-Eazy, Demi Lovato and many others.

Diamond Tattoo

lil peep diamond tattoo

Tattoo: His right hand features a small diamond.

Interpretation: Diamonds often represent wealth and luxury and since his career take off, Lil Peep became very fortunate within a short amount of time.

BFF Rice Tattoo

lil peep bff rice tattoo

Tattoo: A ‘BFF Rice’ tattoo is inked on his right arm.

Interpretation: Lil Peep and best friend Jodie got these matching tattoos to mark their friendship. It was only 3 days after this inking that Lil Peep tragically lost his life.

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