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Curious about Shayne Smith’s tattoos? We explain all about them in today’s guide.

shayne smith brass knuckles tattoo

Shayne Smith is an American Jewish comedian from Fillmore, Utah. In the last couple of years Shayne has gained publicity from his unique comedy performances.

Smith is widely passionate about his body art and often advises the public not to get any visible tattoos, as it will affect their employment.

He often struggled to find work because of the way he looked and has faced constant stigma due to his body art.

This is why, through his stand-up comedy, he is trying to make more people aware that the person behind the tattoos, isn’t necessarily a criminal.

Smith is a big roller skater and often visits the skateparks in Utah. He uses Facebook to publicly request others to join him for a skate and is a very sociable person.

Smith enjoys being different from the norms of society and has a love for Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, the Old West and Satanism.

We are going to look into some of the meanings of Shayne Smith the comedian’s tattoos.

‘HONOR’ Tattoo

shayne smith honor tattoo

Tattoo: Honor across his chest.

Interpretation: This huge tattoo across Shayne’s chest is rather self-explanatory. Shayne clearly has a sense of honor. In order for him to keep a high standard of morals, he is reminded via this tattoo every day.

Bear Tattoo

shayne smith bear tattoo

Tattoo: Bear across his torso.

Interpretation: With this tattoo covering Smiths entire torso, it is clear the Bear holds great meaning to Smith. The Bear represents courage, power, bravery, and strength and some believe it can offer protection from attacks.

‘XXX’ Tattoo

shayne smith xxx tattoo

Tattoo: XXX across his neck.

Interpretation: Many who get the XXX tattoo are marking their sobriety. It stands for straight edge and in an Instagram post back in December 2019, Shayne Smith said:

“Good morning I’ve been sober for 19 years so that’s kind of cool”. Having this tattoo so openly across his neck shows how proud he is of the journey he has taken.

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Winged Skull Tattoo

shayne smith winged skull tattoo

Tattoo: An image of a skull with wings on the chest.

Interpretation: This tattoo means ‘Memento Mori’ in Latin which stands for ‘the remembrance of our own death’. It is a representation of a person’s mortality.

Bat Tattoo

shayne smith bat tattoo

Tattoo: Bat found on the lower abdomen.

Interpretation: A bat tattoo symbolizes rebirth and death and is described as a creature that live in the ‘belly of Mother Earth’. A bat is known as the ‘Guardian of the Night’ and many people misinterpret the bat due to their own fears.

‘BADMAN’ Tattoo

shayne smith badman tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Badman’ is written on his chest. On the opposite side from the winged skull.

Interpretation: A ‘Badman’ is a Jamaican term that describes youths who were anti-social or feared by others. The term came around in the 1980’s and Shayne’s reason for getting this could be in relation to the way people who are tattooed are viewed.

Darth Vader’s Mask Tattoo on Hand

shayne smith darth vader tattoo on hand

Tattoo: Darth Vader on the back of his hand.

Interpretation: One of several Star Wars related tattoos, Shayne Smith got this Darth Vader mask on his hand. The image symbolizes light and love, showing that the darkness is never stronger than light, and love will always prevail.

Skull with Ace of Spades Between its Teeth Tattoo

shayne smith skull ace of spades tattoo

Tattoo: Skull biting the Ace of Spades on his shoulder.

Interpretation: The Ace of Spades signifies death, which is why many tattoos featuring this card are followed with skulls, flames and fire. It is a very common tattoo worldwide. Smith took a unique approach by placing the card in the mouth of the skull.

Shards of Narsil Tattoo

shayne smith shards of narsil tattoo

Tattoo: Shards of Narsil on his cheek.

Interpretation: One of the most famous Swords from the Lord of the Rings, the Shards of Narsil was used by Kin Elendil in the war of the Last Alliance. It is clear Smith is a big Lord of the Rings fan.

