500 Sexy Tattoos for Women (Ultimate Guide on Female Tattoos)

Here at TheStyleUp we have compiled a list of the top best selling tattoos for women, designs and have even taken time to explain what meanings are thus associated with those tattoos in general, just to make your tattoo selection ritual a lot easier. Take a look at female tattoos with their symbols and meanings.

Moreover, tattoos, which were once considered something meant for sailors, gangs and fishermen, have become the top choice of young girls, guys and cultured men and women, who have a cool fashion sense and an eye for aesthetics. Feminine tattoos in particular have come a long way, from being regarded as the declaration of rebellion to making the woman bearing it a fashion icon today. Tattoos for women have been endorsed by many cool celebrities these days, which have made them even more popular amongst today’s generation of stylish and attention seeking women and girls. Also, with a great number of global celebrities bearing different kinds of tattoos, they have become socially acceptable for women in the past two decades or so. Therefore, you will find an equal number of women following this trend as with men, because there is nothing uncool about girls and women having tattoos today, rather they are regarded as the fashion statement of the person bearing them.

Placement Ideas For Tattoos on Women

Since ancient times, the body of a woman has been regarded as a sacred creation of God and she has been worshipped as an icon of power and strength. That is why people have been using various forms of embellishments to beautify the bodies of women. Various tattoos designs for women are used at different places on their body to make them more beautiful and to attract attention of the onlookers, which are the primary purposes of tattoo art. Most of the designs created on women are delicate and feminine as compared to men, who like to flaunt large, prominent and masculine designs. Like the women themselves, the tattoo designs etched on them represent love, beauty and femininity and their placement should be chosen with care. These tattoos are to be positioned in such a manner that their beauty as well as symbolic meaning is enhanced and the female tattoo is prominent without being loud. Many girls and women like to have tattoos etched on their chest, shoulders, back, side, stomach, arms, legs, thighs, spine, neck, wrist, sleeve, ankles, back of the neck and behind the ear. Very small designs are done in the form of finger tattoos for women.

Larger designs look good on the thigh, stomach, side and lower back, as they offer more space to have the design drawn on it. The placement of the tattoo should be such that the design is highlighted enough to grab the attention of the others and at the same time should be easy enough to conceal when the need arises, for professional reasons or otherwise. Tattoos are a permanent form of body art, which are very hard to get rid of once made a part of the body. Therefore, the design as well as placement of a tattoo design should be chosen with great care due to the permanent nature of the tattoos.

Most Popular Tattoos for Women

Basically, women need to choose tattoo designs which are delicate and feminine, yet they should also have a special symbolic value to convey the attitude and emotions of the bearer. Here are some of the most popular tattoo designs for women, which have been classified on the basis of elements used in making these unique designs for female tattoos:

Floral Tattoos

Flowers are one of the most beautiful and exquisite creations of nature, just like women. They represent love, purity, innocence and attraction, which make them the top choice for tattoo designs in women. Some of the most popular floral designs are the ones which bear flowers like rose, lotus, daffodil, sunflowers and cherry blossoms. While each of the flowers has its own symbolic value, the general appeal behind floral designs lies in the purity and femininity of the designs. These tattoos can be done in traditional black ink or a range of vibrant colors, depending upon the choice of the bearer. Also, the size and placement of the design will determine whether the design will feature a single flower or a bunch of them. Certain other design elements like bees, butterflies, leaves and thorns can be combines with the basic floral design to add to its symbolic value. Some names or text can also be included in the design.

