166 Small Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Men And Women

Tattoo art has become one of the most important ways of body adornment, with exquisite designs being featured on various prominent locations of the body. Some of the parts of the body where tattoos are commonly engraved are back, neck, shoulder, chest, legs, ankles, spine, arms, face, fingers and wrists. Tattoos on the wrist are a great way to showcase one’s attitude and style statement as it is an area visible to all, which makes it perfect for featuring attractive tattoos. Since the area available for creating tattoo designs on the wrist is comparatively smaller, they are usually small in size. However, the small size of the tattoo can be compromised by looking for something graceful and artistic, as size hardly matters in this case. Rather, an attractive design is more like a bracelet and can catch the eyes of the onlooker.

Pros and Cons

Like all other things, tattoos on wrist have their own set of pros and cons. The best thing about is that they are eye-catching in nature, wrist being a prominent part of the body. The tattoos need not be very large to attract attention, which means that you can get across your message without being too loud and spend a lot of money. On the other hand, they are not lasting as this area bears the continuous exposure to the harmful rays of the sun, which can lead to fading of these tattoos. The best way to counter this problem is to apply sunscreen on a regular basis. Also, tattooing in this area can be quite painful as the skin in this area is thin and sensitive. The inner wrist is the part which holds the pulse of the heart, which makes it all the more delicate. This is the reason which often dissuades people from getting them done. But the charm and beauty of these tattoos make them highly desirable and many of the tattoo lovers are ready to bear this pain too.

Design Ideas to Consider

Before getting tattooed, you need to choose the finest tattoo design that perfectly fits you. Here are some tattoo design ideas that you can consider for your wrist:

  • Butterfly Design – A lot of women are opting for this design idea, but it doesn’t mean that it is not also good for men. In this design, you can choose to have a bigger image of a butterfly that is ornamented with some other design accessories, or a group of smaller size butterflies with lesser complicated details. If you are a man, make sure that the butterfly is accompanied with manly design accessories so that it will not end up as a feminine butterfly design engraved in a man’s wrist.
  • Bird Tattoos – This is another design idea if you are going for wrist area. The bird is a common design for all those individuals who are free-spirited like a bird, and for those who greatly value freedom. It can be placed on one side of your wrist or at the center of it.
  • Symbolic Design – This is one common design idea that is considered by hundreds or even thousands of people in the world. It can involve artistic and beautiful religion-related symbols such as the cross, crucifix, and even Jesus Christ’s image. Music symbols can also be great options, especially those people who are into the music industry. Moreover, you can go for ancient symbols especially if you are quite interested in the world history.
  • Celestial Bodies – This design idea is surely an interesting one. Of course, it involves celestial body images such as sun, stars, and moon. What is the best about this design is the strength that it will reflect towards your own personality as the bearer of the tattoo? All these celestial body symbols can also be combined together to come up with a very wonderful effect on your wrist.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo on Wrist by Holly WeenBe Free Tattoo by BrittanyLaurel Wreath Tattoo on Wrist by Anna BravoOrnament Moon Tattoo on Wrist by Anna YershovaBlackwork Palm on Wrist by Branden MartinWatercolor Bat Tattoo on Wrist by Georgia GreyElegant Pink Rose Tattoo on WristLotus Flower Tattoo on Wrist by GemDotwork Floral Cuff by Lawrence EdwardsOrigami Elephant on Wrist by Resul OdabasQuestion Mark Tattoo on Wrist by Brittan PuronenTree Tattoo on Wrist by Georgia GreyMandala Wrist Tattoo by Daniel BakerFern Tattoo on Wrist by DoyOwl Tattoo on Wrist by Andrew HullingsSemicolon Butterfly Tattoo by RocemElephants on Wrist by Hettie BakerRose Tattoo on Wrist by Frank TranBlack and Grey ink Floral Wrist Tattoo by Anna BravoBird Cage Tattoo on WristWatercolor Anchor Tattoo on Wrist by Jen's InkLotus Flower on Wrist by Himanshu SharmaWatercolor Heart Tattoo on Wrist by Fran Tran

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