115 Most Stylish Collar Bone Tattoos

Tattoo art has been ruling the hearts of fashion lovers around the world since a long time now and the trend is likely to continue in future too. Tattoos are meant to attract attention and be a subtle statement of your attitude and personality. At the same time, you should be able to conceal them when you want them because it is not feasible to show off your tattoos while going for an interview or a professional meeting. This is why the placement of a tattoo is as important as its design. Collar bone tattoos make a perfect match for those seeking attention and looking to conceal the tattoos as the situation may require. This is the reason why tattoos on collar bone area are highly popular among men and women alike and people of all ages love to have them.

Perhaps, you are one of those people who are not that familiar with collar bone tattoos. Well, to make you more familiar about these tattoos, you should go over this article up to the very end. As its name suggests, tattoos on collar bone are gorgeous tattoos that can be located right there on your collarbone. In case you don’t know, collarbone is the bone that can be found right there under your neck and above your chest. There is a noticeable bone there, and that is exactly where your collarbone is located.

Tattooed collarbones are sure to look great on men and women out there. There are certainly unique tattoos, and this is the reason why more and more people are trying them day by day. If you want to be unique when it comes to tattoos, then these ones are worth-considering.


If you are one of those people in the world who are planning to have a tattoo on the collar bone area, then you should know the fact that these tattoos are always being accompanied with a number of advantages. Here are some of these marvelous advantages:

  • Easy to conceal. There’s no way you will get pressured in concealing it whenever necessary since you can just wear a regular shirt or a turtle-neck top/shirt and you’re good to go.
  • You will look hotter than ever. Many men and women are now enjoying the fact that they pull in more and more admirers from the opposite sexes.
  • Adds impact on your fashion statement. It can look great with a gorgeous outfit you wear, but make sure to choose an outfit that displays your collarbone part.


Yes, there are several disadvantages associated with tattooed collarbone, and knowing all of them can become an advantage on your side. Here are these advantages.

  • It can be very painful. Many people can certainly attest to this. Well, the very obvious reason is that the needle that will be used in tattooing will directly hit the collarbone itself, making it extra painful for you. However, you should know that the intensity of the pain you might feel will also depend on the pain tolerance of your body. In case you have lower pain tolerance, then it might be not a good idea to have these tattoos.
  • It can be pricier on your part. Compared to some other tattoos, these tattoos are unquestionably pricier since these may take a lot of works especially those designs that aim to make you look gorgeous and hotter. Moreover, texts designs that should be written in beautiful fonts may be long enough, requiring more time to be spent in tattooing.

Famous Personalities With Tattoos on Collar bone

For sure, you are aware of the fact that there are a number of popular personalities in the world who have tattooed collarbone. In fact, some of them become very easy to be remembered because of these gorgeous tattoos of them. Here are these famous personalities:

  • Justin Bieber – Who would not known this very young and famous international singing sensation? He looks more handsome with his tattoo that has a crown design.
  • Alexandra Burke – This English singer-songwriter is very proud to display her tattoo on the collar bone area that goes, “Love & Loyalty”.
  • Rihanna – This 28-year-old, gorgeous singer-songwriter is not only famous for her amazing songs, but also for her body tattoos. On her right collarbone, you can read her favorite motto in life that goes, “Never a failure, always a lesson.”

These tattoos may be seen in the form of small delicate designs lying on the collar bone area or extend into large and prominent ones both ways, up to the neck or down the chest, depending upon the design and preference of the tattoo bearer. The tattoo can even reach up to the back area to create a unique impact. What makes them perfect for one and the all is the fact that you can flaunt these tattoos by wearing a low collar dress or hide them with a high collar one.

Popular Collar bone Tattoo Designs

Collar bone tattoos offer immense variety as far as designs are concerned because they can vary from very tiny sizes to large ones reaching up to the neck, back or the chest. However, the design needs to be chosen with care, taking into account its aesthetic beauty as well as symbolic value. Careful consideration is required in this respect because there is a great deal of pain involved in getting a tattoo and it is going to be a part for you for the rest of your life. Here are some popular design options:

  • Floral Tattoos – Flowers make an amazing choice as they have always been revered as the symbols of beauty, purity and love. Floral tattoos are loved by women in particular because they are more feminine in nature. You have also a great deal of choice when you decide to have a floral tattoo done on your collarbone, which includes flowers like rose, lotus, cherry blossom, daffodils, lilies, to name just a few. Each one has a symbolic meaning associated with it and you can choose the one close to what you want to represent with the tattoo.
  • Script Tattoos – Script tattoos make the top choice on any day. You can have a name or initials of a loved one inked on your collarbone or it can be a favorite quotation which says out your attitude aloud. You can have a roman numeral, a special date, any religious text or famous quotation done as a design too, depending upon your choice. Banner tattoo is another form in which script can be inked on the collarbone. It can be larger in size that the traditional ones and can reach up to the chest, while some images can be included in it too.
  • Small Symbol Tattoos – Since collarbone is a sensuous part of the body, even a small tattoo design inked on this part can grab a great deal of attention and the pain and time required for it is also less. This is what accounts for the popularity of tiny symbol tattoos for collarbone designs. Women, in particular, love these designs as they make them look and feel sexy. These designs can include tony symbols like hearts, birds, feathers, musical notes and stars. Such designs are very alluring and feminine and make a top choice for girls and young women.