Butterfly Tattoos

Like floral patterns, butterflies too make one of the most popular design elements for feminine tattoo designs. These alluring little insects add color and brilliance to life as they catch attention wherever they go. Similarly, a woman who sports a colorful butterfly tattoo is bound to be the center of attraction wherever she goes. At the same time, butterflies stand for change and transition, as they come out of the ugly cocoon stage to become the most beautiful creatures on the earth. Women, particularly young girls, love to have this eye catching design, etched on various parts of their bodies. Most of the time, they are inked in vibrant colors and combined with floral designs.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos have been rich in legend and history, in addition to being revered for their amazing and scintillating designs. Many tribal designs feature age old tribal elements such as the dreamcatcher and feathers. A dream catcher is a tribal devise made of a circular piece of woven net adorned with colored beads or feathers. It was used as a tribal tradition to attract good dreams and repel bad ones. The dream catcher has been carried forward in tribal tattoo art as a symbol of good dreams and optimism and women love to have the trendy design etched on them till date.

Heart Tattoos

Heart has always been a symbol of love and passion and this is why hearts have made an important place in feminine tattoo designs as women love to express their emotions and there is no better way to do that than t have a heart tattoo inked. Heart tattoos can include the name of their loved ones or some special quotes which they would like to express and make the design more meaningful.

Tattoos with Heavenly Bodies

Celestial bodies like stars, sun and moon are also usually seen as a part of tattoo designs for women as they not only look beautiful but signify divinity, beauty and strength too, which every women would like to express through tattoo designs.

Zodiac Tattoos

Some women may like to opt for zodiac tattoos which are chosen on the basis of her zodiac sign. These tattoos define the general traits of a particular zodiac sign which they are linked too and are used by women to bring out their personality as well as attitude.

Bird Tattoos

Birds stand for freedom and flight, which the woman of today personifies. She wants to be a free bird and live life as she wants to. This is the reason why bird tattoos are making one of the most popular choices of tattoos among the women of today.

In addition to these designs, there is a countless variety in the tattoo design ideas for women as tattoo artists as well as tattoo lovers are constantly working on bringing out innovative concepts and ideas in tattoo designing. Some other popular design elements used in feminine designs are ribbons, bows, anchor, dragon fly, fairies, arrow, spiders, skull, music, koi fish and snake tattoos. Some women also love to bear ornamental tattoos such as wedding band tattoos on their fingers and bracelet tattoos on their wrists. The best thing about such tattoos is that they are less expensive as compared to jewelry and there is no fear of loss.

Tattoos on Women and Celebrities

The popularity of tattoos on women is attributed to the women celebrities who are bearing a lot many of such designs. Among the global female celebrities who have been spotted with some amazing tattoo designs are Katy Perry, Amber Rose, Megan Fox, Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Pink and Rihanna, to name just a few.

Female Tatoos Categorized – Design / Color

After the most looked up tattoos in the world we must now give you a detailed overview about what kinds of tattoos are basically there in terms of coloring and this might make you well able to decide which suits best with your attitude, personality and the theme of the tattoo that you may have selected. In the years when your parents might have also been involved in getting a tattoo, the techniques were pretty much solid and monochromatic but now things are really charged up.

A. Black / Gray Tattoos

The titles pretty much gives up the basic detail. These tattoos are actually the epitome of monochromatic art.

  • Black and Gray tattoo doesn’t mean that it will look all pale and purposeless.
  • Artists these days are involved in creating some amazing 3D monochromatic tattoos that it looks as if they are life like.
  • The black and gray tattoos that were done in the past can be considered pretty dull then what artists are capable of creating now.
  • It is not necessary for you to get a 3D monochromatic tattoo. An artist can engrave a perfect looking, solid monochromatic tattoo as well.

 B. Colored Tattoos

You guessed it right, life isn’t that boring after all in the world of tattoos, not everything is in a dull and dark shade of black and gray everywhere, you should feel happy and great for there are many tattoo artists that are known to have a full command on colored tattoos.

  • Colored tattoos look extremely aesthetic, more like a piece of art when the artist has actually done justice to the toning and shading.
  • There are old school colored tattoos that do not include any shading or gradiance and are based purely on solid colors.
  • People fond of tattooing; opt for both old school solid colored as well as shaded colored tattoos.
  • After getting a colored tattoo one must work an extra mile to save the tattoo and the color from excessive sun exposure because it might end up damaging the skin cells holding the tattoo together.

