170 Impressive Shoulder Tattoos For Men And Women

Tattoos stand for attraction and symbolism and they are carried by fashion conscious men and women to attract the attention for onlookers. The placement of a tattoo basically depends upon its size and design, though the most popular places on the body to feature them are the back, side, neck, ankle, chest, thigh, finger, arms, legs, hips, wrists and back of the ear. One of the places where you are likely to see various tattoo designs are the shoulders, as they provide a good surface area to feature a design in a proper manner and at the same time is a spot which catches the eye. The shoulders can carry a tattoo as a whole or be the starting point for an arm length tattoo.

Significance of Shoulder as a Tattoo Placement Spot

The best thing about shoulder tattoos is that they can be bared or made visible according to the preference of the bearer, who can wear full sleeve to work and flaunt these tattoos in a bare armed dress for an evening outing. This makes shoulder an ideal place to bear attractive tattoos, which can even be extended on later stages. They can be a style statement and at the same time, can enhance the physique of the bearer. In fact, men take them as the best means to display their masculinity, though many women have also started going for such tattoos. You might want to check our collection of White ink tattoos.

Personal Meanings

In addition to these traditional designs, people can choose to have unique designs done of their shoulders, which can symbolize their personal beliefs and attitude. It may be something related to their alma mater, a group or club or some patriotic symbol. They can also have the names of their loved ones, family members, friends or children, or some kind of meaningful text or phrases etched as a part of the tattoo design. The basic idea is to convey a meaning which the bearer wants to and he can get a meaningful design with the help of an expert designer, who can create something eye catching by incorporating all the design elements his client wants him to.

While choosing a tattoo design for the shoulder or for that matter, any other part of the body, one must keep in mind their symbolic meaning as well as the design, as the tattoo is going to be there with the bearer for a lifetime. Once the tattoo is etched, it is hard to get rid of. For this reason, a design has to be decided with care.

Popular Shoulder Tattoos Options

Shoulders make a popular placement for featuring tattoos of diverse designs and styles as they look great on this muscular area and can be shown off to the whole wide world. A variety of designs can be featured on the shoulder according to the choice of the bearer and his intention to depict his thoughts and beliefs. Some of the most popular shoulder tattoo designs are listed as follows:

  • Tribal Tattoo – A widely used design is the tribal tattoo design, which consists of bold and sharp curves and lines. Such designs look powerful strokes and these look great on the shoulder area; in fact, the design can be big and show, carried down to the arm and across the back. One of the preferred tribal designs is the Celtic cross, which look amazingly attractive on the shoulder area. Other designs may feature skulls, the Grim Reaper, stars and similar eye catching characters, which add a totally new dimension to the personality of the bearer. Did you know henna tattoos are considered as most popular temporary tattoos among tattoo lovers?
  • Old School Tattoo Designs – Old school tattoo designs include elements such as roses, lotus, nautical designs, anchors, dreamcatchers, feathers, compass, playing cards and heart. Such tattoo designs are not very large in size but they make a great choice for tattoos in both, men and women.
  • Bird Tattoo Designs – Birds are preferred designs for women because they are more feminine and elegant as compared to other conventional designs. Such designs are versatile in terms of size as one can have big or small bird designs for the shoulders. There is also a wide range of options in terms of the kind of bird the bearer wants etched on his shoulder, such as the phoenix, eagle, peacock or the small swallows. One can choose the bird according to the desirable size and symbolic meaning.
  • Butterfly Tattoo Designs – Butterflies look charming as tattoo designs anywhere on the body, but shoulders make an ideal placement for this vibrant and playful design. It can be a single butterfly or those in greater numbers and the designer can make use of different colors to make the design more attractive. Other elements such as flowers and vines can also be included along with the butterfly tattoo designs.
  • Biomechanical Tattoo Designs – Another cool option is biomechanical design, which features mechanics combined with the human anatomy, making it a very prominent picture, as if the skin has been ripped open. It gives an impression that there are mechanical elements such as chains, cables and mechanical joints underneath, along with the bones and muscles.
  • Japanese Tattoo Designs – Japanese tattoo designs boast of a great variety, with design elements such as koi fish, waves, lion, elephant, wolf, tigers and dragons. Cherry blossoms make a perfect choice for women because of their beautiful and delicate looks.
  • Pin Up Tattoo Designs – Another feminine design is that featuring pin up girls. The design is large and attractive and extends to the arm. Many men are also opting for this design to impress their lady love.
  • Star and Moon Tattoo Designs – Some people have stars and celestial bodies such as the moon etched in the tattoo designs. Such designs look really amazing and charming and have a deeper meaning too. They can be done in simple black and grey color or in a range of vibrant colors, according to the personal taste of the bearer.

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Final Words

Shoulders make a great place for having tattoos etched because this is one of the most prominent areas on the human body, and these tattoos are equally easy to hide when needed. Shoulders provide a good surface for getting various designs and sizes of tattoos. Some of the most popular options for shoulder tattoos include designs such as birds, tribal designs, stars, Japanese designs, old school designs and bio mechanical designs.

Shoulder tattoos for girlsShoulder tattoos for girlsShoulder tattoos for girlsShoulder tattoos for girls (2)Shoulder tattoos for girlsShoulder tattoos for girlsShoulder tattoos for girlsShoulder tattoos for girlsShoulder tattoos for girlsShoulder tattoos for girlsShoulder tattoos for girlsShoulder tattoos for girlsColorful Rose Tattoo by Ewa SrokaMaltese Puppy Tattoo by GrainGeometric Sharks on Shoulder by Tattoo Me Pink Elegant Wave Tattoo on Shoulder by CJMinimal Heart Tattoo on Shoulder by Anna BravoFloral Shoulder Tattoo by IlwolFloral Tattoo on Shoulder by Little Miss JessWhale Tattoo by XKMFloral Band on Shoulder by Lucy HuTiny Shoulder Tattoo by Lara M. J. Moon Tattoo on Shoulder by SouPlumeria Flower Tattoo on Shoulder by IlwolFloral Tattoo on Shoulder by Eloise EntraiguesSun Tattoo on Shoulder by Dr. WooChickadee Tattoo by Mackenzie EvanjelineDotwork Floral Tattoo on Shoulder by Sasha MasiukSunflower Tattoo Design by YunungFloral Shoulder Tattoo by Sarah HerzdameRemember The Date Tattoo by Pink TattoosMoon Shoulder Tattoo by ilwolMandala Shoulder Tattoo by PaulinhoDotwork Constellation Tattoo by Evgeny GolubevSucculent on Shoulder Tattoo by Anna BravoSymmetrical Shoulder Tattoo by Crooked MileDotwork Shoulder Tattoo by Ben DoukakisMandala Shoulder Tattoo by Paul BachmanHummingbird Tattoo on Shoulder by Luis IndaSaffron Shoulder Tattoo by IlwolHawaiian Shoulder Tattoo by GrainShoulder Tattoo Design by Karry Ka-YingMaze Tattoo on Shoulder by Ivan FungusBlackwork Floral Shoulder Tattoo by Anna Bravo


























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