100 Cute Disney Tattoos Ideas For Tattoo Lovers

Disney is the name which reminds each of us of our childhood and Disney tattoos make a cute and wonderful way to commemorate those precious moments. Whether it is Mickey Mouse, Mary Poppins, Donald Duck or Bambi, all these characters have a lifelong memory etched on our hearts. So it is just befitting to have them inked on our bodies too, which is the reason why they make a hot favorite, not only among fashionable youngsters, but among people of all ages.

Placement Ideas

Like all other tattoo designs, the placement also depends upon its design and size. The larger designs are featured on larger areas such as the stomach, rib, shoulder, thigh, back, sleeve, spine, chest, and legs, while the smaller ones look good on the legs, wrist, ankle, back of the ear and nape or side of the neck even on fingers. The main criterion is that the tattoo needs to get the prominence it deserves. The Disney designs are favored by men as well women, with men going for masculine designs and women having feminine designs inked on them. Disney not necessarily means childish, it is rather a symbolic of a person’s beliefs, attitude and feelings.

Popular Disney Tattoo Designs

Like the variety in Disney characters, the variety in Disney art too, is immense. Tattoo artists have a great number of options to work on, while tattoo lovers have an equally great choice to look up to. Here are some cute and popular designs:

  • Mickey and Minnie Tattoo – Disney is literally synonymous with the delightful character of Mickey Mouse and his consort, Minnie Mouse. Together, they represent playfulness and carefree attitude towards life. There can be no better way to pay a tribute to these cute characters than having a Mickey and Minnie tattoo design inked.
  • Sleeping Beauty Tattoo – Sleeping Beauty was the beautiful damsel who was rescued from the evil witch by her Prince Charming. Every little girl has imagines herself in her shoes and continues to do so even if she grows up into a young woman. This makes Sleeping Beauty tattoo one of the most loved designs among women. One has some other options in this design too, such as the Sleeping Beauty Castle design. Other Disney Princess characters also look cool as a tattoo design.
  • Little Mermaid Tattoo – Ariel, the innocent and beautiful mermaid, is every guy’s dream girl and someone whom every girl wants to emulate. This is one of the main reasons why the Little Mermaid Disney art has reached the heights of popularity. The other reason is that this tattoo is extremely attractive and eye catching, because it makes use of vibrant colors as well as interesting design elements, such as fish, sea animals and aquatic plants, all of which make the design even more amazing.
  • The Lion King Tattoo – One of the most popular of Disney’s characters is Simba, the Lion King and nothing can be more special that the king peeping through your shoulder in the form of the tattoo. It represents all that this friendly beast stands for, compassion, positivity and hope.
  • Aladdin Tattoo – Though as mentioned above, seem to offer more for girls, there are some unique options for the guys too, such as the cool Aladdin design. This tattoo pattern may even have a story to tell, which it can do by including features such as the magic lamp and the genie.
  • 101 Dalmatians Tattoos – 101 Dalmatians is a cute tattoo design, which is a choice for dog lovers. The tattoo design also denotes family bonding and love for one’s family and home.

Some other famous Disney characters and tales which have been used in tattoo designs from far and wide include, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Bambi, The Fox and the Hound, Peter Pan, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland. Each of the tattoo conveys the message conveyed by the story related by it and is linked in this way, with the attitude of the bearer. The most amazing thing about Disney art tattoos is that they bear childlike innocence and brightness with the use of beautiful and vibrant color palette. Some text or name can be incorporated in Disney designs to make them even more meaningful in the symbolic sense.

The choice purely depends upon the preference of the bearer, who needs to decide what size tattoo he is looking for. The fact is the larger the size and more intricate the detailing of the tattoo, the more time and money would be required to have it inked and also, the bearer will have to go through a greater degree of pain. Moreover, it is going to be a part of you forever and ever which means that you should go for a tattoo design only after careful consideration and reasonable thinking.






























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