155 Inspiring Om Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are all about attracting attention and declaring your attitude and beliefs to the entire world. Additionally, they can inspire you from within as they are a part of your physical being. In this respect, quotes tattoo play a vital role as you can have any such quote inked on your body, keeping in mind that it corresponds with your beliefs and inspires you and anyone who sees the tattoo.

Om quotes tattoos make a good choice for those thinking about getting text or quotes tattoos because this symbol is perfectly beautiful and inspiring. Om or Aum is a revered scripture in Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. This symbol is regarded as the source of life and existence and is enriched with deep spiritualism and reverence. As a result, it finds a place of significance in tattoo art and is a popular symbol not only in the East but West too.

Spiritual Significance of Om Quotes

Om is a Sanskrit symbol which defines a word used in prayers and religious chants of the Hindu religion. Om text abounds in spiritual meaning as well as aesthetic beauty because it exhibits a beautiful flow with curved lines moving upwards and downwards, representing a complete cycle of life and death. The centuries old religious scriptures of Hinduism define Om as the source and essence of existence of the entire universe. The syllable is often revered as the first sound of life and all these facts have made them a revered design used by tattoo artists around the world, irrespective of the fact whether the bearer hails from the East or West. This tattoo design signifies the belief of the bearer in spiritualism and religion.

Placement Ideas

Placement of tattoos is of great importance in tattoo art for any tattoo, and more so for a tattoo like Om which bears a religious value for the bearer. the place where Om tattoo is to be inked should be such that the bearer as well as people who come across this tattoo, may appreciate its beauty and spiritualism. Preferably, this tattoo should be inked on the inner wrists, forearm, back of the hand, back of the neck, lower back, chest and shoulder. One should avoid to have the design inked on ankle or feet because it may hurt the religious sentiments of some people. When you choose to have an Om inked on your body, you have to decide the placement of the tattoo with great care so that the spiritualism and glory of the design is not compromised with at all.

Variations in Om Tattoo Designs

Since thy are not just known for their beautiful and elegant looks, but also their religious and spiritual value, the designs of these tattoos must be chosen after a good deal of research as well as consultation with an expert tattoo artist. Basically, people have an Om art inked to assert their belief in religion and faith, which makes the design of this tattoo all the more important. Om quote can be inked in singularity or have some related elements added to it to create an exquisite and meaningful design. Here are some design options:

  • Lotus and Om Design – Like Om, the lotus flower is regarded as a symbol of spiritual consciousness. It stands for inner purity and peace, which makes the element just apt enough to be combined with an Om quote to create a brilliant tattoo design.
  • Ganesha and Om Design – Ganesha is the elephant God in Hinduism and he is the deity of wisdom and prosperity. The Hindu religion relates Ganesha closely to Om and this is why it would be common to spot this design with the element of Ganesha added to it.
  • Three Om Quotes Design – In the Hindu religion, Om is usually recited three times during prayers or chanting sessions. This is what makes them a widely acceptable one, though a solitary Om quote also makes a popular choice in such tattoos.
  • Religious Text – In certain tattoo designs, the Om may be placed in the center and it is encircled by a Sanskrit text or quotation. The design is actually used to signify the full circle of life.
  • Temporary Om – In India, many people bear temporary Om with henna designs instead of opting for permanent ink. In fact, the henna tattoos with Om as the central element are considered as blessings on auspicious occasions like weddings and such tattoos for an integral part of the wedding ceremonies in the Indian culture. Also, they make an inexpensive and pain free option for those who cannot bear the cost as well as the pain of having a permanent Om inked.

Final Words

Om quotes tattoos make a revered design option for tattoo bearers and a lot of consideration should be laid on the fact that there is nothing controversial about the design and it does not hurt the religious sentiments of true believers.

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