Nape Piercing – Procedure, Pain, Cost, 130+ Ideas

It is an undeniable fact that surface piercings are extremely popular not only today, but also several years in the past. One of these popular surface piercings is the nape piercing. Among those surface piercings, the nape one is definitely one of those unique and gorgeous versions. Talking about its location, such piercing is specifically done on the nape part. Just in case you don’t know, the nape is actually located on the back portion of a person’s neck. This piercing is also popularly known as neck piercing.

Nape Piercings Procedure

If you want to have this very unique surface piercing, then undergoing for its piercing procedure is unavoidable. In this regard, you must put it in your mind that a well-experienced, professional piercer should be the one who will handle this crucial procedure. This is to make sure that everything is done the proper way. Thus, make sure that you choose the very best piercer available near you. The moment you arrive at the piercing clinic of your chosen professional piercer, it is expected that he or she will entertain you and give you a short and quick brief. After that you will be asked to slightly bow your head to emphasize the nape part. With the utilization of a surgical marking pen, the exit and entry points of the piercing will be marked. A clamp will then be placed to the area so that the insertion of the hollow needle to create a hole is not that difficult. However, the needle used must be sterilized first in order to avoid infection-causing bacteria. When the hole is successfully done, the jewelry that you have chosen in advance will then be inserted.

The Possible Pain You Can Feel

The bad news is, there is no way you cannot feel pain when you undergo a procedure. But the good news is, the intensity of pain is not that painful when compared to some other surface piercings that are done in the sensitive body parts. However, there may be some cases that a person feels so much pain from it, and this is because of the lower pain tolerance that his or her body has. If you have higher pain tolerance, then the pain will surely not bother you at all.

The Healing Process

If you are brave enough, then you will definitely not mind the pain that you can feel when having a nape piercing. Anyway, the pain will just disappear after some time during the healing process. In most cases, it will take you a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 6 months before the wound heals completely, which is caused by the piercing procedure.

Taking Care

Needless to say, it is extremely significant to take good care as well as the pierced area. Always remember that how you take care of them will also matter when it comes to the healing process. Here is how you take good care of them:

  • Wash your hands well before touching the piercing and the pierced area as well. Your hands may contain a number of bacteria, and don’t forget that bacteria can be the main cause of piercing infection.
  • Never touch the pierced area if possible. Touching it will stress out the wound and this is enough to cause irritation. Also, don’t forget that a number of bacteria may be living in your hands.
  • Apply salt water on the pierced area. You can get a cotton ball and soak it in a salt water. Compress the cotton to the pierced area, and you should do this two times per day.
  • When taking a bath, only use mild soap. This is simply because bathing soaps that contains stronger chemicals are capable enough in irritating specially the pierced area.
  • Don’t sleep in a position in which the nape area can be aggravated. Remember that the pierced area is very sensitive during the healing process that even a single pinch on it may already cause infection.

Common Myths

Many people believe that nape piercing has just been recently invented and popularized. However, little did they know that several years in the past, this kind of piercing was already worn by a number of people specially those who belonged to a tribe. Another common myth being believed by a number of individuals today is that this piercing can be the main reason of nerve and spinal damages. The truth is, unlike some other body piercings, this particular gorgeous piercing will not interact more with the nerve tissues. Thus, there is definitely no truth about the statement that this piercing can cause damages related to nerves.


Do not be surprised if the pierced area will swell and show redness because it is just a normal reaction of your body from experiencing the piercing procedure. These normal reactions of the body will come out few days after undergoing the piercing procedure. Anyway, the swelling and redness will just normally disappear after 3 up to 4 days of having them. But if they still stay after that particular time period, then this is the time that you should worry. Chances are, the pierced are may have already been infected. In this way, there is no other thing that you should do but visit a medical professional who can check the pierced area.

How much does it costs?

Actually, the cost of the entire nape piercing procedure will depend on several determining factors. This is why it is a rare case that two individuals will pay the same price for undergoing the procedure even though they have different professional piercers. But in most cases, the cost of having this piercing can be around $50 or higher than that.

Cost will always be there of course, since you will be hiring the professional service of a reputable piercer. Hence, you need to prepare your budget. However, make sure to know some important information first before you undergo its crucial procedure. Also check our articles on most popular piercings Belly Button PiercingsDimple Piercings and Tongue Piercings.

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