Empire Emblem from Star Wars Tattoo

shayne smith star wars empire logo tattoo

Tattoo: The Empire emblem from Star Wars. It’s located behind his ear.

Interpretation: This logo is ‘the Imperial Crest’, a symbol of the ‘Galactic Empire’. It is clear Shayne Smith is a serious Star Wars fan.

Crescent Moon and Arrow Tattoo

shayne smith crescent moon tattoo

Tattoo: Crescent Moon and Arrow on his left cheek.

Interpretation: Shayne hasn’t offered any reason as to why he has this tattoo, however we do know the crescent moon symbolizes growth and traps the lunar body in a time of transition. A single arrow tattoo shows protection/ defense against harm.

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‘BOOT’ Tattoo

shayne smith boot tattoo

Tattoo: BOOT is spelled on his fingers.

Interpretation: The word boot has many different meanings, it can refer to an actual shoe, or it can mean to ‘boot’ a football.

As Shayne has never specified what this tattoo means we are only left to speculate. It could even be an abbreviation for something totally different.

Emperor Swordsman Tattoo

shayne smith emperor swordsman tattoo

Tattoo: Emperor swordsman on his right elbow.

Interpretation: Shayne got this Emperor Swordsman tattoo back in August 2012 and was inked by tattooist Adam Gibson.

He uploaded the image to his Instagram with the caption “Hard to get an angle that isn’t weird but if you know what this is 1000 nerd/awesome points @gentlemanx”

‘MPQT’ Tattoo

shayne smith mpqt tattoo

Tattoo: The letters MPQT are spelled on his fingers.

Interpretation: The letters MPQT have been tattooed on Shayne Smith’s fingers. He hasn’t offered any explanation as to what these letters mean, and it is hard to speculate exactly what it relates to.

Logo of Celestial Being Tattoo

shayne smith celestial being logo tattoo

Tattoo: Logo of Celestial Being displayed above the elbow on his right arm.

Interpretation: This Shayne Smith tattoo is a logo of Celestial Being, a private paramilitary force created by Aeolia Schenburg.

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Rose Tattoo

shayne smith rose tattoo

Tattoo: Rose above his eyebrow.

Interpretation: A rose tattoo can signify beauty and balance. Although Shayne never gave a reason as to why he has his several rose tattoos, as he loves to rollerblade, Smith often visited Rose park in Utah, where he could skate with other people. So, this could possibly have something to do with the reasons behind it.

‘EHBA’ Tattoo

shayne smith ehba tattoo

Tattoo: EHBA on his fingers above his knuckles.

Interpretation: Shayne Smith has these letters tattooed across his fingers. As Smith has never given a reason as to why he got this tattoo, it is difficult to state what the letters actually stand for.

Darth Maul Tattoo

shayne smith darth maul tattoo

Tattoo: Darth Maul on his right upper arm.

Interpretation: This is another tribute to Star Wars. Darth Maul was a deadly Sith Lord trained by Darth Sidious. He is seen as a warrior and ‘scheming mastermind’ by many.

Portrait Tattoo of Wyat Earp Portrayed by Kurt Russel

shayne smith wyat earp portrait tattoo

Tattoo: Kurt Russell, Wyatt Earp on his right leg.

Interpretation: This is a friendship tattoo that Shayne Smith shares with his brother. In a Facebook post showing off the tat, he also mentions Doc Holliday and Jack Vermillion. All three were involved in the Old West, a time period Smith shows particular interest in.

‘X’ Tattoo

shayne smith x tattoo

Tattoo: X displayed on his thumb.

Interpretation: An X tattoo often represents warning or danger. It is a simple symbol that often indicates something isn’t right.

Large Cross Tattoo

shayne smith large cross tattoo

Tattoo: Large cross on the left forearm.

Interpretation: Large crosses generally represent someone’s love for their faith however, when placing a cross upside down or in a Gothic feature as Shayne Smith has here, it shows you are against the church and Christ.