 C. Portrait & Fine Line Tattoos

You might have come across people that have had some amazing portraits tattooed on their bodies, this isn’t as easy as it may seem because many artist wither painters or tattoos fail miserably in copying a good portrait o to the skin based on a number of things.

  • The place of the tattoo plays a real important part in determining the final output of a portrait tattoo.
  • Many artists have a certain image size criteria and artists do not accept samples that are below the required resolution size because that way it is almost inevitable to understand the fine lines required in pumping up the sketch.
  • This is required for both human and animal portraits.

 DTribal/Solid Ink Tattoos

Many men and women are not too fond to get fancy tattoos on their bodies and you might as well noticed thick lines and as of what seems like symbols belonging to some ancient or discreet language, well that’s the beauty of solid ink or in other terms Tribal tattoos.

  • These tattoos are usually not filled with colors as it is not the demand of the tattoo.
  • Many solid ink tattoos are not just geometrical designs but are basically sacred symbols belonging to different tribal or ancient cultures.
  • Such symbols hold some very religious or moral significance with them.
  • These days designs adapted from Celtic, Japanese or other Asian characters are preferred for such tattoos.

E. Freehand / Custom Made Tattoos

Most of you won’t really be acquainted with the idea of having a freehand or a custom made tattoo but there are a lot of people who are going after this technique in terms of having a tattoo that is completely original and unique for them.

  • Freehand tattoos basically mean that they wouldn’t be engraved after the skin has been pre-prepped with a draft image or something of that sort.
  • Freehand means that the tattoo artist will start right away and will keep on adjusting the design and the technique as per the place of the body where the tattoo is being made.
  • Custom made tattoos is done on the paper on spot for the client to work it up according to their demand.
  • Most custom made tattoo clients hold the right to the created masterpiece and do not allow replication of their desired work.

F. Touch –up/Rework Tattoos

It is true that tattoos actually fade away when they are tremendously exposed to sun rays this happens due to the constant UV based damage brought to the cells in the dermis layer that are holding the ink. These layers are than immediately discarded by the body and hence the ink of the tattoo fades away along with the cells.

  • Touch-up tattoos are basically quick work tattoos that are immediately taken in by artists who have done the work themselves Artists do recommend people to look after their tattoos but some mistakes are inevitable.
  • Cover-up tattoos on the other hand are based usually on people who are to make something good out of their hideously looking tattoos.
  • So for those who have had a bad time with a previous tattoo can actually look for comfort in another artist’s work?

Important Thought Before Going

There’s a whole checklist that you should actually sit down and prepare now if you are really willing to go for getting your dream tattoo. Why is it really such a fuss? Only because tattoos are permanent, if it weren’t nobody would have actually given a second thought about getting one anyway. It is only because of the permanence that people need to give a very concentrated attention to both their mental and emotional thoughts.


Before finalizing an artist for the tattoo session always make sure that you roam around and just have a viewing session at the artist’s studio because this will actually help you judge a lot about the work of the artist that you were considering.

  • This is recommended to see how the artist deals with its clients.
  • Make sure how the artist keeps his tools and belongings because one of the most important things that you need to take care of is proper sterilization of the tools.
  • Many home-based studio artists might lack this bit so it is recommended to do your studio research really well.
  • This will also tell you a lot about the artist’s own personality and the way of his work.


As we have said it out loud you must note it in bold letters. Yes, it is really important to choose one of the finest artists for your tattoo because it is only an artist that makes or ruins the tattoo dream for you.

  • If by any chance you are actually looking at the price tag attached with the artist then you certainly are not meant to have a tattoo.
  • Great artists have long waiting lists, as long as even a year but the wait is actually going to be worth it despite all the pain.
  • Even if you don’t get a chance with your favorite artist look for the one that comes second best right after your favorite one.


