130 Meaningful Hummingbird Tattoo Designs

Tattoo art works on the principal of using attractive and vibrant designs, which solve the purpose of having a tattoo inked, and that is to grab attention. For this purpose, tattoo artists have been making use of a variety of design elements from nature as well as their imagination, since the beginning of this art form. One of the widely used designs from nature is the bird design, which can include birds like phoenix, swallow, eagle, sparrow and the dainty looking hummingbird. Hummingbird tattoos are loved by tattoo enthusiast because they have a very special quality, which blends beauty with symbolism. These delicate looking birds have something very alluring about them, besides having special meanings defined in different cultures. Both these factors play a key role in making the hummingbird tattoo design a popular one among men and women around the world.

Symbolic Significance of Hummingbird Tattoos

Hummingbird is a unique creation of nature because the bird has the ability to hover in air by flapping its wings rapidly, a quality which adds mysticism to its very existence. They can fly in any direction and is full of energy, which has to be fueled by eating frequently, as many as 50 times during the day. This is the reason why many cultures such as the Aztecs and Native Americans consider the hummingbird as a mysterious symbol and makes use of this quality in their folklore and legend. Also, the bird is revered for its graceful and alluring look, which makes it far more superior than any other species of birds. Besides its amazing colors and hues, what fascinates humans about the hummingbird is its mysticism and symbolic meaning. Here are some interpretations regarding the symbolic significance of hummingbird tattoos:

  • Native American and Aztec cultures – In Native American and Aztec cultures Hummingbird is regarded as a symbol of love and attraction in Native American and Aztec cultures. In ancient times, a dead hummingbird was tied in a pouch by Aztecs and worn around their necks, which they believed gave them the power to attract the opposite sex. These talismans were known to harbinger sexual prowess and great energy for the wearer.
  • National Bird of Jamaica – Hummingbird is the national bird of Jamaica and occupies a place of reverence in the culture of this part of the world. Also referred to as the Lovebird, this charming bird plays an important role in the art and culture of the Caribbean, including all the important rituals and traditional ceremonies.
  • Symbol Of Love and much more –  Besides its amazing looks, the bird is held in high esteem because of its survival skills and ability to adapt itself to fly in all possible direction. Therefore, the hummingbird tattoo can used to represent love, attraction and also ability to survive in the toughest of situations.
  • Nectar of Life –  Hummingbirds have had an eternal association with flowers because they suck the nectar from them with the help of their long bill. This is the reason why the hummingbird tattoo is sometimes used to signify Nectar of Life, bringing eternal peace, joy and love in the life of the bearer.
  • Messengers –  Since hummingbird is a migratory species with the ability to cover distances as vast as 2000 miles, they are regarded as messengers. They are all about hope and survival, facing adversities and challenges and yet coming out strong and victorious. Their tireless flights also prove that hummingbirds are very industrious in nature and do not give up till the task is done.
  • Dream chaser –  In symbolic sense, these alluring little birds fly long distances in search of beauty and happiness and as a labor for fulfillment of dreams. Similarly, hummingbird tattoos seem to inspire the bearer constantly about not giving up and chasing their dreams, no matter how far they have to go for fulfillment of their aspirations. They also flutter their wings rapidly, moving in a shape which represents infinity symbol. This associates hummingbirds with eternity.

Being a bird of great mysticism and symbolic significance has made hummingbird earn a place of importance in tattoo art since its origin. Additionally, the charm and grace of this bird reinforces its position in this regard. You might want to check our collections of design such dreamcatchers, feathers, anchors, arrows, compass, geometric, heart, infinity, trees, fish, lion, dragon, wolf or elephant for tattoo ideas.

Placement of Hummingbird Tattoos

Like all other tattoos, the most important aspect of hummingbird tattoos is its placement as it needs to be inked in such a manner that its placement adds more charm to the design and makes it highly attractive. The placement depends mainly upon the size of the tattoo, the larger one befitting wider surface area and vice versa. Larger and more detailed hummingbird tattoos can be inked on sleeve, back, chest, shoulder, spine, legs, hip, thigh, stomach, rib, while smaller ones look good on ankles, wrists, back of the neck, ear and even as finger tattoos. Wherever the hummingbird tattoo is inked on the body, it is guaranteed to be a source of attraction, because it has a very alluring and fascinating quality.

Popular Hummingbird Tattoo Designs

Creative tattoo artists around the world are working constantly on hummingbird tattoo designs, with the purpose of making the most of the beauty of the bird and creating some unique and eye catching designs. The most popular design options while creating such tattoos are traditional, watercolor and realistic style designs. 3D hummingbird tattoos may be another option for those looking for something absolutely stunning. The use of bright colors is preferred to highlight the grace and beauty of these tattoos, though some tattoos can also be seen in simple black and grey outlines. In most of the designs, hummingbirds may be seen hovering around colorful flowers as it is second nature to them and there is a mutual relationship between these birds and flowers, which benefit them both in many ways. Would you like to check our collection of White Ink tattoos?

Hummingbird tattoos have always been loved by women because of their delicate and feminine attributes, but gradually the design is gaining popularity among men too. The credit of the ever increasing attraction of this design goes to the fact that the bird stands for deeper beliefs, rather than aesthetic beauty only. They can really make the time, money and effort put in having a tattoo inked, worthwhile for the bearer. You might want to check our collection of Mother & Daughter tattoos, Best Friend tattoos, Sister tattoos.


Hummingbirds make a great choice for tattoo designs because there fascinating birds have great qualities, whether it is about physical charm or deeper symbolic meaning. These alluring birds come in vibrant colors and are considered as symbols of love, peace, happiness and prosperity. They also signify hope and efforts to fulfill one’s dream. This makes hummingbird tattoos a source of beauty as well as inspiration, which accounts for their popularity in contemporary tattoo art.

Popular Pictures Of Hummingbird Tattoos

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hummingbird tattooshummingbird tattoos


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