‘U and T’ Tattoo

shayne smith u and t tattoo

Tattoo: U & T on the back of each calf.

Interpretation: This is an abbreviation for Utah. Shayne Smith grew up in Fillmore, Utah and went to school at Canyon View High School.

Pirate Skull Tattoo

shayne smith pirate skull tattoo

Tattoo: Pirate Skull on his right hand.

Interpretation: Shayne Smith is Jewish and in Kabbalah skulls represent rebirth, or the loss of a loved one.

Skull tattoos are also found in rebellion with pirates often using the image, which could be why Shayne has added a pirate twist to his skull. Skulls can also represent a significant life change. Some believe it could also be related to Star Wars.

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‘Fight for the Death’ Tattoo

shayne smith fight for the death tattoo

Tattoo: Fight for the Death on his right wrist.

Interpretation: Fighting to the death means you are willing to go to any lengths in order to protect yourself or things/people important to you.

As Shayne is a big fan of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, it isn’t clear whether this is another tattoo dedicated to the countless fights the show has, or something going on in his real life.

Hairline Design Tattoo

shayne smith hairline tattoo

Tattoo: Hairline design on his upper head.

Interpretation: Many people have gaps between their hairlines which may be Shayne’s reasoning behind this tattoo. It fills the gap between the hair, so it is no longer a noticeable empty space, but a piece of art.

‘FRUIT’ Tattoo

shayne smith fruit tattoo

Tattoo: FRUIT is spelled on his fingers.

Interpretation: Shayne had the word FRUIT inked on his fingers alongside his wife who got the word CUP spelled. Smith uploaded a picture to Instagram back in June 2012 saying “We are adorable @littleladye”

Floral Design Tattoo

shayne smith floral design tattoo

Tattoo: Floral Design on his right arm.

Interpretation: Flowers are symbols of natural beauty and light. In today’s society the flower represents the love between two people. As a married man, Smith could be trying to show this side of himself in his body art.

Anakin Skywalker’s Lightsaber Tattoo

shayne smith anakin skywalker lightsaber tattoo

Tattoo: Anakin Skywalker lightsaber on his forearm. Just above the wrist.

Interpretation: After Anakin lost his first lightsaber, he then built this new one. It was carried throughout the Clone Wars and was still in use after Anakin turned his back on the Jedi Order, by joining the Sith Lord Darth Sidious.

Brass Knuckles Tattoo

shayne smith brass knuckles tattoo

Tattoo: Brass knuckles on his shoulder.

Interpretation: The tattoo is meant to show that you are ‘bad to the bone’. You can pair the brass knuckles with a heart to show tough love, or when paired with a military insignia it portrays patriotism and service.

Rebel Alliance Starbird Tattoo

shayne smith rebel alliance starbird tattoo

Tattoo: Rebel Alliance emblem behind his ear.

Interpretation: Sometimes known as the phoenix, the tattoo is a logo used to symbolize the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The logo was taken from the Marek family in honor of Galen Marek, Darth Vader’s former apprentice.

Two Roses Tattoo

shayne smith two roses tattoo

Tattoo: Two Roses on the right side of his face.

Interpretation: In August 2013, Shayne Smith got a unique tattoo of two roses in the shape of a V on his face. Smith hasn’t given a specific reason as to why he got this tattoo.

He has previously stated that in the past it has been hard for him to find employment, especially in the years before his career took off, as his visible face and neck tattoos often put people off. At the Dry Bar Comedy Club, Shayne did a performance on face tattoo Problems

Reversed Pentagram Tattoo

shayne smith reversed pentagram tattoo

Tattoo: Reversed Pentagram on his right thigh.

Interpretation: A symbol of evil. The tattoo is designed to attract sinister forces and is used in Satanic rituals. The two points up, make this symbol tied to Satanism.

Microphone Tattoo

shayne smith mic tattoo

Tattoo: Microphone tattoo above the wrist on his left arm.