You are definitely not going shoe shopping so you must not do about an hour long useless research on the internet and go for a design that you think looks only cute.

  • Go for a tattoo that actually seems to have a deeper connection with you.
  • Don’t go after googled images or the ones that are commonly shared on social platforms. Research according to your will and take as much time as your heart desires.
  • Come up with something that is unique and has a strong meaning attached with it.
  • Because images picked up only through web search are often found to be too common.


This might be the ultimate cause of a tattoo gone wrong when people are actually not clear to their artists about any kind of past skin allergies that they may have had or are having, just out of fright that a tattoo artist might let them down.

  • Never really risk your life for something that might not be worth it after all. If you are actually allergic to stuff like lead, lipstick ingredients or any other cosmetic substance then the key is to get a small area of your skin tested before you begin with the tattooing process.

You can even consult your skin specialist before going to an actual tattoo artist and ask the doctor to run a couple of tests that can easily identify if there is any kind of possibility for you to develop an allergic reaction post a tattoo.


How do you feel when you come across a stranger and they tend to give the world’s sweetest smile and you can’t help but resist the beauty of that moment? Things have to be pretty much the same in almost everything that we do in life; it has to be filled with good emotions and positive vibes. Since, there are people who are immediately attracted or repulsed by other peoples’ aura as soon as they meet them.

  • It has been shared by many people that they have been brutally rejected by artists’ moments after they have entered their studio, though there has been no exchange of any strong words or demonstration of physical arrogance but the artist didn’t bet their time on them.
  • This often occurs when the artist after taking a quick glance over the prospective client carefully deduce a long list of facts that often end up true about them and they feel no pressure into indulge themselves in a client that might end up arguing over a dollar.
  • Another matter of significance is that when you have finally booked your tattoo artist and you have arrived closer to your day of final appointment make sure you have communicated your demands and needs with respect to your design as clearly as possible because the clearer the artist’s vision the better the tattoo.


Even Masters in Literature make the stupidest of mistakes when it comes to spelling based or grammatical errors, but as long as it isn’t hurting someone the mistake is nothing critical.

  • This doesn’t however apply to someone who is intending to have a huge scripture tattooed on to their chest.
  • Whenever you are planning to have even a single word tattooed on your body always recheck and thoroughly proofread again and again.
  • Don’t hesitate to get it checked by someone else because at times your eyes go bling over a simple mistake that lies right in front of the eyes and a second person can easily identify it for you.
  • Having a misspelled or grammatically incorrect tattoo is nothing but a huge load of embarrassment.


Why wouldn’t it hurt when a needle is actually pricking though your skin at such an enormous speed? I mean yes all people who have intended to get a tattoo are perfectly affair of the painful part of the tattoo but they are still determined as they know what holds right beyond the pain.

  • It is known that some parts of the body hurt far greater than the rest of the body.
  • But the pain certainly varies from person to person and their individual ability to bear the pain.
  • The most painfully endangered parts are the ribs, the fingers and *ehem* the butt. Some also recommend grabbing a painkiller quickly after you are done with the tattoo as it may suppress the pain as soon as possible. However, it is never recommended to take one before the process to avoid unnecessary bleeding.
  • Yes tattoos despite being permanent fade away. This happens when the dermis layer of the skin is constantly exposed to direct sunlight and the UV rays damage the inked portions that are then discarded by the body as bad cells.
  • Fingers and knuckles being the most exposed parts of the body suffer from maximum tattoo fading.


There is a long list of precautions that one has to take care of once they have committed on to getting a tattoo. Nothing beautiful comes as easy as it might seem but the art of tattooing is pretty difficult when you come to know of it, in depth.

  • Clients are not recommended to get into any kind of water body that is based on chemical ingredients like swimming pools, hot tubs, or even lakes.
  • To avoid is a better option than to grow an infection.
  • Till then it is recommended that you go only through quick and clean showers.
  • Avoid direct contact with sunlight; if you have gotten a tattoo that can be hidden and covered by a piece of clothing then do so to avoid any fading of color.
  • Otherwise, cover up your tattooed skin with sunscreen to protect the tattoo.

