125 Cheek Piercings (Dimple) Ideas, Jewelry and Information

Cheek piercing is one of the piercings that can be found on a person’s body, and this is certainly gaining more and more popularity these days. Such piercing can absolutely add more emphasis on your facial features, especially the dimples that are right there on your cheeks. This is the main reason why it is otherwise known as dimple piercing. The piercing itself is done to left and right cheeks. The illusion of having gorgeous dimples can be created if you have piercings on your cheeks. However, it is very important to make sure that both piercings on the checks are on symmetrical position. If you already have the dimples on you, the piercings will just be easily attached on them. But if you still don’t have them, then the professional piercer will create the dimples of your dream through this piercings. Also check our articles on most popular piercings Nose Piercings, Lip Piercings and Ear Piercings.

The Important Procedure

Of course, there is a crucial procedure involved in getting pierced on the cheeks. This very important procedure must only be done by the most qualified professional piercer. Remember, compromising your own safety here is a big no. But before undergoing the procedure, it is very significant first for you to find the finest professional piercer in town. After finding one, here are the things expected to be done while you are inside the piercing clinic:

  • The professional piercer will ask you to lie down or sit down, depending on your comfort.
  • The piercer himself or herself will then clean your cheeks well, where the crucial piercing procedure should be done.
  • After making sure that your cheeks are already free from any dirt and bacteria, your chosen piercer will give you an antibacterial liquid that you will use in rinsing your mouth. This is to make sure that the insides of your mouth are also clean and free from bacteria.
  • Afterwards, using a surgical marking pen, the piercing points on your cheeks will be determined and marked.
  • With the use of a sterilized needle that is around 14g or 16g, your cheeks will be pierced very carefully with the expert hands of a professional piercer.
  • When the hole is successfully created on your checks, the jewelry of your choice will then be inserted, and you are done.

Cheek Piercing and the Pain You Might Feel

Pain will always be associated in any piercing procedure that is done, and it is never an exemption. As you all know, the intensity of pain that can be felt on the procedure may vary from one person to another. The individual’s level of pain tolerance certainly plays a major role in feeling the discomfort. There are people who consider the pain nothing but tolerable, and they are those who have higher pain tolerance level. There are also those who find the pain a little bit horrible on their part, and they are those who have lower level of pain tolerance. But normally, the pain level involved in a dimple piercing is intense and this is because of the fact that cheeks are packed with more blood vessels compared to the others parts of a human body.

The Healing Process of Dimple Piercing

When it comes to the healing process, it actually depends on a number of factors. One of these factors is the immune system that you have. In case you have stronger immune system, then it is expected that the healing process can become a bit quicker than the normal. Another thing that might affect the said process is the responsiveness of the person who undergone a piercing procedure. In other words, you should be responsible enough in doing your important part in order to quicken the process of healing. This can be possible through religiously doing the necessary aftercares that will be advised by the professional piercer. But most of the time, the healing process will take 8 up to 12 weeks. Yet again, how you take good care of your pierced area has a big important role in quickening or delaying this healing process.

How much do this cost?

The price of the piercing ranges between $50 and $60 in most reputable piercing parlors.

Do They Give You Dimples?

In very few cases, after the healing process the pierced cheek might develop scars that resemble natural dimples. However, it is noticeable only when the jewelry is removed.

Can I Get Rid of Scar?

Unfortunately, any body piercing will cause a permanent scar. Yes, the scar should fade over time, but it will leave a permanent mark. Vitamin E has not shown to improve scars at all, and Mederma has not been proven to help either. Most of the time, the scar will mature on its own. Steven Wallach, MD 

Significant Aftercare

As said, it is very essential for a person to put the aftercares in mind at all times, as far as dimple piercing is concerned. These things may take some portions of your precious time and effort, but who are you to complain. It is for your own good, anyway. Thus, stick to these aftercares and enjoy the perks from getting pierced on your cheeks. Here are these important aftercares:

  • When you speak, eat, or having a toothbrushing session, you must not dare to play your piercing since it can put strain on the pierced area, resulting to irritation. Hence, when doing any of these things, you should do it in a very careful manner.
  • Clean the piercing regularly and carefully. You can make use of a cotton ball, which is dipped in a cup of warm salt water and apply it on the jewelry and the pierced are itself.
  • Don’t make use of an alcohol-contained liquid in cleaning and washing your mouth since it may affect the wound caused by the piercing procedure.
  • While having your bathing session, it would also be great to wash the pierced area, but make sure to only use a mild antibacterial soap.
  • Don’t dare to drink alcoholic beverages or smoke some cigarettes.
  • Don’t try to apply make-ups, ointments, and creams on the pierced region since these will only worsen its condition.

Possible Complications

If you are unlucky enough, you might experience the possible complications from your cheek piercing. These are the least things you might want to experience for sure, so you should do your best in keeping the good condition of the pierced area. Here are some of the possible complications:

  • Nerve Damage – This will usually occur when the placement of the piercing is not positioned in the most proper way possible. Parotid ducts can be damaged, and this can result to saliva leakages on the cheeks.
  • Gum Recession – This will happen if the jewelry piece is keep on touching the gums. So, make sure the jewelry is shorter, enough for it not to touch your gums.
  • Cracking of Teeth – It is also expected to happen if the longer size jewelry directly touches the teeth, most especially if you are allergic to the materials used in making the jewelry. Hence, you should know what should be your best choice.

Jewelry Options

The truth is, there are no much options when it comes to the jewelry. This is actually made this way in order to make sure the safety of the people who will wear such piercing on their faces. The standard ideal jewelry used for this particular piercing is a barbell or a labret stud. This jewelry should have a standard measurement of 22 up to 24 mm. Inside your oral area, the flat disc of the jewelry will never harm your gums, teeth and any other important parts of the mouth. This is why it is the perfect jewelry.

Final Words

Cheek piercing is certainly one gorgeous adornment that you can add on your face. There is no way it cannot make you more beautiful in front of many people.





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