Interpretation: The microphone represents Shayne Smith’s career. He uses a microphone as part of his comedy performances and is a way for him to be heard right across the room.

‘You’re a daisy IF YOU DO’ Tattoo

shayne smith you're a daisy tattoo

Tattoo: ‘You’re a daisy if you do’ on his right thigh.

Interpretation: Shayne Smith posted this explanation in June 2019 as to why the tattoo is his ultimate favorite:

“A lot of people ask what my favorite tattoo is. Right now, it’s this one around this scar which is near my artery. If you’re gonna stab me, you better kill me and hey you’re a daisy if you do”. It is a saying from Doc Holliday and is another tribute to the Old West.

Small Dagger Tattoo

shayne smith small dagger tattoo

Tattoo: Small dagger on the hand.

Interpretation: A dagger tattoo generally symbolizes death, betrayal and destruction. Although Shayne Smith hasn’t given an exact reason as to why he got this tattoo, it’s clear at some stage in his life, before his sobriety, life wasn’t always so happy for him.

This tattoo was inked in July 2019. At the time Smith said, “They are swollen but I am so excited to finish up all my job stoppers. Thanks, @beexgood”

Iron Chain Tattoo

shayne smith iron chain tattoo

Tattoo: Iron chain below his knuckles.

Interpretation: An iron chain often symbolizes defeat, oppression and slavery and is seen as a negative tattoo. Shayne Smith instead has a broken iron chain which portrays freedom either mentally or physically.

Sigil of Lucifer Tattoo

shayne smith sigil of lucifer tattoo

Tattoo: Sigil of Lucifer on left hand.

Interpretation: Modern Satanists sometimes use this symbol although it isn’t one of the most popular. It stands for ‘Grimoire of Truth’ and its original purpose was to support the invocation of the Angel Lucifer.

Satanic Symbols Tattoo

shayne smith satanic symbols tattoo

Tattoo: Satanic symbols found on both the left and right hand fingers.

Interpretation: These symbols on Shayne Smith’s hand are believed to be Satanic. This is just one of several tattoos the Comedian has in dedication to Lucifer.

Anchor Chain Tattoo

shayne smith anchor chain tattoo

Tattoo: Anchor chain on his right arm.

Interpretation: An anchor tattoo generally symbolizes stability, security and the feeling of being grounded.

Hands Tattoo

shayne smith hands tattoo

Tattoo: Hands tattoo on the side of his ribs.

Interpretation: This large tattoo has never been explained by Shayne Smith, nor is it a popular or well-known tattoo.

There are several hands with arrows across the side of Smith’s body, it is currently unknown what the piece means. It is another unique Shane Smith tattoo.

Arrows Tattoo

shayne smith arrows tattoo

Tattoo: Arrow tattoo on the right of his neck.

Interpretation: The arrow tattoo was seen first within the Native American community. A group of arrows together portray strength, unity and also the preparedness for war. As Shayne has never publicly said why he has this tattoo, we are only left to speculate.

Geralt of Rivia Tattoo

shayne smith geralt of rivia tattoo

Tattoo: Geralt of Rivia on his left inner forearm.

Interpretation: The Geralt of Rivia is the main character from the Witcher series written by Andrzej Sapkowski, a Polish author.

Double Cross Tattoo

shayne smith double cross tattoo

Tattoo: Double cross design on left arm by elbow.

Interpretation: Here, Shayne has two crosses on his left arm. It is believed that by wearing two crosses, one cancels the other out.

If one is larger than the other or Gothic, like Shayne Smiths, it is a subtle way of saying you are anti-Church/Christian. This explains the reasoning behind the tattoo as Smith has several Satanic pieces within his body art collection.

‘801-666’ Tattoo

shayne smith 801-666 tattoo

Tattoo: 801 666 on both sides of his torso.

Interpretation: 801 is an area code for the Utah area, where Shayne Smith is from. The 666 represents the devil. It is shown as if Shayne has a number to call Satan.

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