Having Second Thoughts

Now you must have gotten an awesome and amazing tattoo right when you got 15 but to look back at it that Popeye The Sailor man on your arm is not a good idea 15 years later that it was at that time.

  • Laser removal treatment is one way to get rid of tattoos for women that are now more misery than pleasure.
  • But to convince yourself for a laser surgery is far difficult then to get a tattoo because of the immense pain associated with it.
  • Also it is best to remove a black ink based tattoo rather than a colored tattoo. Laser removal surgeries are also not a guaranteed form to get rid of the tattoos.
  • You might end up having faded colored scare left on the body and this might end up far disgusting then when it had the actual tattoo over it.

Types of Tattoos In General Term

We have understood the liability and importance of color and gradiance in designing some amazing and worth every penny, tattoos. However the art of tattooing isn’t only about decorating the body, there is a huge history attached with the art of tattooing. Even the American Academy for Dermatology has made their way into distinctively categorizing tattoos based on the purpose they serve.

A. Traumatic Tattoo

The notion of a traumatic tattoo might seem odd to a few people but yes the appearance of a tattoo as a result of a traumatic incident is actually valid and real. But the nature of the trauma is not a roadside accident or a bike fall; it is completely different to what one might actually perceive.

  • Traumatic tattoos are caused by the implantation of substances like coal dust; lead and asphalt accidentally enter the second layer of the body during an accident.
  • These accidents are not the ones that one usually suffers, people that in a direct contact with such substances like road workers, coal mine workers etc. go through a sever accident in which there skin gets damaged it is thus known that often such substances enter their skin and cause permanent marking.
  • Kids can also cause such kind of traumatic tattoo markings to themselves or one another if they are too fond of poking each other with lead based pencils.

B. Identification Tattoos

As of what it sounds these tattoos were actually given for pure identification purposes. Some tattoos even have really horrid memories attached with them. Mostly used at the time of war survivors still can see them and remember each and everything from the beginning.

  • Identification tattoos were tattoos given to either prisoners or slaves in the earliest empires.
  • The latest such known use came to surface when Nazis used tattoos to identify prison inmates and determined their course of action against them.
  • Identification tattoos have a long history associated with slavery where slaves were tattooed with either the words, ‘tax paid’ or ‘stop me, I’m a runaway’. Both of which if though of today was extremely humiliating.
  • The Maori people who have been known to use the art of Moko to sacredly cover their face in tattoos were identified of their class, lineage and position by those tattoos.

C. Cosmetic Tattoos

This might be an eye opening and insightful paragraph for women who are too much tired of setting up their eyebrows or areas on the face where they have tried all kinds of chemical based and even natural ingredients to bring about the change that they desire. Cosmetic tattoos are the remedy for such petty issues.

  • One main purpose of cosmetic tattoos is to redefine your eyebrows. Many women suffer from insufficient hair on their brows due to some genetic or medical issue. These women then opt for cosmetic tattooing that make a huge impact on their personality.
  • Women also commonly go for cosmetic tattooing to permanently add some sort of basic facial makeup that reduces the time for them to get ready in the morning for the rest of their lives.
  • Such makeup includes, lip lining, brow definition, fancy moles etc.

D. Medical Tattoos

Medical tattoos might seem a little bite weird to understand in the beginning but once dwelled in to the topic one will understand the sole purpose of why tattoos are rather opted in the field of medicine for certain issues despite its permanence.

  • A highly used application of medical tattooing in today’s world is reconstruction of skin coloring of vitiligo sufferers.
  • Now the process is not as easy as it might seem and the patient has to go through several sittings in order to get a firm result.
  • Other than this tattoo marking are used on the body of patients when places have to be identified again and again in procedures like radiotherapy where tools need to be inserted into the body over the same place, always.