Wrap Around Tattoos On The Collarbone

Wrap around tattoo on the collar bone area make an excellent choice for those who are not worried about the pain involved in getting larger tattoos. These tattoos cover larger areas around the collarbone, as indicated by the name. These designs exhibit amazing flow and look very attractive, commonly using elements such as fire, clouds and dragons. The area can also be adorned with 3D tattoos because they too look perfect and alluring and are loved by men in particular.

An expert tattoo artist can bring out the best in a collarbone design by making use of some other elements like tribal patterns, geometric patterns, skulls, anchors, bows, arrows, ribbons, butterflies and feathers for creating unique tattoo designs for the collarbone. They can either do these tattoos in conventional black and grey colors or use a wide array of colors to create something amazing.

Popular Collar Bone Tattoo Designs
Collarbone TattoCollarbone TattoCollarbone TattoCollarbone TattoCollarbone TattooCollarbone Tattoo

Collarbone TattoCollarbone TattooCollarbone TattooCollarbone TattooCollarbone TattooCollarbone TattooCollarbone Tattoo

Collarbone TattooCollarbone TattooCollarbone TattooCollarbone TattooCollarbone TattooCollarbone Tattoo

Beautiful Designs for Collar bone Tattoos

Of course, just like the other tattoos on the body, there are so many designs that you can take into account regarding tattoos that can be found on your collarbone. But before choosing a particular tattoo design, make sure that you take into consideration a number of things. This is one way of avoiding regrets in the end. Here are some of the gorgeous collarbone tattoo designs you might want to have:

  • Symmetrical Design – Such design is actually not the type that has deeper purposes and meanings. The aim of this particular design is to make you look good and more gorgeous in the eyes of others.
  • Birds and Feathers Design – Such design is undeniably one of the most popular ones. It is simply because a lot of people are using it not only for collarbone, but also for some other tattoos in the body. It depicts freedom, adventure, love, and happiness.
  • Script Design – This is such a very beautiful design of a tattoo that you can ever have. It involves Japanese or Chinese word characters, roman numerals, or just a beautiful calligraphy.
  • Floral  Design – Of course, a floral design can never be forgotten since this is one of those most common yet gorgeous designs not only for collarbone, but in some other tattoos as well.

The decision of getting a collarbone inked is not an easy one because it involves a great deal of pain, since this area is a bony one. But the result can be extremely attractive, which makes all the effort truly worth it.

Collarbone tattoos can surely make you way gorgeous than before. Just make sure you’re ready to feel the pain when getting tattooed.

3D-rose-collar-bone-tattoo Amazing-collar-bone-bird-tattoo-designs Beautiful-birds-sitting-on-a-branch-collar-bone-tattoo
Beautiful-black-rose-collar-bone-tattoo Beautiful-quote-collar-bone-tattoo-for-women Black-raven-wings-collar-bone-tattoo Black-doves-collar-bone-tattoo-idea Birds-and-flower-collar-bone-tattoo-for-women Birds-and-feather-collar-bone-tattoo Bird-and-rose-collar-bone-tattoo-designs Butterfly-collar-bone-tattoo-design Collar-bone-feather-tattoo Collar-bone-musical-note-tattoos-for-women Collar-bone-script-tattoo-for-women Collar-bone-star-tattoos-for-women Feather-and-flying-birds-collar-bone-tattoo-designs Falling-stars-collar-bone-tattoo-for-women Crows-below-collarbone-tattoos-for-women Colourful-cluster-of-stars-collar-bone-tattoos Colourful-bird-collar-bone-tattoo Flying-birds-collar-bone-tattoos-for-women Free-bird-collar-bone-tattoos-for-women Geometric-collar-bone-and-chest-tattoos-for-women
Green-and-black-butterfly-collar-bone-tattoos Henna-collar-bone-floral-tattoo-design Sexy-butterfly-collar-bone-tattoos-for-women Sexy-Arabic-wording-collar-bone-tattoo-for-women Script-and-butterfly-collar-bone-tattoos Rose-collar-bone-tattoo-design-for-women Red-Phoenix-collar-bone-tattoo-design Sexy-cartoon-collar-bone-tattoos-for-women Sexy-heatbeat-collar-bone-tattoo-design Sexy-lettering-collar-bone-tattoos Sexy-octopus-collar-bone-and-chest-tattoo-for-women Sexy-One-love-collar-bone-tattoo-for-women Sun-collar-bone-tattoo-for-women Spool-and-wording-collar-bone-tattoo-for-women

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