E. Functional Tattoos

These tattoos might seem important but the truth is that such tattooing can be exempted if there is no hard need of the occasion.

  • Functional tattoos are mostly tattoos of identification material on the bodies of patients suffering from mental disorders like Alzheimer’s or Dementia.
  • This is done so to make the identification and then the transfer of the patient easily as per the details tattooed on the body.

Interesting Facts

Despite having the whole of Internet at your disposal still there’s a lot to be known about tattoos that might really shock a lot of people even those who have claimed to be self-proclaimed tattoo gurus. The next time you have an appointment with your tattoo artist have some tallying their knowledge with the ones you just gathered.

  1. Out of the 100% American population, only 19% men are indulged in tattooing in comparison to over 23% women who beat them off the charts.
  2. There are only about 36% young adults in the age range of about 18-26 years old that have been found to have tattoos while about 40% of adults in the age range of 28-40 are fond of tattooing.
  3. Despite a large number of educated populations, Tattoo still remains the most misspelled word in the world, with common mistakes like, Tattoe, Tato and Tatoo.
  4. Although being more in number, women are likely known to get rid of a tattoo through different means than men.
  5. The first ever tattoo artist to start its work in America, was a German who immigrated to Boston somewhere in the year 1846.
  6. Most commonly mistaken, a tattoo is not on the superficial layer of the skin rather the needle punctures right through the epidermis in to the dermis layer where the skin cells are far more stable than those on epidermis.
  7. There is actually a part on the tattoo known as a Holiday, it is basically the area where the artist might have accidentally missed a small spot or the tattoo might have changed shape during the healing process.
  8. Of all the different kinds of tattoos mentioned there’s one made out of UV ink, tattoos made out of this ink are known and proved to be completely invisible in broad daylight and are visible only under special ultraviolet light.
  9. One famous creation is known as the Hula girl, who was designed and engraved with such perfection that it allowed the client to actually get his Hula girl dancing just by moving his bicep.
  10. Laser removal surgery uses the technique to breakdown the colored cells, which with time are then carried away by the immune system to be discarded. The black ink is the easiest to get rid as it works well in absorbing the radiations while green and yellow are the hardest to get rid of.
  11. An ancient Mummy belonging to 3000 BC after being rediscovered was found to be the oldest found mummy to ever have visible tattoos on the body.
  12. People frequently opt for animal tattoos, as they tend to identify themselves with the soul of the respective animal.
  13. The designs displayed by an artist in the studio are known as ‘Flash’, clients have the liberty to choose from any of the flash or they can start their work with a custom built design. As getting a tattoo done out of a flash is just like getting stuff out of the rack.
  14. The pain while getting a tattoo can be identified as getting stung by a bee or even like getting bad sunburn.
  15. Some artists are known to retouch your tattoo, for life.
  16. Surprisingly Urine was once used to mix up different tattoo colors.
  17. The tattoo machine is comprised of 4 parts that is the needle, the tube that is known to hold the ink, an ever-needed electric motor and sewing machine like peddle.
  18. You are known to be pricked between 50-3,000 times a minute while you are being tattooed.
  19. Americans are known to be crazy after tattoos and are known to spend over $1.65 billion dollars per annum just getting tattoos.
  20. You might need to the most favorable and famous spots to get a tattoo on are; foot, lower back, neck, breasts, armband, the arms, chest, feet and the ankles.

Final Words On Women Tattoos

Being a woman, you need to listen to your heart when you choose a tattoo design. Trust your instincts whether you would like to carry a particular design for a lifetime or not. Also, always choose to have a tattoo done by an expert so that you get good results. After all, you are going to put in a good deal of time and money for having a tattoo etched, and there is a great deal of pain to be borne too. So the tattoo design should be worth it!

500 Tattoos Ideas For Women

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18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth18 Inspiring Girly Tattoos by Rachael Ainsworth